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  1. We know details of the story only in the last 300 years and only in Westeros and little of west Essos in terms of fighters. Probably if we knew more about the age of heroes noone would be on a top 15 ranking as they would have magic powers
  2. I think Winterfell is a big castle that has a big population for a castle. Also for sure there are towns really close to it
  3. I think in a dunk story it is mentioned that Maekar is a really good fighter
  4. I mean he is good, but we don't know much about his individual achievements and we know that he is worse than Maekar and Daemon Blackfyre
  5. Yeah Daemon Targ had a Drafon in ost of hid fights and Dunk has many achievements in his later life. ( Blackfyre )
  6. Maybe the knighthood/honour is a pattern? Jon Con lost because of it and Bloodrave won because of lack of it. Otherwise there isn't much connections. Maybe that smart wins, but even then in some duels/battles brute force wins over smartness
  7. Hey! this is a series where I list a character and you tell me what you think about him ( Complex, boring, Overrated, underrated, interesting, love, hate ) do an analysis about him, theories about him, your opinion, predictions maybe even do a ranking of something (best character,fighter,interesting,underrated,overrated) and put the character there. You can do a whole essay or respond with a single word The objective of this is to see what the aSoIaF community thinks about some specific characters and I am planning to do a series. With that being said the second character is: Mace Tyrell
  8. No Targaryen, but for sure a valyrian was named like that. Aegon, Aemon, Aerion etc are really similar. Probably Quellon named him like that to please the mad king as he wanted to link with the greenlands
  9. It is how you win the battle too . For the soldier thing I believe in is referring is warrior skills, but discipline and that stuff
  10. I don't think anyone calls Tarly the finest soldier of the realm, but the best general. Also the soldier is not meant in the fighting skill but the discipline and strategic mind
  11. this is basically what i would write. Actually I mentioned this in my top fighters list that Rhaegar was a Top tier tourney fighter,defeating many big names including Selmy and Dayne, but he lost the first real fight he fought. If he had fought another 2-3 battles where he had own then I think he would be perceived WAAAYYYY better and most would compare him to a Daemon Blackfyre
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