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  1. Piero Orson

    Valyrian families surviving after the Doom

    We know if Elyria, Mantarys and Tolos are still of Valyrian ethnicity ? Since it's the ghiscari who are now (before dany arrival) the rulers of the Slaver's bay area, the cities may have been conquered by their ancient ennemy.
  2. Piero Orson

    Unowned lands and keeps

    We know that Omber kindgoms survive by paying tribute to the dothraki (And it's pretty much everything we know about them.) Probably the western essos settlement who are under one of the free cities leadership survive because of the gift offered by the cities. If Volon therys is considered a town in western Essos, that let us imagine how many smaller settlement exist in each free city territory.
  3. Piero Orson

    Unowned lands and keeps

    I use this topic to ask a question too, but this time about Essos unowned lands. If we use this map from the Atlas of Ice and Fire, even if it's fan work the creator brings consistency to it, we can see that a lof of lands are...not claimed. Are they petty andals and rhoynars settlements in the western part of the continent ? Are each free city territory much larger and touching other territories ?