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  1. Both, why not. Also, she will find a new toyboy and together they will ride horses at sunset, while everything behind them burns. Yes!
  2. Brienne is Sansa’s true knight. She will defeat Ser Robert Strong. Barbrey Dustin is going to beat the hell out of Roose. ”Bad Cat” is actually a good old kitty, but he needs love.
  3. In ACOK: Hagen’s daughter is a fearless warrior and crew member. Not a captain, though. Asha was allowed to play with axes when she was a little girl, she wasn’t an average lady. Probably she would have been a captain even if Theon wasn’t sent to Winterfell. Anyway, maybe we can interpret Balon’s prayer as an act of Ironborn mercy, i.e. fatherly love à la Ironborn? “Better have my last son dead than weakling as the bad wolves”? I mean, he never liked kinslaying and he was a very proud man. I don’t know, I admit I’m torn.
  4. Thank you @Arthur Peres ! I will re-read that chapter. ”In despair”... was Balon desperate because “weak” Theon brought shame to their House? Or was he desperate because his last remaining son, his blood, was being tortured by Ramsay Snow ? And he would have preferred a clean death for him, without pain? Was Aeron wrong as he never was “in despair”? Only the Drowned God knows.
  5. @Arthur Peres I don’t know, I see it as a test. His son comes home after 10 years spent with the bad wolves: is he a true Ironborn or did he become an insipid weak greenlander? He didn’t make a very good first impression, but let’s give him a second chance, he’s not a coward. He cannot be given a big task, he has never captained a ship. But he has to start from somewhere, so now he’s in command of eight longships and Nuncle Aeron will report to Balon what happens at the Stony Shore. I remember that in AFFC Aeron was very impressed that Theon took Winterfell, but I don’t remember Balon calling him weak after the taking of Winterfell: could you tell me where I can find that passage?
  6. Yes, Balon allowed salt wives: they are not Ironborn, but weak greenlanders (I strongly hope that in the future books someone puts an end to this practice). Of course, he wasn’t a real feminist and he wasn’t progressive. What I believe is that he loved his daughter and that he gave her freedom. He let her play with axes and didn’t stop her. He didn’t tell her to work on her stitches. He didn’t oblige her to get married at twelve, he didn’t oblige her to marry Erik Ironmaker or Tris Botley. Asha is a wonderful and strong badass lady who is the captain of her own ship, but her father needed only a few words to get her to do his bidding: Euron is Euron, yet Balon sent him away and he had to comply. Maybe he was waiting for the right occasion/right match, maybe he saw her as his precious little princess, the fact is that Asha wasn’t forced to marry at a young age... and this is a good thing from a father-daughter perspective! Balon could have easily named Victarion or Rodrik Harlaw as his heir, but he wanted Asha, his own Ironborn daughter who never disappointed him, as Queen. He had faith in her. This was his plan, until the return of Theon. In all Westeros, a son comes before a daughter and Balon agreed to test his son...
  7. He married well. Also, in ACOK his daughter is in her mid/late twenties and not married, so we can say that he didn’t push her for marriage and grandchildren at a young age (unlike other Westerosi fathers): Asha is daddy’s little girl and Theon is mommy’s little boy.
  8. M: Xhondo B: Xhobar K: Xaro Badass women edition Kojja Mo, Asha, Obara Sand
  9. Mmmmmmmmmmm... M: Olyvar B: Roslin K: Perwyn (ops) H Edition Hodor, Harren Hoare, Howland Reed
  10. M: Tommen when he’s 25 B: Theon K: Thoros Jon Edition Jon Snow, Jon Connington, Jon Arryn
  11. M: Catelyn B: Cersei K: Craster Myrish Edition Taena Merryweather, Thoros of Myr, Serala Darklyn
  12. In Braavos/Venezia! Would you rather participate in a joust or in a mêlée?
  13. M: Ned B: Bobby B K: Jon Arryn Jeyne Edition Jeyne Poole, Jeyne Westerling (wife of Robb Stark), Jeyne Westerling (wife of Maegor I)
  14. A sea captain, in order to travel the world! Would you rather have Hodor or Hot Pie as your new king?
  15. Noble. Would you rather have Honor or Stranger as your horse?
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