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  1. Gingin

    Pick your favourite nickname from GRRM’s writing

    The Hound Dogs are important
  2. Gingin

    Wow, I never noticed that. Vol. 18

    Clegane If you take “leg” out of “Clegane” (Grandpa Clegane lost a leg and Sandor’s leg was injured), the remaining letters form the word “cane”, which is Italian for “dog”.
  3. Gingin

    Theon’s death?

    Indeed, but unless the North is given proof that Bran and Rickon Stark are alive, Theon can be punished. They aren’t his brothers but for what I have understood he is considered a kinslayer since he grew up with them...
  4. Gingin

    LF Chewing Mint

    Maybe this habit will be his downfall... Sansa or someone else will swap his mint for a deadly plant that looks like mint
  5. - “Unkissgate” - Ashara Dayne & co. - If Tormund is the father of Lyanna Mormont
  6. Gingin

    Theon’s death?

    He is considered a turncloak and kinslayer
  7. Gingin

    Theon’s death?

    He broke Robb’s trust, he is a turncloak and kinslayer in the eyes of the North and the North remembers: I don’t think he will be forgiven so easily if Bran and Rickon don’t magically reappear as soon as possible, before someone decides to punish him. But these are just my thoughts and even I feel conflicted about them: maybe “what is dead may never die” concerns him, maybe it isn’t referred only to his escape from Ramsay but to his possible future survival... or the contrary... or nothing at all (lol) He might survive and overcome his sufference or he might die a horrible death since he has become a fan favourite!
  8. Gingin

    Theon’s death?

    Is death by execution the only possible outcome for Theon? How can he redeem himself in the eyes of the North and, most importantly, the Starks? He has lost a lot of fingers, he can barely walk, he cannot use a bow properly: because of his injuries, he isn’t able to fight well, he cannot join the Night’s Watch nor sacrifice himself in a battle in the name of the North. I don’t think he can be forgiven for what he did and death seems the only option. Yet that “what is dead may never die, but rises again, harder and stronger” troubles me: could it be referred to his escape from Ramsay? Or to Theon’s future in general?
  9. Gingin

    Kingsguard Allowance

    What you say is true, but well... all they need to do is be discreet, they just don’t have to get caught.
  10. Gingin

    Kingsguard Allowance

    That’s true
  11. Gingin

    Kingsguard Allowance

    They surely earn enough to maintain their equipments. And also honorable people might indulge from time to time in wine, food... and women too.
  12. Gingin

    Cutest moments

    Personally, I find every passage related to Tommen to be really cute... he’s such an adorable little boy :3 Which moment(s) of ASOIAF do you find to be the cutest?
  13. Gingin

    Did Ellaria Sand know Elia Martell?

    I don’t think it was stated in the books. We know that Oberyn and Ellaria “share too much”, so she knows how important his sister was for him.