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  1. 1 hour ago, Zorral said:

    Sansa has charisma; she has been front and center in most of the great events that have taken place in the 6 - or 7 whatever kingdoms during these last 8 years.  She's been instrumental for many actions -- and she's survived.  Here brother is king.  She's going to be queen.  Edmure is a twit like Jared Kushner.  He persists in blathering when he's accomplished exactly zilch and sat in prison for most of the time.  Just coz you don't like and don't want a woman to be in charge and tell a fellow to stfu -- well, it's fact on the show and that you hate it is dangerously close to sexist, since you are living in the 21st century, not the 14th.

    And in the meantime Queen of France, Blanche of Castile, and many another ruling woman of medieval times would take off your head for talking about them the way you talk about Sansa.

    You said Edmure has sat in prison most of the time, while Sansa was a prisoner for seasons 2-6...

    He is her uncle and her elder, regardless of how incompetent he is. She has been rude and arrogant for the past 2 seasons. 

    What if he told her to "sit down" or "shut up" when she was asking for Northern independence? Would that have been ok?

  2. 21 minutes ago, Dragons 7th Eye said:

    She is the Lady of Winterfell and Edmure's liege lord to tell him to sit down? Which she did rather gently and with a smile.

    The fact that other accepted the independence of The North is baffling but, that is hardly Sansa's fault. In fact she just got freedom for her people. The Queen does not need any military experience, why would you think she would? Her treason is up for debate and even if it was that, it was to put a Northern King on the throne - again hardly a sin in this context.

    Jon can walk right back to The Sovereign Kingdom of the North at the any time of his choosing as you may well know, the Kings - which she now is - can offer pardons. That whole thing was a trick to get the dickhead and his idiot frens off to boats to sail to the islands where they will die in hours due to being too stupid.

    1. He is still her uncle and that was rude IMO and 2. Edmure was Lord of Riverrun no? So his liege lord wouldn't be someone from Winterfell would it? Maybe I am misunderstanding..The writing was just dreadful to be honest. I thought Jon or at least Bran (if he is willing and able to be King he should be able to LoW) was Lord of Winterfell at that time anytime.


    In regards to military experience, it is not an absolutely necessity for a Queen to have but what qualifications does Sansa have to be QotN? Being held hostage? Backstabbing her family?  Seems like she just got that position because of her last name. 


    And I just wish the treason was consistent - Varys gets burned for treason, Tyrion gets named Hand for treason, Jon gets sent to the wall for treason, Sansa gets to be Queen for treason... zero logic anywhere.

  3. Sansa has basically been a prisoner this entire series, has the gall to tell her uncle to sit down during his pitch for King (of course that was ridiculous in the first place but who the hell is she to tell him to sit down?), has the authority to declare the North independent and everyone accepts without question, gets named Queen in the North even though she has no military experience whatsoever and has committed treason, then has the balls to agree to send Jon to the wall after everything he has done for her. Yeah, not a fan.


  4. Hello friends, I've been reading these posts for a while and finally decided to join the conversation. 


    I watched the episode for a third time last night and can't help but think there is something more going on with the Lannister story. WHY does Tyrion continue to have terrible plans that fail? WHY does he continue to try to save/spare Cersei? 


    Maybe, (hopefully to redeem this somewhat predictable yet not very logical unfolding of events) Cersei and Tyrion conspired in their private meeting last season and have been on the same side ever since. This would explain Tyrion's transformation from "smartest character" to completely incompetent. He frees Jaime and instructs him to ring the bells and open the gates - on the surface this seems like he is trying to save the innocents of King's Landing, but perhaps it is really a ploy between Tyrion and Cersei to let Dany think they are surrendering and then ambush her once her defenses are down. Perhaps Dany found out about their plan beforehand and THAT is why she got so mad and continued to burn King's Landing after the "surrender" - she is enraged that Tyrion would go to such lengths to betray her and she knows that the surrender is false. 


    I am aware this is highly unlikely but I wish there was some other way to explain what happened in this episode aside from what D&D gave us and IMO this would be a nice twist in comparison to "Dany's mad because she is a Targ".


    What do you think? Is it possible? Are there any other twists that would be interesting?