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  1. Uilliam

    D&D's direction (sucks)

    The so called 'inpactful' deaths of that episode were very selective and very hollywoodesque...including the night king's!
  2. Uilliam

    D&D's direction (sucks)

    D and D aka the diabolical duo...the stereotypical brainless white male egoists who have mistaken George r.r. Martin's genius for their own. They're not even mediocre, just outright lousy writers, a pair of lackwits. in fact an average Japanese 13 year old highschool girl possesses a vastly superior intellect to these two dotards. They can neither write nor direct and should be ashamed of themselves. The travesty of a final season should be enough for HBO to blacklist them...most forum members here would have done a better job, and I mean that. To see them parade their substandard intellects around like a pair of peacocks is disgusting. Shame. Shame. Shame.
  3. Uilliam

    West of Westeros: The Voyages of A. Stark

    Maybe Arya can go all the way West to Westworld...Japanworld or 'The Raj' would be nice destinations for her to meet her end in.
  4. Uilliam

    The character assassination of Daenerys

    It would have been nice to see Casterly Rock. And in fact, the ending you describe here is the one I've always imagined...Cersei' destroying Kings Landing and fleeing to CR, with Danaerys hot on her heels... literally!
  5. Uilliam

    The character assassination of Daenerys

    That's what pisses me off the most...even the most simple-minded of writers could have put in a logical trigger to explain Danaerys' actions, but the dumb writers would rather concoct the idiotic plot contrivance of good old dependable Jon Snow euthenising the rabid dog queen and saving the realm from her lunatic grasp! Not even Walt Disney would resort to such artificial, inauthentic, treacherous storytelling.
  6. Uilliam

    Parallels - Cleopatra and Daenerys

    There are parallels in circumstance, but how about their characters? Cleopatra was by all accounts conniving and dexterous. Danaerys seems more direct, not the type to spare the rod.
  7. Uilliam

    GoT and Feminism: What Happens Now?

    Actually, fully fleshed out tyrannical women are in short supply in fiction. I personally find the best characterizations in the novels to be female (Danaerys, Sansa, Cersei). They may not be heralding the emancipation of women but they are fascinating and well written imo...and in the case of Danaerys and especially Cersei, the trials of being a woman in a leadership role are shown to be enormously difficult compared to men...you could even argue both women are more cruel and ferocious than they normally would be because they are dismissed and ridiculed constantly by some of their subjects.
  8. Uilliam

    Jaime's brutal dream about Cersei

    Jamie and Cersei' are much more similar to each other in the novels than they are in the TV show. In both of their POVs they have violent fantasies of attacking other characters...Jamie constantly thinks about smashing Brienne's face in, and Cersei' imagines torture for Septa Unella and Margery. Their highborn status really has ingrained in them an ugly sense of superiority. Stillz even though they are both inherently vicious characters, Brienne's dignity and the loss of Jamies hand humbles and tames him, whereas Cersei' mentally stews in Kings Landing and just gets worse.
  9. It's a valid theory based in logic, which unfortunately the show runners made zero effort to explain in the show. I also think wildfire might have influenced the excessive 'collateral damage' Danaerys caused. Could be she had heard of Cersei's coup at the Sept of Baelor and was trying to set off the wildfire traps before her troops reached them. And Cersei' was uncharacteristically confident that the red keep would absolutely not fall, when she demonstrated a very cavaliar attitude that contradicts that completely during the battle of blackwater.
  10. Jon is much more sympathetic in the books. The show doesn't do a good job of conveying the stigma of illegitimacy, but the books really do. He also comes across as considerably more intelligent than his show counterpart. But honestly, Jon and Sansa are the only living members of the Stark clan I care about. Arya is a loathsome archetype in both versions of the story, and Bran the Broken is tiresome. Whenever I read one of his chapters I wonder why the princely mystic hasn't been killed off yet. Sadly, he never will get the chop.
  11. Uilliam

    Why the bells?

    I'd it possible that the bells had been rung when Robert previously took kings landing, and she remembered heating them as a child? But then again, the mad king was hardly going to surrender, was he? Either way, dumb and dumber executed it terribly.
  12. Uilliam

    Cersei's character butchered

    I disagree with you about Cersei's character, at least in the books. Maybe the show softened her a little, like the character you describe, but I personally see it as a cop out. I mean, why in the hell was she weeping in the red keep insisting it wouldn't fall, when in 'Blackwater' she basically accepted it's fall would be inevitable...a blatant contradiction in character. The writers robbed her of her ferocious strength after season 6. I do like your suggested ending though. Watching Jaime and Cersei' struggling to make ends meet in Essos like the beggar king and Danaerys in their childhood would make perfect karmic retribution! Hell, you could make a whole seasons worth of subplot out of it.
  13. "Snapping" can be sudden, but even people who snap follow a dark trajectory. When 'Carrie' snapped at her prom after being drenched in pigs blood it was sudden, terrifying and completely logical. When Danaerys snapped in the sky atop a dragon, it came across as outright weird.
  14. Uilliam

    Daenerys the Terrible?

    The problem with 'the Bells' is that it does not portray the medieval way of thinking, which probably comes across as skewered morality to modern audiences. The stark reality of a city being sacked was brilliantly captured in 'Blackwater,' but in 'The Bells' we get a weird mix of gritty realism and Disney villainy. The nuance of Danaerys was thrown out the window...so what you get is Disney's Maleficent turning into the big, black dragon and the audience shocked by Danaerys' terrible evil. People now speak of Danaerys as if she's the spawn of Satan, no better than Putin or Bush during the Iraq war. Which she isn't, but the lack of 'humanity' was par the course of warfare back is. And as a matter of fact, civilian warfare is still standard practice even today...though you wouldn't know it by the egregiously heavy handed reactions people are having to Danaerys' sacking of Kings Landing.
  15. Uilliam

    Dany the Mad Queen was a terrible idea

    I agree. It's heavily implied that Danaerys can only really succeed in Essos. Westeros is poison to her soul. Had she stayed and ruled in Essos she would have made an excellent queen... fearsome as she was.