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    Prediction for finale

    The entire show is setting up for history to repeat itself 20 years ago the death of Lyanna Stark and the atrocities of Aerys Targaryen resulted in Ned Stark and Robert Baratheon going to war, defeating the Targaryen armies, Jaime Lannister stabbing Aerys in the back in the throne room and clearing the way for Robert Baratheon to take the throne. Now replace Lyanna Stark with Sansa Stark, Aerys with Danaerys (his daughter), Ned Stark with Jon Stark (his step-son), Robert with Gendry (His son) and Jaime with Tyrion (his brother) Sansa stark has been marked for death by Danaerys, who told Jon that Sansa has betrayed them. Just like Varys did. The finale will open with Danaerys executing Sansa, inflaming the north and Jon against her. Jon will request the help of gendry who will bring the armies of storms end and the riverlands to fight, much like Ned and Robert did many decades ago, realising the mad queen needs to be overthrown. Meanwhile, Tyrion has been perfectly set up to be very on the fence about his loyalty, and deep down he knows he was wrong and in bringing her here, is partly responsible. He will kill her by stabbing her in the throne room, ending her reign and becoming the new kingslayer. Jon does not want the throne and Gendry as Roberts last surviving heir is next in line for the throne based on the Baratheon succession, with Stannis and Renly dead. He will ascend. Jon will return north as Warden of the north. History repeats. It also works if you switch Sansa and Jon so the genetic parentage pattern holds. Lyanna is mother to Jon so perhaps Jon will be executed at the opening of episode 6, then Sansa (Ned starks biological daughter) will join with Gendry to fight the war, and go back North to become warden(ess) of the North. And if that's not enough to get you excited, what about Arya? She just had a character life changing scene where she turned from a life of death and revenge and came back to her humanity. She then left on a horse. Why? Where is she going? What was the last thing to happen to her on a personal level? That's right, Gendry proposed. She is going to accept his offer. When Gendry joins the fight against Danaerys, Arya will be at her side (and will probably kill the dragon). And if Arya is with Gendry..... Arya will be queen!