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  1. When someone’s goes mad it’s sometimes said that they’ve “snapped”. It’s referred to that way because it can happen relatively quickly and doesn’t need to take weeks or months. It can take a few days days or even only moments.
  2. Theon’sdick

    Prediction for finale

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Bran does NOT warg into Drogon. Those days of the show are over. It will probably be simpler and less of a spectacle than all of that.
  3. Theon’sdick

    This really requires a 7th episode

    Actually that sounds way too deep for the show runners even if they had another 4 episodes. That sounds more like an ending to a novel. I’m afraid it will be something much simpler like Jon kills Dany and heads north. If they aren’t killed I think either Arya/Gendry, Bran, Tyrion, Davos or even Sansa have to deal with the anarchy but there won’t actually be a king or queen in the end. We’ll see.
  4. Theon’sdick

    Prediction for finale

    The mad King didn’t have living dragons during the battle of the Trident. I don’t see how an army could be raised to fight Dany and her army and Drogon. She has to be assassinated or commit suicide basically. She has complete power except for still trusting anyone still supports her.
  5. Maybe she still will.
  6. I’m not sure how D&D will get to everything and everyone they should in the 80 min runtime. While Briene, Tormund, Sam etc may not be seen again, there’s Bronn, Bran, Sansa and others that should have some sort of wrap up to their stories. I don’t see how this will happen without Bran doing some voice over to a 40 min epilogue during the entire second half of the show. I know it’s been rushed lately but they’ve left a LOT to finish. It’s not just about who rules the 7 kingdoms (if anyone does). Ser Davos, Greyworm, Arya, Jon and anyone’s else who MIGHT survive will be a tough task for the last show as it is
  7. Theon’sdick

    Bran's Final Purpose

    I hope you’re correct on this. Not because I want his story to be done but because I don’t want Bran to be voted to take the Iron Throne then create a King’s Counsel. That would be disappointing even though I thought Jon would do that. Just not Bran. I would like something more surreal and mystical for him to wrap up his arc.
  8. I too rewatched that scene a few weeks ago. While it would have been cool if winter had made it as far south as King’s landing, in the show it had not. In the House if the Undying scene it is snow falling (look at the steady rate and speed). Ashes would float down slower and with more randomness as it settled. As for seeing Drogo beyond the wall I think they were just using that setting to symbolize death and that Dany won’t touch the throne and will “be with the Khal” in the afterlife following coming so close to the throne. You hear the dragon screech and then she’s off. She has to die if this is foreshadowing. I just hope it’s not Jon who kills her as that has been predicted by too many.
  9. This is unlikely, but take solace in the fact that if the books are ever finished, that it will make this look like a choose your own ending book. That said, D&D (I believe) did use this ending because GRRM told them this years ago. They may not have been able to get there in a believable way because it’s a TV show and they decided to go for spectacle over story (which I can’t say I mind). My point is that I think GRRM means to have Dany burn innocent people in King’s Landing in the books as well but it will have a much different story leading up to it and after it. I read that this was his version of “The Scouring Of The Shire”.