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  1. It would have been nice to see Casterly Rock. And in fact, the ending you describe here is the one I've always imagined...Cersei' destroying Kings Landing and fleeing to CR, with Danaerys hot on her heels... literally!
  2. That's what pisses me off the most...even the most simple-minded of writers could have put in a logical trigger to explain Danaerys' actions, but the dumb writers would rather concoct the idiotic plot contrivance of good old dependable Jon Snow euthenising the rabid dog queen and saving the realm from her lunatic grasp! Not even Walt Disney would resort to such artificial, inauthentic, treacherous storytelling.
  3. Jon is much more sympathetic in the books. The show doesn't do a good job of conveying the stigma of illegitimacy, but the books really do. He also comes across as considerably more intelligent than his show counterpart. But honestly, Jon and Sansa are the only living members of the Stark clan I care about. Arya is a loathsome archetype in both versions of the story, and Bran the Broken is tiresome. Whenever I read one of his chapters I wonder why the princely mystic hasn't been killed off yet. Sadly, he never will get the chop.
  4. Bran has no leadership qualities whatsoever. No charisma. No fierceness. No vitality, and no groundbreaking visions. He's probably even a step down from the self centred Cersei Lannister. If anything, Bran is such a weirdo he could potentially get Westeros into big trouble. How would he deal with rebellions, the Iron Bank, diplomatic relations? But there won't be a season 9 chronicling Bran The Broken's boring reign, thank God!
  5. Her blowing up the sept was thrilling at the time, but it left her no one to play off against. They propped her up as the 'mad Queen' for nothing. Lena did a great job with the VERY few lines of gibberish dialogue they gave her the last two seasons, but her character basically doesn't change, grow or even present itself in a tangible way in her final days.
  6. I can't believe they reduced Cersei to a weeping, frail ostensibly sympathetic villain. Up until The Bells, they had portrayed her as one of the shows most vindictive villains. Eight seasons of callous behaviour and they kill her off as if she were Kate Winslet in Titanic. The writers gave her even more short shrift than Danaerys imo. And don't get me started on what they did to the vestiges of 'Jaime.'
  7. Her speech was lacking in brain cells. It reminded me of Joffrey in Season 1 when he tells Cersei he would take winterfell in a heartbeat. Cersei then counters his arguments with the solid pragmatics of warfare, much as you've done with Danny's bombastic speech here...the scene was not included in the books, so it's clear the writers were at least capable of writing thought out original content in the earlier seasons. What the bleeping hell happened in the recent seasons?
  8. Jon Snow would have been a terrible king. Honestly, I think Danaerys would have made a better ruler than Cersei, Robert or any of their children...and Stanis for that matter. She would be terrifying in the short-term but I could see her legitimately restructuring the flawed system in the long tern. the standards of the throne are pretty low as is. Not the kind of job a stoic, moralistic, slow-thinker like Jon would excel at.
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