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    A character driven drama about the fate of life in Westeros.
  2. I've been away for a long time and I'll take your word for it that the top wishes are for a democracy. We know that the Hundred Years war and the War of Roses were an influence on Martin. I think that Hoster Tully, Rickard Stark, and Jon Arryn may have had plans for a sort of Magna Carta that went up in flames and led to Robert's Rebellion. I think that Varys and Illyrio stand to usher in a Free Cities style Westeros as the Great Houses annihilate each other. Similar to the end of the War of Roses we may see the merchant and labor class rise to replace the lords while the small folk may enjoy their own renaissance after depopulation courtesy of Grey Scale. And their goal may well be a Tudor style central monarchy with a ban on lordly powers and armies. Except that there is clearly a magical end game, that Varys must have strong opinions about, and I'm still in the dark and full of terrors over.