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  1. Gingin

    The Frey civil war

    My bet is on Big Walder as the ultimate winner of The Twins. But I won’t object if one of the eldest Frey ladies gets the castle and becomes Lady of the Crossing, thus starting a new era.
  2. Gingin

    Strategic marriage for Catelyn

    I believe he would have killed all the Stark children, but not Catelyn and their own children: trueborn heirs are important. But again, who knows! Well, it would have been a remote possibility, but still a possibility. Besides, the King in the North could have made some concessions in terms of lands and castles. Cersei’s situation was similar to Catelyn’s, but Tywyn wanted her to marry again. Power, money and a strong military alliance are always needed.
  3. Gingin

    Strategic marriage for Catelyn

    Thanks for your post! This is interesting, even if messed up. But Roose could have had a real change of heart with someone like Catelyn at his side... who knows!
  4. Gingin

    Red Wedding/Character deaths?

    I don’t know about Jon, but Sam the Slayer is still alive.
  5. Gingin

    Red Wedding/Character deaths?

    It’s his story. He can do what he wants.
  6. @The Green Bard just kidding I loved reading your posts about the direwolves
  7. Wow, I’ve never noticed that!
  8. Gingin

    Will Sansa learn in TWOW of fArya's marriage?

    But such news could make her snap at him. It doesn’t really matter if she learns the whole truth or only that “Arya” was forced to marry Ramsay, she just needs to know that Creepyfinger was behind this: she will be horrified and worried in both cases. Yes, besides Creepyfinger, the Boltons & Theon, also Jaime and Brienne know.
  9. Gingin

    Drastic or unforgivable acts

    Whatever Ramsay Snow does, both by the standards of the novels and of our world. Now, if he lived in our world, he would be medicated and helped. It wouldn’t be easy to deal with him, though. The thing is that in Westeros, if you are a man like Ramsay who has fun the way he does and you don’t get killed when the enemy defeats you, your horrible acts can be forgiven if you take the black. You have a right to hope. On the contrary, if you are a woman who commits all the atrocities that Ramsay does and you get captured alive by your enemy... well, there’s no possibility of taking the black and I don’t think you are making it out alive. I doubt that the Silent Sisters are an option. By the standards of the novels, probably not. Kinslaying is something unforgivable also in Westeros, but probably the assassination of Cortnay Penrose is accepted there. Here I cannot help but judge her in light of our standards, her age and her trauma. Frankly, I’m not able to think in terms of Westerosi standards, sorry. I agree with you.
  10. Gingin

    Strategic marriage for Catelyn

    Mmm... then if Oberyn+Catelyn had happened, Dorne could have also had an arranged marriage between Shireen and Quentyn/Trystane for more protection.
  11. Gingin

    Strategic marriage for Catelyn

    Thanks for taking part in this discussion! When it comes to a match with Oberyn Martell, I think that Dorne is too far to help Robb. The Lannisters via the Reach could easily punish the Dornish people for this alliance.
  12. Gingin

    Strategic marriage for Catelyn

    Thanks for your answers! Yes, the problem here is Lysa. I wonder if arranging not only Catelyn’s marriage, but also other marriages between Riverlands ladies/Northern ladies (e.g. Wylla Manderly) and Vale lords (and viceversa) could have been useful to put more pressure on her.
  13. In order to help Robb further, what would have been a good and possible match for her?
  14. Gingin

    Creepiest part

    I believe that this thread cannot leave out Creepyfinger & Sansa in AFFC
  15. Gingin

    ASOIAF nicknames: The Sinister Truth

    Listen, I’m not trying to manipulate you into anything and I never implied anything else. And I didn’t write “mayhaps” in my posts, except the use of “maybe” in the one related to nicknames. It makes me sad that I couldn’t make you see this. I wish you a good day (or good evening, depending on where you are).