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    [SPOILERS] Another theory about what just happened

    Another thing that may or may not support your theory is the fact that the preview for next episode shows nothing. We haven't seen her face since she took off after the bells rang. How would you explain her facial expressions during the bell scene though? Didn't seem like someone was controlling her or Drogon to be honest..
  2. DungPieOnGapingDragon

    Dany's decision made me sad

    Almost 8 years we have followed her journey, not once has she shown any cruelty towards innocents without reason. She showed compassion and risked her life multiple times for the sake of others, the writers have gone to great lengths to show us that she is different from the rest of her family only to pull the rug from under our feet last episode. The preview doesn't seem to indicate any remorse from her part which is unbelieveable to me. The books may have foreshadowed it but the show certainly hasn't. I feel betrayed and a little hurt honestly. Now I get that its seems a little overblown but many people invested time and emotions into this show. I wish they would have gone a different way because this last episode ruined Dany's whole character for me.