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  1. Thank you. It's been awhile since I've read Dance. I'm only on ASOS on this reread. In hindsight I should have asked if there is canon saying Lyanna practiced tilting at rings. Which I believe there isn't, since it appears to be app info only.
  2. Ran put "BS app" in quotes as if info in the app is actually true. When you've already demonstrated, and he should know as well as anyone, that there is plenty of BS info in the app. He presents info from the app as if it is canonical fact all on his word that GRRM approved of such and such. I call that dishonest. Ran saying GRRM approved of something means nothing. We don't know whether it is true or not that GRRM approved it or not. Of course things don't really go south until people start building theories off of Ran's word, as if it is printed canon.
  3. My apologies for misreading your previous comment. But...how is Ned's interaction with Barra's mom a piece of supporting evidence for RLJ? He never mentions what his promises to Lyanna were. He never mentions Rhaegar or Jon. There isn't anything about this text that explicitly connects it to the RLJ theory. Which itself is never even suggested anywhere in canon. Not a single person ever thinks to themselves "Hmmmm, I wonder if Rhaegar and Lyanna are Jon's true parents." You're lying to yourself when you say that people are denying that this interaction between Ned and Barra's mom is explicit textual support for RLJ. It flat out isn't...and lying to yourself is an awful way to build a theory.
  4. Wow. So I was being too nice saying it was a "mod's pinky promise" that the app information was correct. The truth is far worse. In reality the mod was indisputably dishonest in the way they presented the information. Considering the mod is the forum owner, I wonder how such an approach has effected the development of theories around here over the years. It seems to me that members that don't notice the dishonesty could develop an awful lot of false confidence in certain theories.
  5. Where in canon (not a mod's pinky promise) does it say that Lyanna was a superb horse rider?
  6. Whatever book is in between TWOW and ADOS. This is going 8-9 books folks. There's simply way too much to wrap up in 2 books and GRRM always blows well past his word count.
  7. True but I said it for a reason. Corbon stated it as if Ned literally thought of RLJ.
  8. When talking to Barra, Ned doesn't think RLJ, not as far as we know. He thinks of his promise to Lyanna. Whatever it was.
  9. I think either this is the case or that the Nights King story was true and he was doing it for noble reasons. But similar to Jon Snow he was misunderstood by the Nights Watch and they mutineed.
  10. RE 1st part: We really do need TWOW to shake things up. We've been working theories with the same canon for 8 years now. TWOW will certainly squash some theories and bring new angles to others and likely bring us new theories. How much of Heresy theories would exist without ADWD? RE 2nd part: I think we are all our own version of Heretic. And that's awesome. I don't think there is a single theory we all agree on 100%. Many theories aren't even agreed on by more than 2-3 of us. I myself have a few theories that I might be the only supporter of.
  11. Maybe. Just seemed like you included them as knowing as well.
  12. That begs the question... What caused Ned to have the dream again? And why did it bother him so much?
  13. I'd really like to read what Corbon comes up with. But if we are ever pressed for a topic I think a good one would be " Is Bran is every Brandon?+ Can Bran talk to people through trees?+ Can Bran manipulate the past and maybe future too?" Or maybe just predictions about what we expect to happen in TWOW specifically.
  14. If the Starks knew Lyanna would be abducted...why would they do such an awful job preventing it?
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