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  1. I actually created my account just to reply to this. I totally agree with you. While the episode of course had its flaws as you mentioned, it was my personal favorite episode of the entire series. To me, it had everything. Amazing setting, anticipation and tension, epic battle sequences (both as groups and some more intimate moments like with Arya), some epic deaths (Lyanna/Jorah), insanely good and familiar music, Drogon and Rhaegal fighting together and then against Viserion, Dany actually picking up a sword, Melisandre's moments...I was literally at the edge of my seat the entire episode and almost couldn't breathe. And when Arya killed the NK, I jumped off my couch and cheered (as did everyone at my apartment that night). I had seen Avengers: Endgame the night before, and I actually enjoyed The Long Night more. To me, this is definitely the best episode of the series without a doubt.
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