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  1. M: Xhondo B: Xhobar K: Xaro Badass women edition Kojja Mo, Asha, Obara Sand
  2. • Tyrion is a bad guy. • I don’t mind reading the Greyjoys chapters. • I like Asha, she is one of the few women who are warriors and sexually free. She’s cool, but I wonder if she’s doomed like Ygritte or Oberyn. Anyway, I don’t think she will become Queen (although I’d like her to).
  3. Mmmmmmmmmmm... M: Olyvar B: Roslin K: Perwyn (ops) H Edition Hodor, Harren Hoare, Howland Reed
  4. M: Tommen when he’s 25 B: Theon K: Thoros Jon Edition Jon Snow, Jon Connington, Jon Arryn
  5. He participated in her rescue and he jumped with her. Sure, he should have said “we”, but well... he’s Theon.
  6. Of course, Jeyne was brutally raped and this cannot be changed nor forgotten. But there’s a slight possibility that I hope she and Theon survive. Ramsay Snow shouldn’t get the satisfaction of their death.
  7. M: Catelyn B: Cersei K: Craster Myrish Edition Taena Merryweather, Thoros of Myr, Serala Darklyn
  8. In Braavos/Venezia! Would you rather participate in a joust or in a mêlée?
  9. M: Ned B: Bobby B K: Jon Arryn Jeyne Edition Jeyne Poole, Jeyne Westerling (wife of Robb Stark), Jeyne Westerling (wife of Maegor I)
  10. A sea captain, in order to travel the world! Would you rather have Hodor or Hot Pie as your new king?
  11. Noble. Would you rather have Honor or Stranger as your horse?
  12. Tully! Would you rather eat a stallion’s heart or a white worm coming out of an empty eye socket?
  13. M: Sandor B: The Waif K: Roose Very Smart Boys Edition The Reader, Willas, Sam
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