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  1. Well my view is different: All of them but Bran can continue house Stark technically. Sansa might be scarred but time heals. Arya could decide to do whatever she wants, she might even come back to Westeros with a foreign man that she loves. Nobody(except for the people who made him do it) knew that Jon is a kinslayer(one of the bigger sins in the world of Ice and Fire) and for the public he just murdered Daenerys, the mad queen, who burned 500k people and basically was a tyrant going crazy with dragon... To me it seems the future of house Stark is very bright... in fact they are ruling over the whole of Westeros(Jon - king beyond the wall, Sansa - Queen of the North, Bran - King of the 6 kingdoms, and even Arya - exploring whats west of Westeros(basically becoming Columbus).
  2. As far as i can see Starks got a pretty happy ending: - Arya doing whatever she want to do - Sansa - Queen also not sure what do you mean by traumatized, she was smiling when Ramsey died - Jon - he counts? - Bran - King robot.. DoS older name was "A Time for Wolves" - so you have to imagine that in general Starks will have a decent finish. Anyway...
  3. s5 was mostly a shitshow s6 was okish mainly because of few episodes s7 was mostly a shitshow s8 was complete disaster, worse than all the 3 before
  4. I completely agree with your statement here. Also i dont see why cant we discuss a ranting video on the season here? After all who cares if its in the episode thread or in the rant and rave thread? Or maybe Dragon you should create a separate topic for your investigations?
  5. So you both agree that there is high probability that Jon will eventually kill Dany?(if we ever get the books written ofc)
  6. I saw your youtube videos and they are impressive. DnD for sure changed lots of stuff in the last possible moment. However the main stroke i.e that Jon will eventually murder Daenerys does seem to be a solid idea, just the path there was wrong. What i mean is - this probably comes out of GRRM himself, those 2 dickheads cannot possibly destroy their money maker for no reason. They were just incompetent and could not build the story in a believable manner so we can actually accept this scene. And with the Winds of Winter getting less likely to come out(not to mention the almost impossible ADOS) im sad again
  7. Huh to me the covid situation was actually a reason for him to sit down and write... basically 2-3 months of isolation - what is better condition for writing and creative work? If he dosnt publish the book this year, he is never doing it.
  8. Not really buying this theory - it just dosnt make much sense - if she wanted to just burn KL she had plenty of chances to do so - the whole season 7 timeline she basically could have burned KL with 0 damage taken from her armies/dragons etc.
  9. I think the facts like: Jon is the son of L+R Bran is king Daenerys goes dark Jon kills Daenerys Will be how the story unfolds in the books as well. Yes of course it will be a nice story(nothing like the show), my problem with it is that i know it will happen now... and im not really sure if i will like a story where i know the ending. Its like a NBA or football game - if you see the score before the game its never the same...
  10. It was strange to not try to include LSH plot line in the show - its such a interesting story line. I wonder who got her plotline resulutions? Arya comes in mind but who else?
  11. Well i dont know... seasons 1-4 were quite ok with George on board. Something drastic happened at season 5, some inertia-good vibes managed to cover it until the end of s6 + some good visuals. In s7 the shit finally hit the fan, but honestly i feel if they did try to make the worst version of s8 on purpose they would not have ended with what actually happened. Literally every episode was bad. I know some of you might say s08e02 was good but thats because it was not that stupid as the rest and you start to think its actually good. Anyway my theory is something major happened between DnD and GRRM - like in major major disagreement, even a "fight". GRRM probably had really strict contract with HBO and them + he is like fame seeker and decided to go with the flow. But i believe GRRMs legacy just took a huge blow... if he dosnt publish the last chapters now the ending from the show will be the only end people will get and... its disappointing - what could have been the greatest fantasy series getting ruined by its TV adaptation...
  12. Interesting - do you remember when that change occurred?
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