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  1. Seinfeld is really bad, minimizing the loved main characters to a literal group of fugitives. GoT is definitely up there (unfortunately) but Seinfeld and Lost are my top picks.
  2. lanspresado

    Football: pool in to the Final Spur of the season

    Just realized it is the first time ever there have been two all-English finals in the continental cups... Arsenal and Spurs taking it would be absolutely wild
  3. lanspresado

    Does anyone have their own Wikipedia page?

    I imagine if anyone here did there'd be a big ruckus....
  4. lanspresado

    European Parliament Elections 2019

    Nobody in my home country (Sweden) it seems knows anything about how the EU works. Since most people are informed through media and the news (where issues within the EU are consistenly not brought up) the ignorance is staggering. It also feels like nothing of it matters when we only get about 10 MEPs.
  5. lanspresado

    What type of laugh do you have?

    Extremely wheezy to be honest