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  1. People often talk about Dany locking up Rheagal and Viserion under Meereen is a proof of how good she was. I was -extremely- mad at her for that decision, and thinking back on it now, it's even more obvious that this was never a good decision. It was pure Dany, doing the wrong thing, for good intentions. She punished two dragons who had done nothing (and were described in the books as being the nicest dragons) for what Drogon had done (while he was never punished for it). This is never a good way to teach animals, not even dogs, and if they are indeed really intelligent, it's even crueler. It's really a trend for Dany at this point, that she generalizes very quickly. One dragon does something bad, all dragons are guilty. Lots of Masters do bad things (crucifying children), all of the Masters are guilty. Something doesn't align with her vision of what's good? Ban all these traditions immediately, alienating people in the process, instead of slowly teaching people how to change their ways. It's actually a common theme in our world today. People think the only way to do something good is to destroy practices that are not considered to be good overnight, instead of teaching people how to change, which takes years and years, sometimes generations. Even though I did support Dany for her ideals, I did see how she failed sometimes (probably still missed some), and when she failed, it was always with a high cost for everyone else. That, and you don't send your children to fight for you, you try to protect them instead, unless you see them as little more than war assets, which is disgusting. So I think her going this way is actually fantastic, even though I do admit that I'm not all on board with how it was done in the show. Now concerning how the story is told in the books, I really hope that she will not get Rheagal and Viserion's trust right back when they get free. I really hope she will have to work for it, because in the show, they started helping her immediately, and that felt really cheap to me. Or maybe that master she fed them was really super tasty or something.
  2. Kylan

    I really like what Drogon did but...

    Yeah, I wasn't answering you specifically in my message, more like people saying that dragons are dumb without going in more details about why they would be dumb. Regarding the importance of words, I agree with you that it's not really important regarding the burning of the Iron Throne. It can all be done without words, and even without a fantastic intelligence, as I mentioned in my previous post.
  3. Kylan

    I really like what Drogon did but...

    I don't see how that's true. Most animals can understand words or sequences of sounds. A dog was able to learn hundreds of words, and even was able to infer, when hearing a new word, which object it likely referred to. https://science.sciencemag.org/content/304/5677/1682 Besides, dogs are among the only animals who look into the eyes of the humans they know, because they try to understand what they mean, and know that their gaze and facial expressions are important to understand that. Dragons do the same in the show (S7E4 and S8E1, among others). So how is it strange to consider that dragons, if they are only slightly more intelligent than dogs, couldn't understand words?
  4. Kylan

    I really like what Drogon did but...

    I have some trouble understanding what people don't understand about that scene. Drogon has always liked Jon since the moment he saw (or rather sniffed) him (S7E4). Drogon saw the two in love with each other in front of the waterfall (S8E1). If that scene isn't to show that, it's pretty useless. Drogon knows what grief looks like, and feels like. He curls up around Dany when she loses Jorah, to comfort her and protect her (S8E3). He also lets Jon pass to join Dany. Now some people say that it's because he wants Jon to go kill Dany. I don't buy that at all. It's because he trusts and likes Jon. Nothing more. Then he sees Jon against Dany, in tears. He nudges her, not believing that she's dead at first, and then when it's obvious, he looks at Jon and growls. He knows Jon is the one who killed her. You can see his eyes showing anger when he looks at Jon. But then, as he is about to burn Jon, Jon does not run away, accepting his fate and Drogon's punishment. It reminds me a lot of Dany's scene with Drogon in the fighting pit: "If I show him my fear, I'm dead." Because of that, and because he saw Jon grieving and loving Dany, he doesn't want to kill him. Since he's still angry, he lashes out on what he knew Dany wanted from the beginning, and destroys it. He does not need to know what the throne is or what it means. He knows Dany wanted it, and that she did everything she did, for that. Was it worth it? No, he lost his two brothers and his mother for it. He growls at Jon again after the throne is burnt. Making it clear that he doesn't want to have anything to do with Jon again. It does not require Drogon to understand the complex politics of the realm. It does not require Drogon to be dumb to think it was the pointy chair that physically killed Dany. That would be human level intelligence, nothing more, nothing less. The only thing that perhaps shows a greater intelligence, is that he didn't go Lady Stoneheart on the rest of the world in his grief. He didn't end up like the Hound, seeking revenge. He did not become Arya either, nor did he become like Dany (Going after the Night King for Viserion, and going after Cersei and burning Kings Landing after losing Rheagal and Missendei). He saw what revenge did, and was done with it. "Peace I'm done with you stupid mammals." In a way, he ended up being a bit more like Jon in the end, who understood that too. ... though I can also see him needing a snack and taking Dany for that. I mean, it's either him eating her or worms eating her anyway XD. More seriously, I complained a LOT about this season, and season 7 too. But if there is one scene that I liked in the two last seasons, it's that one.