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    [Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion

    Well one could dismiss everything as a plot device. I'm considering hypothetical actions based on known character and race customs. Jon Snow would never murder his queen and then sneak away. His own sense of honor means he turns himself in and faces the consequences. Hell, he can't even lie to Cercei!
  2. SteveS_FL

    Edmure Should Have Got It

    I remember him being smug and bragging about winning some battle until his uncle the Blackfish schooled him, telling him that his disobeying orders ruined their strategy. The Blackfish was trying to lure the Lannisters into a trap which would have been the end of Tywin's army. But Edmure screwed up and Tywin didn't fall for the trap. As I remember it, but I haven't gone back and re-read it.
  3. SteveS_FL

    [Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion

    Regarding Dothraki: So we all agree that Jon probably confessed to Greyworm about knifing Dany in the heart since Drogon flew away with the evidence. But imagine instead if a Dothraki had been the first to hear the story. Jon killed their Khaleesi, which makes him Khal by their customs. Her dragon belches fire, Jon emerges unharmed. The dragon flees. This adds to "Khal Jon's" prestige in the eyes of the Dothraki. They defend their new Khal from the Unsullied. A great fight breaks out. Of course Jon would have none of this. The point is - No, they don't rape and pillage Westeros for revenge's sake. It's not their way. If anything they fight among themselves briefly and choose a new Khal. Who then takes them home. They take home no spoils of war because Dany destroyed anything of value in KL.
  4. SteveS_FL

    [Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion

    I see your point. She's already there and it would be easier. Yet the moment she left Yonkai, they reverted back to their old ways. Meereen was a pain in the ass to rule too. I think she truly believed that Westeros would be easier because they would welcome their true Targ ruler with open arms. Thats what Viserys believed too and had he actually survived and made it to W he would have died
  5. SteveS_FL

    [Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion

    Bronn was a practical man. He calculated correctly that Cersei may never survive to pay up. He was all about the money. Walder Frey was all about his wounded pride. Now if Cersei had paid Bronn up front, it would have been totally in character for him to "gank" them both.
  6. SteveS_FL

    [Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion

    I think the attempt by Robert is what cemented her resolve to go to Westeros. And it was Khal Drogo's command, to go to Westeros and fight the men in their iron suits and stone houses. She may have forgotten all that for a time, as she ruled Meereen, and could have been content there, but then the Sons o' Harpies drove her out and she ended up captured by the Dothraki. Which is where the books ended if I remember correctly. So the books are irrelevant after that point. So being back with the Dothraki (HBO version) she revealed that she was Khaleesi of a dead Khal, which didn't help matters until she burned all the Khals, gained a second army, and at that point the only logical course was to follow through on her dream to go take Westeros.
  7. SteveS_FL

    [Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion

    Bronn at least gave J&T the chance to counter Cersei's offer. He had no intention of killing them in cold blood. He just wanted them to know he was serious and not to be taken for granted, especially after being jerked around previously.
  8. SteveS_FL

    [Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion

    Because King Robert, against Ned's advice, sent an assassin to kill her. At that point even Khal Drogo was on board with crossing the sea to Westeros.
  9. SteveS_FL

    [Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion

    Random thoughts.. Benjen Stark was turned into a WW by the Children, not by the NK. So in his last scene he's fighting the wights so Jon can get away. But can Benjen really be killed? I say no, he's undead himself and wights can't really hurt him. So maybe Jon hooks up with him in the true north now. At the council meeting in the dragon pit, Sam's clothing looked alot like a Lord Tarly to me. How did he go from Lord to wearing Maester's robes? A Grand one, at that. Can he actually be both a Lord and Maester now under the new rules? I would hope so and that he has Gilly and the 2 kids with him in KL now. Arya vs. Yara. Well sure that would have been the fight of the century. But a better scene would have been Arya telling Yara how bravely her brother Theon fought against the wights and the NK himself. It was Theon (being where he needed to be) that gave Arya time to get where she needed to be. Perhaps his final lunge at the NK was was the distraction that let her slip into the kill zone. Drogon vs. Jon. Seems to have some warg-like connection with Dany. He knew the moment she died and came to investigate. He disregarded Jon completely and saw the IT as the real enemy. He understood much. Bran vs. Drogon. Young Bran had a difficult time with Summer. 3ER-1 warned him not to linger too long or the Direwolf would take over, forever. So perhaps a dragon's personality would crush Bran if they ever connected that way. A dragon is not a slave. A dragon is not a Hodor.
  10. SteveS_FL

    Best lines of E06

    "Love is the death of Duty" Oh the irony. Maester Aemon, a Targaryon, rightful heir to the IT, says these words to Jon (also an heir to the IT). Probably the most important thing anyone has ever told Jon other than "You know nothing Jon Snow." It was these words from Aemon that made up Jon's mind of what he had to do to save the Realm. Bran 3eR would point out that everything that happened was so Jon could be where he had to be to do what he had to do. Even Aemon casting the final chip to make him Lord Commander of the Night's Watch was a crucial element of his journey.
  11. In season 7 Sansa supported her bastard half-brother as King of the North, even though she had a better claim. She saw how the Northmen reacted to him and she accepted and supported it without complaint. When Jon threw it all away by bending the knee, Sansa had every right to be angry. If you hate Sansa for this then you must hate Lyanna Mormont because she expressed the same sentiment. After her experiences with Cersei, Joffrey, Oleanna, and Littlefinger, Sansa had become a more wary judge of character and she distrusted Danaerys. On another note - Fast forward to season 8 episode 6. Identical situation, Jon is again being praised by the men of the North. Dany sits by herself fuming. No one notices except Varys. Poor Varys saw what was coming.
  12. SteveS_FL

    Tyrion's Trial Round 2

    My sentiments exactly. Dany didn't even give Varys the courtesy of any last words. Sansa and even Cersei were kinder in that regard.
  13. SteveS_FL

    Are the starks finished?

    Ok so consider this idea. Danaerys is Maegor reborn. Or.. at least they have some parallels in common. So Maegor, son of Aerys I took the IT in spite of someone with a better claim, his older brother Aegon II. Dany - daughter of Aerys II, in conflict with Aegon 4 ? Anyone who suggested that Aegon had a better claim was immediately executed by Maegor, including hisHand and a Maester. Maegor waged wars, killing many innocent smallfolk in the process. Sound familiar? Maegor completed the Red Keep, Dany demolished it. Maegor couldn't have children. The ones that were conceived came out stillborn hideously deformed. Ditto Dany.
  14. Near the end of season 7 Jon left Winterfell as King of the North. Sansa supported this, even though she had a better claim to Winterfell as a true Stark. Yes she was angry when Jon threw that all away for Danerys. As was Lady Mormont. Robb Stark and his army won the North's freedom from the Iron Throne, or was at least on track to, and then Jon basically surrendered it all to a foreigner without a fight. Why? Because he claimed they could not beat the NK without her help. And in the end, the Dothraki and Unsullied and the 2 dragons were utterly useless against the NK, so in Sansa's mind Jon bent the knee for nothing. Later when Sansa challenged Tyrion about his queen - "You fear her" - he didn't deny it. Sansa was worried about Jon's future in KL. "The men of my family don't do well there". Her uncle, her grandfather were both burned by the mad King after being summoned to KL. And her father was executed there too right before her eyes. Her motive in speaking to Tyrion was fear for her family - not some evil plot. Tyrion (Hand of the Queen) should have been the ONE person Sansa could speak to, without fear of repercussions. (If Danaerys didn't trust and confide in her own Hand, then shame on her, as Tyrion pointed out to her later in milder words.) YES Tyrion was foolish for speaking to Varys. Still Sansa could not possibly have foreseen that. Now if we had a scene of Sansa hiding in the shadows smiling , Baelish-like, while Tyrion spoke to Varys then yea - bad Sansa. I just don't buy the theory that Sansa knew she was causing total chaos by confiding in Tyrion. Who Dany should really be worried about is Samwell Tarly. He's already got reason to hate her. So if Varys didn't succeed in sending a raven, you can be damn sure Sam will, once he hears about what happened at KL. Sam knows where the Septon's book is with the record of the secret annulment and wedding. Sam knows who would be the best ruler for the Realm. One raven to the Citadel and it's all public. But Dany won't perhaps live long enough for that to matter now.
  15. SteveS_FL

    Prediction for finale

    Bran can warg into small birds and his own pet wolf, and a traumatized stable-boy. A dragon may be too strong a personality to be controlled, from a distance. Bran has never actually encountered Drogon face to face. And thinking Bran could control a personality like Danaerys is complete nonsense. My money is on Bronn. He's the only living person who has actually shot a dragon with a scorpion. GRRM dragons are vulnerable, even to hand thrown spears apparently. Not at all like JRRT dragons where you need one bolt to dislodge a scale, a second bolt in the exact same spot to pierce the hide. Yes Bronn is our hope, else we wouldn't have seen him at all in season 8.