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  1. Looks like somebody else had the same idea. It's now my official ending.
  2. Viserion was dead and then reanimated - it proved nothing. Bran clearly couldn't control the NK so obviously there is a limit to his power.
  3. There is no reason to believe Bran has any control of Drogon or other magical beings. This could be another argument in support of Dany and her Dragons - the only ones capable of breaking Brans control.
  4. Her saving you from death multiple times and fighting a war for you against the undead would seem to make his love the slightest bit merited, wouldn't it?
  5. Probably, all around Jon was pretty disgustingly weak this season - I sincerely hope nobody views him positively or finds inspiration in his failures.
  6. I think I would add to my story.. - When sacking Kings Landing Jon would be wearing his fathers banner and houses armor(would need to argue that Dany found some). - In the final speech Dany gives at a podium after the take over he stands beside her wearing it, she ends with saying the murders of the Targaryens and Starks have been brought to justice and the rightful heir to the throne has returned. She and him would raise a sword jointly and kiss..... I also would give her armor, I'm not sure why she never wore any - would go with black leather/chainmail like Aegons wives. (When ever I think of what could have been I feel thoroughly subverted.)
  7. I am surprisingly OK with this. But I always took Dany as a bit of sub at heart forced to take an alpha role for the betterment of the world as the men around her continually failed.
  8. Id say Dany was a lot closer to Leto than Bran, I mean she didn't have his powers but both were empire builders who ultimately waged through war an expansion of their control for their people. They ruled as "tyrants", practiced some form of eugenics(Dany didn't but I digress) and in general weren't very nice but they got it done. Leto was arguably far more tyrannical as he never questioned his actions which were ruthless.
  9. They are enjoying how much they subverted our expectations I am sure.
  10. I realised there is sufficient footage for a dark-Dany/Jon ending without much editing. Cut the scene to black right when he kisses her and then provide an epilogue with drawings. Have them marry and go on a campaign of conquest where they both die heroically in a battle in some foreign land against another WW like threat as dark knights...hated for their actions but ultimately heros of both Westeros and Essos Then end with a picture of the final counsel talking about a successor. That's another ending I can get behind :D.
  11. Any mass social change generally has death as part of it and on average the people she killed were wholly deserving of it. I'm not sure why her killing people is even considered remotely bad when considering how rulers have always ruled(in the show and IRL). The only questionable one was Kings Landing but...special circumstances.
  12. I don't think any of the actors actually believe in Danys ending. Like they are trying to save face but they know it's garbage. Most of the people I know enjoyed watching Cersei and the Lannisters be decimated - it wasn't something they were horrified at. The hamfisted attempt to make the Dany=Hitler=Bad connection nobody believes and pretty much everyone finds Jon stabbing her during the kiss completely revolting. After the history that has been built up, kings landing just doesn't get much or any sympathy(nor should it). What ever D&D was trying to pull, they failed at it for most of the people I know. The only way this could have been received without outrage is if Dany was about to launch an attack on the North(which we didn't get other than speech which hinted at the possibility and no time-table) and Jon can't talk her out of it, even the whole assassin stunt he does still doesn't work.
  13. As far as I know only D&D controlled the script, obviously nobody else is to blame except perhaps martin. I can respect the actors performances along with the rest of the crew while viewing the season itself as an insult towards the viewers.
  14. I think Jon being half Targaryen and half Stark is critical for Daenerys to be willing to have him be King and treat him equal to her. In some sense to her it would be like Daenerys ancestors where Aegon and his two sisters/wives unified Westeros. Thus I think the reveal that Jon is Aegon would be positive for the development of the relationship and plot, allowing for an equal marriage which perhaps didn't exist before and providing that stability and counsel Dany needs in an actually loyal person. - Anyway I strongly like the theme of becoming more than what you are, riding the dragon so to speak... Jons ascension to me(like Aragorn in LOTR) is kind of providing a modal of an idealized life in so far as him choosing to become what he should be but I appreciate other endings where Dany and Jon leave together or basically anything where she's not murdered by him.
  15. That's a really nice ending also, one which completes Jamies arc of redemption and is more fitting as a character. The show treated Cersei too nicely, I don't think she ever acted in the interest of anyone but herself(I suppose her family) yet her death is not tragic and ultimately she died getting what she wanted(being with Jamie).
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