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I am a faithfull reader of the books since the late 90s. I did not watch the horrible HBO show, just kept myself informed through friends of mine. I was active on this forum until 2014 under a different name and took a five year break. I am back now, only to find out that people still flame and hate each other just as they did back then :D Seriously, what's wrong with you people??!! I'm looking forward to only getting to know the nice people and lmao about those that are experts on the matter of everything. I currently live in Moscow. I love Fantasy and Sci-fi and I am writing my own fiction since roughly two years. I speak four languages, adore cats, hate dogs and children, consider myself a feminist and I used to be a formidable soccer player. 

Get in touch if you're nice, stay away if you're grumpy. I am always grateful for suggestions concerning good science fiction novels..so if you're into that and you have some recommendations don't hesitate!

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