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  1. I'm really curious about what's in store for Val. Other than that, I always enjoyed the Victarion chapters so I guess I'm looking forward to that, too.
  2. Unfortunately that is true. I don't believe in limiting the freedom of a cat, that's why my little baby can come and go as he pleases. But I'd be lying if I'd say that I do not worry. He loves roaming the hood.. I can see that. But yeah... I am concerned.. Mommy isn't always there to look out for him. He's a tough one though. Fast and smart, I sure hope that'll keep him outta trouble.
  3. A cat thread (that wasn't here when I left the forum five years ago, something's do change here I guess...nice surprise) I'm most likely the most hardcore cat enthusiast on this planet!! My little baby is THE BEST that ever happened to me. I love it when he lies down next to me for his daily padding, I love the sound of him purring, I love those golden eyes, I love his crazy cat moments... I could go on forever.... This year I'll get two new kittens..Thinking about giving them ASoIaF names.. we'll see....
  4. Howdy y'all, I am only sorta new here. I've been active on this board until 2014 when I thought it time for a little break. I love the books as much as I strongly dislike the show. Now that this pain in the arse is finally done with I hope we can focus on the books again. I've been informed about all the show stuff...Danny going postal, Starbucks opening up their first Westerosi establishment, R+L=J with no point at all.... I bet some of y'all will need some time to let it all go... Anyways.... Looking forward to meeting just the nice people here.
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