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    I agree with you that it’s out of character for him to want to be a lord, but I think at the end of the books (if they are ever published) there will be a new lord Baratheon of Storms End, most likely Edric Storm. And as Edric was omitted from the show they had to go with Gendry, who probably hasn’t the slightest clue what it really entails to be lord of a huge demesne.
  2. Nevis


    I doubt his lack of reading skills matter. That’s what the maesters are for. In medieval times few lords could read.
  3. Nevis


    I doubt that Gendry thinks like a feudal lord.
  4. Nevis

    The Ending Was very conventional

    Not sure that Bran qualifies as a normal white king though
  5. Nevis

    As much as some hate how this season has played out...

    Why would they owe anyone anything because you chose to “waste” your time? You could have stopped watching any time. Besides I have a feeling that a lot of people in this forum have spent way more time in here than they ever did watching the series.
  6. Nevis

    Do you see any way dany lives through all this?

    Genetics doesn’t work like that. If it were that simple you’d never have to worry about inbreeding. To illustrate I’ll use the X and Y chromosomes. All Targ males will get the Targ Y chromosome, so to use your example and assumption that Aegon V is all Targ, Jaehaerys has a Targ Y and Blackwood X. Shaera has Targ X and Blackwood X = 50-50 as you wrote. In the next generation Aerys II will still have Targ Y and either Targ or Blackwood X, making him 50 or 100% Targ. Raella will get Blackwood X from dad and either Targ or Blackwood X from mom, making her 0 or 50% Targ. Assuming worst case both Rhaegar and Dany could actually be 100% Targ. Jon would also get the Targ Y from daddy Rhaegar making him 50% too. This is very much simplified as there are in reality 46 chromosomes to play around with, but the whole thing with inbreeding is that it diminishes the gene pool and increases the risk that undesirable recessive traits “meet” in the same individual. Just look at the Habsburg family.