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  1. They did not say this in the clip i saw, just repeated the words of Sam at the end. Nothing about ancient home.
  2. Mel is an mid-tier character, how can she be Nissa Nissa? I feel the highest probability is that in fact Jon will kill Daenerys, however the circumstances will be different and more nuanced. Dany would not be just an old yeller when she goes. And in the end i dont like this, and i dont see it unfolding in a good manner over 2 books. Also if i have to bet right now highest probability goes to George never finishing even Winds. So we will have the bitter taste of what we saw on screen.
  3. So you mean Jon and Dany read in a book together that he must stab her with Longclaw to defeat the Others and they just do that?
  4. Oh yes Tyrion is a different beast in the books i agree. Two things come to me as i type: 1. GRRM talking how "its all about Jon and Dany" during some of the early seasons shootings. 2. The main prophecy in the books that is Azor Ahai and Nissa Nissa. I mean its hard to dodge this.
  5. Well i dont think they can come up with something like this as end game on their own... they lack imagination for this and in fact to me it sounds like a thing GRRM would do just in more acceptable fashion. And this brings me to the real problem(i dont care about the show anymore) - there are just 2 books to unfold the story... i dont see this happening even if he goes 500k words in each.
  6. Also if we take Bran is king at the end as canon(this is confirmed at least), how do you remove Daenerys from the picture? Who else is a candidate to kill her or we assume there is a happy end for her?
  7. I plan on pirating the documentary for the last episode. I just need to figure out what were those 2 really thinking.
  8. I agree - the way it was presented was ridiculous, however its hard for me to imagine that they invented this by themselves.
  9. bluntt

    Who is Quaithe?

    what do u mean?
  10. bluntt

    R + L = X

    Yes he does: Source: http://georgerrmartin.com/notablog/2019/05/20/an-ending/
  11. bluntt

    R + L = X

    Ok, first question, how do you fight the argument coming from GRRM himself - the show runners correctly guessed who Jon Snow's mother is?
  12. bluntt

    R + L = X

    "Google Chrome is Not Allowed" - wtf dude, and im not using google chrome if you want someone to check your video fix it