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  1. Man did Jon get off light. But what punishment could the Unsullied have given Jon that was fitting? Castration. 1. It hurts. 2. It hurts psychologically too. 3. The Unsullied can be like, "yeah, that's right, see what it's like?" [/fake reasons] 4. Jon forever shares the same fate as the Unsullied. 5. It's brutal, unexpected, and unfair, which reminds us of when Game of Thrones was good. 6. There's a somewhat interesting parallel with Theon. You can lose the bits whether you're honorable or not. 7. Jon can never have offspring, which decreases the chance that he would come back south and try to be a traditional king, and makes it more realistic that Greyworm would agree to the whole thing and retire to Naath. 8. Unable to have offspring, Jon becomes the last member of the Targaryen line, which is poetic. You could even throw a thing in there where Jon has to keep it a secret so that the Northmen don't start a war over it. Aww Jon...so honorable. * End Rant * Worst first post ever? How could The Great Westerosi Limited Democracy Forum have played out in a more realistic way?