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  1. Daeron Vaith

    What are you least looking forward to?

    I am starting to get bored of Cersei... Whatever moves Dany I don't care much about, too. I like to read about what's going on around her, but her thoughts and motives I do not take much interest in...
  2. Daeron Vaith

    What does Stannis’ chapter reveal about the Pink Letter

    Ramsey might have heard about the "wildling princess", and then used the same term himself. But the thought has crossed my mind, too. About the heads... Guess you could flay a human being and still cut off the head. Not that I have any experience in this matter, but I guess it can be done.
  3. Daeron Vaith

    Events you are most looking forward to see in TWOW

    I'm really curious about what's in store for Val. Other than that, I always enjoyed the Victarion chapters so I guess I'm looking forward to that, too.
  4. "Hope is the power of being cheerful in circumstances that we know to be desperate." - Dr. Victor von Doom
  5. Daeron Vaith

    Cats: Threading their way into our lives.

    Unfortunately that is true. I don't believe in limiting the freedom of a cat, that's why my little baby can come and go as he pleases. But I'd be lying if I'd say that I do not worry. He loves roaming the hood.. I can see that. But yeah... I am concerned.. Mommy isn't always there to look out for him. He's a tough one though. Fast and smart, I sure hope that'll keep him outta trouble.
  6. Daeron Vaith

    Cats: Threading their way into our lives.

    A cat thread (that wasn't here when I left the forum five years ago, something's do change here I guess...nice surprise) I'm most likely the most hardcore cat enthusiast on this planet!! My little baby is THE BEST that ever happened to me. I love it when he lies down next to me for his daily padding, I love the sound of him purring, I love those golden eyes, I love his crazy cat moments... I could go on forever.... This year I'll get two new kittens..Thinking about giving them ASoIaF names.. we'll see....
  7. Daeron Vaith

    So once again...the writers forgot about Gendry

    Yeah, Edmure is the real deal, a champ. I bet the show portraited him as one of a kind.
  8. Daeron Vaith

    How do you put on your bra?

    Hook and turn always did it for me.
  9. Daeron Vaith

    What type of laugh do you have?

    Same here, I chuckle and shriek and sometimes I'm out of air which produces some interesting sounds when I catch my breath again.... I like my laugh, even though I get some harsh looks when I laugh by myself on the metro (usually when I listen to funny podcasts...)
  10. Daeron Vaith


    Howdy y'all, I am only sorta new here. I've been active on this board until 2014 when I thought it time for a little break. I love the books as much as I strongly dislike the show. Now that this pain in the arse is finally done with I hope we can focus on the books again. I've been informed about all the show stuff...Danny going postal, Starbucks opening up their first Westerosi establishment, R+L=J with no point at all.... I bet some of y'all will need some time to let it all go... Anyways.... Looking forward to meeting just the nice people here.