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  1. @aeverett I think that like the Starks, the Lannisters have CotF blood (because of the legends about Lann the Clever, the description of most Lannisters, and symbolism). That is where come from their "diluted ability". You can read it in detail here.
  2. I agree, and there is also the story of the Warg King. That the CotF interbred with humans. I take no offense, it's ok if you already knew that. I'm not sure it's common knowledge, though. A Pact sealed with marriages, yes probably. Maybe there have been rapes too.
  3. It is strongly suggested that Jon Snow has Stark blood. And it is said and repeated that : This is the first description of Jon Snow : And this is the first description of the children of the forest : Note that the two quotes are from the very first book. I don’t think the similarities between the two descriptions are a coincidence. I think the blood of the children of the forest flows in the veins of Jon Snow. (And I think the cross-description of Jon and Robb shows the differences between the CotF and the First Men.) To keep this post short I will focus only on the first appearance of Jon, in the first chapter of the first book. [Sidenote : From the second paragraph of this chapter we are introduced to the idea of half-human babies (sired with Others, in this case). The CotF are mentioned two paragraphs later. So it is through Ned that we hear about this so mysterious people for the first time.] Back to Jon Snow. There are two more hints that Jon has CotF blood in that chapter. It is said that the CotF eyes « can see down passages where a boy’s eyes saw only blackness ». Of course there is context : this sentence does not mean that Jon can see in the dark. But I think it is an allusion to the CotF special acuity. It is something you often find in characters having CotF blood. Back to Jon Snow again. It is said that the CotF ears « can hear things that no man can hear ». This is Jon finding Ghost : So here it is. I think that humans interbred with CotF in the past, and that the blood of both peoples has been passed down from generation to generation, to Jon Snow.
  4. Common traits with the Lengii Melisandre has a "voice flavored with the music of the Jade Sea" ; she is "taller than most knights" ; she is "slender" ; she is "beautiful" ; she is a "sorceress". Common traits with the Children of the Forest Melisandre is tall and pale, but like the CotF : she is "slender" , "thinner than Ygritte" ; she is "gracefull" ; she is "beautifull" ; she has "red eyes" like the greenseers ; she has "red hair" like Leaf ; she has a musical voice ; she even has a musical laugh ; she has powers ; she has an affinity for animals ; she seems to have an exceptional longevity. CotF symbolism When Melisandre has a "dappled skin". She often sings. From the very first appearance, she is compared to children. Thanks for reading !
  5. Illustrated version here. The ASOIAF bestiary contains several creatures freely inspired by animal species from our prehistory. The mammoth Inspired by the mammoth, of course. The aurochs Inspired by the auroch, a large wild cattle. (I include the auroch in this list because it is often associated with prehistory, even if it survived in some parts of Europe until the 17th century.) The direwolf Inspired by canis dirus. (source) This species was bigger than the gray wolf. It lived in the Americas and died about 10,000 years ago. The pouch tiger Inspired by the thylacine ? This carnivorous marsupial, known as the Tasmanian tiger, has a striped coat and a pouch. (For the prehistoric XL version look at the thylacinidae family, in particular thylacinus potens, or the species of the genus thylacoleo, known as « marsupial lions »). If I believe it ? 20/20 The tattoed lizard Inspired by theropod dinosaurs ? If I believe it ? 20/20 The wyvern Inspired by pterosaurs ? If I believe it ? 19/20 The leviathan Inspired by the livyatan, a prehistoric sperm-whale ? If I believe it ? 0/20 The idea is attractive, unfortunately this species was only discovered in 2008, long after the release of ACOK in 1999… The leviathan is more likely to be inspired by the sperm whale. If I believe it ? 18/20 Nagga Inspired by a gigantic marine reptile like elasmosaurus or kronosaurus ? If I believe it ? 5/20 Did the Ironborn ancestors observe a sea monster attacking krakens and leviathans ? Possible… Is the legend of Nagga to be interpreted in a more symbolic way ? Probably ! ^^ The unicorn GRRM suggested that in future novels there would be unicorns « of a sort »… (source) We may have already seen one indirectly, in a wolf’s dream. It is likely that the scene is taking place on Skagos. The unicon, inspired by elasmotherium ? This single-horn mammal is a cousin of the rhinoceros, but its appearance would rather resemble that of a horse. It seems that this fascinating creature, known as « giant unicorn », has been around man. Some even believe that it is at the origin of the myth of the unicorn. If I believe it ? 15/20 First downside : elasmotherium doesn’t really look like a goat. But perhaps a wolf, without a better word to describe this animal, would use the expression « an enormous goat » ? The second downside is that the unicorns of Skagos are supposed to be mountain animals…. But elasmotherium is quite well known to the general public and GRRM was nevertheless able to draw inspiration from it. We’ll see. ^^ The lion of the Westerlands Inspired by the European cave lion ? This prehistoric lion, which was probably one of the largest felines of all time, was much larger than the current lion. It is assumed that in winter, he lived in caves to protect himself from the cold. Since GRRM has already been inspired by a prehistoric animal living in North America, the American lion is also a good candidate. If I believe it ? 20/20 The Western Lands do not really correspond to the environment of actual lions. And GRRM declared that lions used to make dens in the Rock itself. (source) Notes : All the images come from Wikipedia (except the elasmotherium artist’s view, for which I did not found a definitive source). We could talk about lizard-lions and panthers of the Summer Islands, and show giant crocodiles and other prehistoric big cats, but it is difficult to link them to a particular species. Same thing for the krakens, for me they’re just big squids…. If you know of any other examples, let me know! There are prehistoric plants or mushrooms in ASOIAF? (I am talking about species that have lived on Earth and are now extinct.) Bonus : the real unicorn of Skagos !
  6. Hi ! I'm a French reader of the series and other GRRM's works. I often read english ASOIAF content, but I'm not so comfortable with writing english. I finally suscribed to present a theory, I hope some of you will enjoy it. Thanks, see you !
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