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  1. Or take Jon's son with whoever he marries and name him the heir.
  2. The million dollar question. Does Jon stay at the NW or does he go stay with the wildlings? will Dany be revived as the dragon is heading to Volantis? Will Arya die as she is implied to be heading in a direction no one has returned from?
  3. What do you guys think is Jon’s purpose now in the far North? What’s he going to do? What is his objective?
  4. Does it say anything about Jon and Arya’s ending?
  5. Yeah if Jon is the Frodo here, he ends up in the middle of nowhere being a lumber jack in comparison.
  6. We just saw the ending. It was open ended. No confirmation on where the characters actually end up at the end and what is the future of various Houses and the kingdoms. So many unanswered questions. GRRM says the books end the same way so if they do there is nothing bitter sweet about them as I am having to dream up a fan fiction in my mind about the characters as to what they actually did. Why not have an epilogue like Harry Potter?
  7. The last book is never coming anyway. So whatever we get with Winds is the last book we get from GRRM. Another 10 years for a dream of spring. Chances of that are not good. Maybe Joe Abercrombie or Brandon Sanderson can take on the project from there.
  8. To be perfectly honest if it seems to me that Season 7 and 3 episodes of season 8 will probably be the winds of winter. Which means these dunderheads covered a dream of spring, an entire novel in 3 episodes. I am pretty sure with 3000 pages of material Martin could make it believable. If anything, this disastrous ending will increase book sales as people would want to see how it happened his way.
  9. He has specifically said that if he dies before finishing it, no one is to complete his work.
  10. In my opinion, after a few years, Jon will still visit Sansa in Winterfell. This exile is self imposed and after a few years he would like to live with his family. Arya is gone though. That’s for sure.
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