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  1. Gingin

    Saddest chapters in ASOIAF

    I believe that also this passage from AFFC deserves to be mentioned:
  2. Gingin

    funny or annoying translation mistakes

  3. Gingin

    funny or annoying translation mistakes

    I read the books in English, but according to the first Italian translation the typical hair colour of the Tullys was black...
  4. Gingin

    Languages used in Westeros and Essos

    In Essos there are different peoples and different cultures, therefore there are several languages, such as Dothraki.
  5. Gingin

    This is Lapis Lazuli

    Yes, in the Renaissance it was always used for painting the Madonna’s veil.
  6. Gingin

    A closer look at Roslin Frey

    We know that she’s a maiden: I’ve always thought that Roslin was crying because she knew what was going to happen but couldn’t do anything at all to prevent it, she was probably under death threat. Old Lord Walder insulted the Starks by showing them that he would have given Robb a beautiful wife.
  7. Gingin

    Island lords

    Maybe Sardinian Judicates
  8. Do you have a preferred ASOIAF poison (name, effectiveness, colour,...)? I like the name of Demon’s dance...
  9. Gingin

    Need Help!!!

    Well, Loras is very attractive and she’s a naïve twelve-year-old girl who likes to dream. She’s no Arya. Besides, she didn’t know about Willas. She probably dreamt that Loras could have been dismissed in order to marry her, breaking tradition like Barristan Selmy (she witnessed to his dismissal).
  10. Gingin

    Sandor and Brienne Parallels

    I’ve noticed that currently Brienne has a suitor (Ser Hyle Hunt) and a love interest (Jaime), while Sandor has something going on with Sansa but no known suitor.
  11. Gingin

    Sandor and Brienne Parallels

    Both Arya and Podrick are skinny and underfed when they are found, respectively, by Sandor and Brienne.
  12. Gingin

    Wow, I never noticed that. Vol. 18

    (My apologies if this observation has already been made.) Despite the fact that the forbidden fruit is unnamed in the Bible, the apple is traditionally identified as such and therefore associated with temptation and earthly desires. In the Vale we can find several references to apples. Lothor Brune is nicknamed Apple-Eater because he killed members of House Fossoway, whose sigil is an apple. One of the serving girls is called Mela, which is Italian for “apple”. The servant named Grisel offers a platter with apples, pears, pomegranates, grapes and a blood orange to Littlefinger and Sansa. Also, I believe that Myranda Royce can be compared to an apple, since we know that she is plump and has round red cheeks.
  13. Gingin

    Why did Ned allow Benjen to take the black?

    Don’t we all have that cool young uncle/aunt that we admire? I think it’s simply for plot reasons: Jon had to learn about the NW in a detailed way before taking the black.
  14. Gingin

    Your biggest what if?

    What if Sansa had pushed Joffrey? a) They would have died, he for the fall and she for treason b) He would have survived the fall but become a cripple, Jaime would have had the possibility to think of what he did to Bran ... and Sansa would have died