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  1. I wonder why Jon was so hellbent on saving the wildings at Hardhome. I know it was a humanitarian mission but he had enough to do keeping the Night's Watch together.
  2. <img>http://partycity5.scene7.com/is/image/PartyCity/633537?wid=400</img> Yeah, I didn't really think of hair having a metallic quality but that makes sense.
  3. I'm sure it's been discussed before but honestly, what's the difference between silver hair and grey hair? In the show Dany's hair was that blond that borders on white. Do you think that's accurate?
  4. They shift the focus to a lot of new characters and that can be really distracting but I liked them a lot more on the second read.
  5. Some in the far north, especially the wildings, are living near a stone age level of technology, using stone tools. Some smith bronze but they have to trade or steal for steel and iron. As for salt, they have to get it from food or sea water if they're close enough.
  6. Why do they sometimes say "twenty-five" and sometimes "five-and-twenty"?
  7. Well, I guess I can work with that. Now I need to find some lampreys. Since I'm in the U.S. and I'm near the great lakes you'd think it wasn't hard but nobody sells them. Technically lampreys aren't closely related to eels but more importantly lampreys eat blood, which probably makes them taste much different.
  8. Is there a real world historical precedent for "bedding"? I don't recall anybody explaining the reason for it in the books but I remember Robb explaining it on the show. It's hoped that an heir will be conceived that night and then there will be witnesses that the husband is the father.
  9. In the Chapter The Queensguard Barristan Selmy actually refers to Rezmak mo Rezmak as the perfumed seneschal. That's after Dany is gone and honestly I have trouble with these meereeneese names so I don't remember what he did or if he's still going to do something to her. edit: I guess he could have been responsible for the poisoned locusts.
  10. Any idea how long it takes to become a Maester? I would think it's at least the equivalent of a four year degree, probably longer. But Jon seems to be depending on Sam to come back soon.
  11. Anybody have a lamprey pie recipe? And a good source of lampreys?
  12. I don't remember squares being mentioned specifically. There are just a lot of versions online with squares and hexagons. It might be because of this picture which apparently comes from a Game of Thrones collectible card game: cyvasse I wish George would allow official rules because I love games.
  13. Maybe. I just picture people playing musical chairs as the septon walks from altar to altar talking about the different gods. I compare a sept to a church. Every church I've been in has had bolted down benches with backs. Maybe it was different in medieval times. I'm wondering if maybe there's just one pulpit say between the father and mother.
  14. I know George hasn't made up rules to cyvasse but there doesn't even seem to be agreement whether it's played on a board of squares or hexagons. Why is that?
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