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    [Poll] How would you rate episode 806?

    I signed up just to vote in the poll and share my thoughts. First, the acting throughout the series and especially in the last season was phenomenal and I can't think of a single person in this series who has been a main character who has done a poor job. That is very true of this episode as well. The acting gets a 9+. The episode itself though was completely terrible, and I rated it a 2, only saved from a 1 by the incredible acting. The pacing was insane and stupid. So the first 5 episodes of this season were massively rushed so we could get 30 seconds of Tyrion laying on the floor staring into the camera and 2 minutes of him moving chairs around? Little things like that were pointless and pretty garbage when you factor in the time that wasn't given to develop the plot better in the last 2 seasons (and especially the last season). Also, Bran is king but what has Bran actually done? If you take Bran out of the story from after the assassin tried to kill him, what changes? If anything does change, it can be argued it changes for the better (Jojen and Hodor live, nobody knows about John's ancestry so he doesn't turn down Dany who doesn't go mass murderer). I mean when you actually stop and think about what Bran has done/caused in this series, he may be a bigger villain than any of them, so sure lets make him our new king, yay! Tyrion is screwed around this whole episode (and whole last 3 seasons really). First he finds his family killed. Then he's forced into a slavery essentially because he told the Mad Queen what he thought of her "liberation", then when the Mad Queen dies the people who all thought she was a mad queen in the first place still punish him (and john) for going against the mad queen (like many of them asked them to do repeatedly). Then to add insult to all of this, there's a book written about all the events in show, and it doesn't freaking mention the dwarf that defended the capital from invasion, served as the hand of the king, married the heir to the North, stood trial for the killing of the cruel king, escaped after his trial, killed his father who was the Hand of the King/King's Regent, became Hand of the Queen, led and advised during her invasion back into westeros, then finally was able to convince someone to stand up to the Queen and assassinate her, then becomes the Hand of the new King. Holy heck, who wrote that book, D&D? Cause that's a whole lot of plot to miss out on in the retelling of their history. Also how many dwarves were killed in westeros while the crazy sister queen was sending people out to kill her brother? Didn't that at least deserve a mention in the documenting of the wars? lol. I guess the most trying and upsetting thing is that you know care was given to the story and clues were laid out during the early part of the series (and in the books) and then at the end, none of those clues really led to anything meaningful at any point. R+L=J only mattered cause it made John not want to keep getting with his aunt, and it made Varys write letters from dawn to night, even tho I guess he never sent any of them because they never were mentioned again in these last 2 episodes? The prophecy for Cersei makes no sense now, nor does the different prophecies about Dany. It's just all really disappointing. (sigh) I hope the remaining books are much better, but this has honestly sapped some of my excitement for those even, which is mind boggling to me.