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  1. Yes yes I’m sure everyone working on the show collectively decided to take a lackadaisical approach to S8, to spite the viewers no less. 2 of the episodes were basically like short movies themselves for crying out loud. GRRM very clearly stated that he didn’t want GoT to end the way that LoTR did, with the audience having no idea what happens afterward. S8E6 was not laziness; the show was always going to end that way regardless. There were no inconsistent character actions BTW, only inconsistent viewer interpretations.
  2. Huh? You mean the hostile warlike group who kidnapped and raped his wife? There’s a reason why there’s basically 2 versions of Khan told, the Mongolian version and the one told by everyone else.
  3. No, that wasn’t needed. The main point of her existence was the mystery revolving around whether or not she’d suddenly devolve into Daddy 2.0 [as heavily referenced]..... and it was pertinent to the mystery of the Iron Throne that her destiny be held out for as long as possible. Genghis Khan never did what you’re speaking of during the beginning of his campaign, so why should we have NEEDED to see anything from Dany beyond the immense amount of clues & foreshadowing provided?
  4. Thoughts about this Season 8 poster of Daenerys in a white dress appearing sad before the Iron Throne. [link below] White has an equal amount of all colors in the spectrum, so it contains both their positive & negative aspects (good & evil).... and in many Eastern cultures white symbolically represents death, especially for those who believe in the afterlife (Dany’s vision of visiting Drogo & Rhaego). https://thephins.com/attachments/upload_2019-5-15_23-20-55-jpeg.2896/
  5. ToddDavid

    S8 Daenerys poster

    I didn’t notice this mentioned anywhere so I figured I’d toss it here. It’s a S8 poster of Daenerys, in a white dress, appearing saddened before the Iron Throne. White has an equal amount of all the colors in the spectrum, so it will contain both their positive & negative aspects (good & evil).... and in many Eastern cultures it symbolically represents death, especially for those who believe in the afterlife (Dany’s vision of visiting Drogo & Rhaego). https://thephins.com/attachments/upload_2019-5-15_23-20-55-jpeg.2896/ Apologies if someone else has already posted this.
  6. This is a common psychological occurrence unfortunately. It’s basic human nature that nobody wants to know that they’re a bad person or that they’re wrong about something. Therefore, it’s much easier on the psyche to distort the narrative, story, reality, what have you to fit it to your established beliefs than it is to actually change one’s belief to fit the reality.
  7. I gave it a 7. GRRM told us that he wanted to end this in a way that left no interpretation about what happens afterward, and that obviously takes a little bit of screen time. So I regarded 8.5 and the beginning of 8.6 as the grand climactic ending that we’re all accustomed to and then treated the final 40 minutes of 8.6 as essentially bonus material that allowed us to bid a fond farwell to a show that’s been like a home away from home for many of us. So many characters, subplots, and such enormity of scale that it would’ve been impossible to wrap everything up pristinely and satisfy even half of the viewers’ desires. Not to mention, we weren’t going to receive another grand battle, so Dany’s demise had to end quickly & quietly. Neither the time nor budget existed to extend the season. E3 & E5 probably cost as much to produce as all of S3 combined. The Long Night alone had already occupied 11 weeks of shooting, and it mentally & physically wore the cast & 750 crew members out. “Nothing can prepare you for how physically draining it is,” actress Maisie Williams, who portrays Arya Stark on the show, told EW. “It’s night after night, and again and again, and it just doesn’t stop. You can’t get sick, and you have to look out for yourself because there’s so much to do that nobody else can do… there are moments you’re just broken as a human and just want to cry.”
  8. You’re an aunt now by the way. Sorry, forgot to mention it. And call dad; he’s not feeling well.
  9. That is weird. That you don’t recognize your own brother anymore.
  10. The whole point of a mad person doing what they do is that their actions are entirely unpredictable. If this were 2010, Dany would’ve seen a shrink; he would’ve found out about her genetic predilection for madness, put her on some meds, and sent her on her merry way, then testified at her Sandy Hook trial about her unstable mental inheritance from good ole dad.... while the audience is all like, holy shit we should’ve seen this coming!
  11. Exactly. In real life we’re not afforded all the foreshadowing of a raging narcissist or psychopath about to cross that point of no return. Just bc Ted Bundy didn’t start murdering until he was like 25 that doesn’t mean that his very real tangible life had no “Character arch” up until that point. He wasn’t a murderer until he became a murderer. The Space Shuttle Challenger was intact until it wasn’t. All the conclusive evidence anyone needs that Dany’s arch was fine and that S8 wasn’t some sort of uncharacteristic deviation from non fiction: Powerful father murdered; forced to live in poverty as a result, living on carcasses and wild berries; older brother attempts to exert himself as the dominant figure; captured by family’s ex allies and forced into slavery; grew up observing the tough political climate, including corruption, raids, revenge, tribal warfare, and thievery; escapes her enslavers; entered an arranged marraige, only to have her partner kidnapped shortly thereafter; experiences a permanent rift w/ a-hole brother; beguiles rulers to lend large armies; promotes a new meritocratic way of life that benefited and attracted the lower class; encourages religious tolerance, unifies a region and elected ruler of their land, then delegated authority based on merit & loyalty rather than status or family name; after defeating rival enemies— their lands, soldiers, and civilians were not abandoned, as they were taken under her protection and integrated into her own tribe; also showed great compassion toward children & orphans; her ways inspired loyalty among her conquered people, making her stronger with each victory; life marked by betrayals & conspiracies; brought peace to a warring land under a single unified political & military force; initially appeared morally aware; at one point interpreted a celestial occurrence as an omen of victory; became a beloved larger than life figure. Sound familiar??? Wups, that wasn’t a her. That’s not Dany. That’s Genghis Khan, right before his desire for revenge led him to wipe out the remnants of the Khwarazmian Empire and then some, including not only royal buildings but entire towns, populations, and all surrounding agricultural lands. One city was burnt to the ground, and the women & children who weren’t massacred were given to the soldiers as slaves. Khan’s sacking of Urgench was considered one of the bloodiest massacres in human history. Khan related to the Mongols and showed them compassion bc of it; everyone else, all those he didn’t relate to nor see himself in, nnnnot so much. He was pretty f***in brutal, a genocidal warlord. He was good and then he was bad. But apparently Genghis Khan doesn’t have a damn character arch either because no one informed our entitled butts that he was about to go mad. BTW, I’ve always wondered if Dany’s character was influenced by Genghis.
  12. Well then you’ve effectively separated yourself from Team Dany members. I too was a Dany fan early on but realized halfway through that the writers were probably pulling on our strings and that she was likely going to become the Mad King redux. Her dragons laying firey siege to hapless victims, plus the music score accompanying it, was probably my favorite part of the show.... but there were too many warning signs of her potential madness for me to invest any further emotional support in her.
  13. There’s likely no Daenerys supporter alive who will bother to read that incriminating article unfortunately.
  14. There’s obviously different levels of fear, and King’s Landing was certainly of the mindset that dragons are more vulnerable than anticipated bc 2 of them had recently been terminated rather easily. There was much confidence growing that they could take down the 3rd. Plus it’s one thing to fear a dragon based on images that your mind creates, but it’s another entirely to emotionally experience the destruction first hand, with the army there to shield you now completely out of the way. But again, we’re not talking about our interpretation of what fear means; we’re talking about Dany’s, and she’s routinely sided with insecurity and extremity on that front. Her answer to every insecurity or unknown variable was always “RAMP UP THE FEAR FACTOR”.
  15. You yet again fully failed to comprehend the question. Let’s repost the original question again. Let me help you a little: the slaves are hypothetically being offered an opportunity to pick which side they collectively want to occupy, either the slave side or the slave owners side. That’s it, period. Nothing more nothing less. So, not only are you you’re suggesting that the slaves would collectively choose to continue being the slaves but you’re also continuing to engage in strawman garbage by generating all sorts of nonsense that was neither said nor implied. Typical Team Dany.