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  1. Of all the kings and queens of Westeros we saw in the show she was definitely the best imo. I felt for Margaery because she played the game well and only lost because that cult leader had his followers block the door. Unlike others who met their downfalls by letting their guards down or losing a big gamble Margaery clocked quickly that something was wrong with Cersei's absence.
  2. I think it's just down to our subjective stances on power, politics, governance, good and evil. Dany's character has been the benevolent chain-breaking compassionate queen as well as a power-hungry imperialist ruthless ruler and I think these tendencies have just weighed up differently for everyone. Though tbh I find it surprising that some are claiming the latter (negative) aspects of her just suddenly sprung up in season 8.
  3. It's clear you are still projecting and you are under the false impression that I actually care about your guilt.
  4. You are projecting. Why do you and some others feel you have to be at fault in any way is what I'm curious about. There are few characters in GoT to outright love as they are all complex, and some of us saw from the beginning that Dany was one of them. I definitely supported her in the beginning though I saw her saviour complex. This whole 'we are being made to feel guilty because Dany was always a saint and now she's suddenly evil' narrative is very reminiscent of real life of how we turn a blind eye to people's flaws to support them rather than acknowledging these flaws and admitting that we support them in spite of them for xyz reasons.
  5. If you feel guilty for cheering on Dany then you should look at your own morality rather than D&D because as others have rightly said in this thread the signs were always there. If anything I don't think Dany is so different from Stannis, Olenna or Cersei, it's just that she has been so romanticised by viewers, and characters on the show, that her imperialist nature appears more frightful than that of the others, when it's really no different. Dany's goal was to become queen of the seven kingdoms. This was her primary goal always and in season 1 this was very clear to us. She may have broken physical chains but not mental chains and I think this was strategic as it was altruistic. And take note that it was Barriston's counsel that soldiers risk themselves for kings/queens because they believe in them not because they have been bought that made her see that buying the Unsullied wouldn't be enough; she needed their devotion too. By 'freeing' them she achieved this, because really what else would an army who have been trained to kill from childhood do with their newfound freedom than work for a kinda master? My husband has always been suspicious of her white saviour complex and I know others have as well. But I think people's blind love for Dany is reminiscent of how we support western presidents/prime ministers, missionaries and aid workers in real life, working in African, Asian and South American countries in the name of making things better, when really they are securing their own interests and superiority. Dany got rid of slavery in Mereen, which was a good act, but then she made herself queen of the region rather than empowering someone from that region to take control and supporting them to do it. What does that tell you? Dany seemed to genuinely abhor slavery and rape, no doubt because she had been sold and abused herself, and she was willing to fight and take risks to get rid of them but this didn't take precedent over her primary goal of becoming queen. Dany is a great complex character and I think people's reactions to her are very interesting. Some of you feel you are being made to feel guilty but some of us have always found her suspect
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