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  1. In interviews GRRM says at least a couple of times that he has told a few people, including D&D, the ending to ASOIAF- I am guessing for the show and in case something (God forbid) happens to him. Whether or not he actually told D&D his actual intended ending I don't know. But if he did, it seems likely they would have used a similar ending in the show. Also GRRM has repeatedly said that he does not change his storylines based on what the show is doing and whether people figure them out. For these reasons I think many of the endings, particularly for the Starks, will be similar in the books. Obviously their storylines will be far more developed and justified than were in the show but ultimately I think their fate will be the same. I do think though that the Others storyline will be vastly different, just because it was so shit in the show. I just hope if the endings are similar, D&D haven't already ruined it for us.
  2. I gave it a 7 because I was satisfied with the endings for most who were still alive, particularly the Starks. But the season overall is a 1 at best, it was a massive storyline told in too few episodes and obviously very rushed, probably because D&D wanted to be done with GoT and move on. I can't forgive the writers for butchering so many storylines and good characters. The Others and Night King were the main storyline and 8 years of build-up was stupidly dismantled in one episode when D&D decided to "shock" us by getting Arya to kill them. There should have been more backstory to the mysterious nature of the Others, like in the books they are far more human-like and have their own language etc. The R+L=J storyline was basically pointless in the end, the entire series would have been the same if it never existed. Finally, they turned one of the darkest and most interesting characters from the books, Euron Greyjoy, into basically just a horny pirate whose entire character arc and mission in life was to fuck the queen. The two things I actually liked from the ending and which I think will be the same in the books, are the North becoming an independent kingdom and Arya sailing West like Brandon the Shipwright and Elissa Farman, shout out to Alt Shift X for predicting that. All we can hope for now is that we get some vindication from the last two books (if GRRM ever finishes them) and a better ending than this one.
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