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  1. 1: Something 2:Male 3:Draw between Robb, Tyrion and Jaime 4: Aeron Greyjoy or godry
  2. Exactly I think the dance has a lot of parallels with the war of the five kings
  3. House: House Targaryen of Tyrosh and the stepstones Sigil: The Targaryen dragon in top right and bottom left the Bleeding tower of Tyrosh top left and bottom right Colors: Like the normal targ sigl the bleeding tower being grey in a red background Keep: A fortress in the middle of Tyrosh made of blackstone Ancestral weapon: A sword made of dragonstone ( a material use in Tyrosh in its walls) Kingdom: Stepstones (added to the Crownlands) Liege Lord: The crownlands and dragonstone Blood line (First men, etc): Valyrian Traditional appearance and house traits: Valyrian features. Proud and ambicious . Founder: A descendant of a bastard son of Saera Targaryen, Baelon Targaryen after he got legitimized by Aegon the third. story:A descendant of a bastard son of Saera Targaryen, Baelon Targaryen after he got legitimized by Aegon the third. In the final years of Aegon's reign he allied with some sellsword companies, the Velaryons and Pentos. He dreamed of repeating what Daemon Targaryen did. He conquered Tyrosh and some islands of the stepstones. He aided Daeron in his attack to Dorne with a fleet of sellsword and tyroshi men. In the battles many men either died or deserted. Baelon died a little bit after Dareon's death, killed by some archers after he tried to escape to Tyrosh. His son Daeron dealed with some attacks from Myr and Lys, but handled the situation pretty well. Later, in the deal the Blackfyre rebellion, they sided with the loyalist forces.The leader of the house then, Aemond lost his hand in a duel vs Redtusk, so he didn't assist the battle of the redgrass field. Few months after the rebellion Aemond returned to Tyrosh, only to see that the Blackfyre forces had taken the city and hid in the city. Without and army, they were given some land by Daeron in KL, where they controlles a small suburb. After some years they lost most of their money , but remained a proud, albeit poor and powerless house in KL. Most of the members of the house died in the tragedy of Summerhall. The last members of the house were Daeron and his sister wife Saera and their brother, Baelon.They had no money, so they sold their lands in KL to the faith. Later, Saera died of a still born son. Daeron died later that year in the battle of the Trident. What happened to Baelon is unknown,but with no money left and his valyrian hair and eyes he would be most likely dead. Current state of house:Unknown (hold no land or riches)
  4. Similarities between Stannis and Rhaenyra. -They are the rightful heirs -Are on Dragonstone -Are considered usurpers even thought thay are not About the quote, if Stannis dies, he will be also known as a usurper. Remember history is always written by the winners
  5. The Hightowers and Aegon the third. I think it is paralleled with the war of the 5 kings with Rhaenyra/Stannis, Otto/Tywin, Cersei/Alicent Aegon/Joffrey or Tommen and Halaena(I think that is the name of the Targ princess)/Myrcella
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