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  1. CCRArabians

    How would you have ended it?

    Ah, the Deadpool 2 ending, perfect!
  2. I wonder if the unsullied watchers would feel anything differently about Daenerys' actions if more of the Lannister and Frey and other atrocities in the riverlands had been in the show?
  3. CCRArabians

    How would you have ended it?

    JReis, you lost me at scratching and clawing. No desire to parse through a thousand lines after that.
  4. CCRArabians

    How would you have ended it?

    I'd combine this with this youtube alt ending. NK should be the last, most important battle. And if she takes King's Landing first, it gives time to show increasing friction with 'the north', and time to show increasingly unbalanced reactions and punishments from Danaerys. And maybe even allow Bran to show some redeeming qualities or powers.
  5. CCRArabians

    [Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion

    Thank you for posting this. Thanks to everyone who has posted memes and YouTube rants. It's been very cathartic and helpful getting over my WTF!!!!! GOT PTSD. I had to pause it twice to let my psychotic giggling die down so I could hear the video.
  6. Wasn't the hole in the wall at eastwatch, not castle black?
  7. CCRArabians

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 806?

    Smile? What smile? (edit) I *WISH* there had been a smile. Maybe I missed it.
  8. So disappointing. So hollow. So GROSS. Not only does GRRM screw us by putting the character most like himself on the throne, but D&D screw us by making Bran an unlikable useless twat, but HEY! He's even more unlikable because he saw this all coming and participated in setting up this specific outcome. Creepy Bran, elected despite his unlikability and disinterest in his family or servants or citizens or running anything or contributing anything. But he's a story teller, not one of those soldiers George obviously feels inferior to, and he rams that in as being a plausible reason to have Bran as king. I should have guessed based on GRRM blogs and interviews that anyone who was a soldier would never actually end up winning any good outcome in this story, but I could have stomached cowardly Sam before creepy Bran. Shudder. Nope. Not interested in the rest of the books if that's the way it ends. Bronn. Starving people can fuck off because I don't want to waste money, but HEY, I'll finance some brothels! Glad you like that kind of scum bag so much D&D. So so so much other WTFuckery because 'reasons' but other posts have covered them well already.