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  1. They botched Daenerys character into a premeditated Mad-Queen Narrative. Because of Poor Writing and prejudiced character goal (making her a mad-queen and the ultimate evil when she clearly is not). The pathetic lack of character integrity that the show runners got wrong with Daenerys Targaryen Danaerys is not mad (definitely not mad-queen mad). Despite the outright massacre of the integrity of her character by the show runners, Dany is far from the mad-queen narrative they have portrayed this season. Sansa is really dumb (“The most intelligent person I have ever Known”) - Little Arya knows very little. Well its again the show-runners fault. Why is Sansa hating a Southern Queen who risks her all to fight for a Northern Cause. It was pretty much doomsday, yet all we focus before, during and after the long night is how Sansa and the Northeners don’t trust Dany. Its plain stupid. For the things that Dany has done, The Northern lords should bend over and kiss her ass. And so must Sansa. It’s ridiculous how they have portrayed Dany’s character. Sansa learnt her skills from Little finger and Cersei, 2 of the least suited characters in all of thrones. She has an inherent lack of trust and is most ill-suited to judge Dany. For example, the disgust she shows towards Dany when she makes Gendry Lord Baratheon is over-hyped (including the subsequent guilt acknowledgement of Tyrion is so badly written). There is absolutely nothing wrong in what Dany did here. They won the war, she is focused on winning back her throne which is more important to her than her very life (while Sansa got her happy revenge on the Boltons winning her home back, these things didnt matter, including the sly ways of getting help from Little Finger and the Vale). But Dany making Gendry, a well deserved hero of the war, the rightful heir, Lord of Stormlands is portrayed as more evil makes absolutely no sense. Jon having a better claim is shite. In any planet of the Universe, Jon will be a horrible King, just as his surrogate dad Ned. Both are noble fools incapabale of seeing deceit blinded by honor (He died once and wont be long before he dies again if he sits the throne). Jon is very likely to fall into the trap of false mercy and is never likely to take ugly decisions. Dany is perfect (as perfect as it gets to ruling the 7 kingdoms. Any which way possible Dany will be the better King (Queen) over Jon. Yet the show focuses more on Dany wanting the Iron throne more instead of the fact that Dany deserves it more than Jon/Sansa/Cersei or any other. The Burning of King’s Landing. This whole episode 5 is so botched up I can’t even explain how terrible it is. The reason they state for her madness and the way they portray her is wrong at so many levels its not even a joke. Overall they killed Dany’s Character. She had rage with just cause and clearly made an impulsive mistake in burning king’s landing. Imagine Jon throwing the whole northern army to death for Rickon’s sake - mad fucking King in the North - No! but who cares. But Dany does it for her baby (Rhagael’s death is so underplayed) and for Missandei (her sister-companion) is considered Mad. Just poor portrayal overall. It's here in greater detail: https://v2krules.blogspot.com/2019/05/got-season-8-episode-1-review-lady-wolf.html
  2. They botched Dany's character with poor writing and premeditated character goals (making her a Mad-Queen). I saw this article of an alternate script describing it in more detail: https://v2krules.blogspot.com/2019/05/game-of-thrones-season-8-episode-5.html
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