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  1. Yeah its still ambiguous unfortunately. We don't know if he went to join the wildlings or if he is still in the NW
  2. You can download it here https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/420666514971033621/606860946689753099/Game_of_Thrones_-_Ep_806_-_The_Iron_Throne_.pdf
  3. https://m.emmys.com/sites/default/files/collateral/Game of Thrones - Ep 806 - The Iron Throne .pdf Its an interesting read. It says Yara supported Bran because of Theon. Jon did not entirely forgive Sansa for her betrayal. It also seems to suggest that Jon did not leave the NW to stay with the wildlings
  4. And she also smirks when her dragons which really are nukes fly overhead and everyone gets terrified.
  5. Daenerys and her dragons were what was selling Game of Thrones. That and many feminists loved Dany taking the world by storm. That's why they had to keep pulling punches with her right till the very end. The books OTOH make it seem normal.
  6. Or take Jon's son with whoever he marries and name him the heir.
  7. Her rule would only work in Meereen where slavery is rampant and she has something to "liberate" people from. It would never work in Westeros and she will go Stalin the moment she arrives even in the books.
  8. The million dollar question. Does Jon stay at the NW or does he go stay with the wildlings? will Dany be revived as the dragon is heading to Volantis? Will Arya die as she is implied to be heading in a direction no one has returned from?
  9. Well I don’t think we are ever getting the last book so probably won’t come to that. It’s taking a decade for the book and the last book should take another decade with him focusing on PC games and such that by that time he would be in the eighties and I don’t see him completing it. Perhaps Joe Abercrombie would be hired to complete based on his notes.
  10. The HBO official synopsis says he is still at the NW and he is just guiding the free folk home.
  11. So according to this video, the show makers say Jon is not going to stay with the wildlings. He is going to be ranging the far North for the rest of his life alone. And not have any children or marry. That’s kinda sad
  12. What do you guys think is Jon’s purpose now in the far North? What’s he going to do? What is his objective?
  13. Does it say anything about Jon and Arya’s ending?
  14. What is your interpretation of where Jon goes at the end? This is my take The GOT writers revealed that they had an alternate ending planned where Jorah lives and he also goes into the NW for betraying Dany and the ones coming out of the tunnel were Jon, Jorah and Tormund so based on this we can infer that the writers intended Jon to be in the NW as Jorah wouldn’t go away with the free folk and they are wearing the NW uniform I think the Nights Watch will end up as some sort of intermediary between the North and the true North. Probably help the freefolk settle and help them to trade between the 2 kingdoms and keep the peace. Jon is free to do whatever he wants under the guise of the NW. No one is going to stop him if he goes back to the North. At least that’s my head canon which is the best possible ending for Jon as he gets the best of both the worlds. He gets to see Sansa occasionally, probably even Sam and still enjoy himself with the FreeFolk. I don’t like the Jon going into exile with the freefolk ending as it means the Wildlings are back to being isolated which is something they have fought against for so many years and Jon gets cutoff from the rest of the world. And really he needs some aim in life. In the true North there is nothing for him to do but become a lumber jack. There is nothing to fight as he army of the dead probably killed any threats in the freezing lands. The NW still grants him a certain purpose. I don’t know why they didn’t just give us a Harry Potter style epilogue so we see what happens. Almost everyone got a Disney ending so nothing wrong with it and it’s the last time we are gonna see the characters. Otherwise this ambiguous ending just forces everyone to make up their own head canon
  15. Does anyone know why they didn’t do the behind the episodes video,like they did for each of their other episodes?
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