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  1. allenknott3

    Army Size?

    I had real trouble believing the Iron Islands could hold the Riverlands with only 20,000 men. That would make the North, only double the strength of the Iron Isles. I had read the same thing too but like I said in my original post I don't have access to that source.
  2. allenknott3

    Stark of Harrenhal?

    I was curious to what peoples would think about the idea if things had played out differently if Catelyn could convince her father/brother to give Harrenhal to one of her younger son, Bran or Rickon, Harrenhal once House Whent when extinct? Since it seems from Robert's Rebellion that the North and Riverlands had grown closer together.
  3. allenknott3

    Army Size?

    I was looking for numbers for the total strength or estimate of the nine regions of Westeros, at the start of the War of the Five Kings. We know that Robb led almost 20,000 men south. Renly is supposed to have 100,000 men. The Lannister is supposed to have 35,000 men. But this number is just of the men in the fields. What about the Iron Isles, Crownlands, Dorne, Vale, etc. I had read the military strength page on the Wiki of Ice and Fire and was looking for more than what presence on the page. I know that according to that page, a semi-canon source from 2005, mentioned, for example, the North can field 45,000 men but I can't find a copy of that source for all of the regions i.e. Dorne is missing. Thank!
  4. allenknott3

    How to make a account to edit the wiki

    The link doesn't work. I created an account to be able to edit the wiki but so far nothing. Can someone help me, please?