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  1. Finale was great. The scene with Aemond and Luke reads different in the book, but I don't mind it at all. It still feels like Aemond is a malicious person and made his big first kill just to satisfy his ego. Even if it was an accident it doesn't matter, he taunted Luke intentionally. There was 100% intent to harm. I understood there was subtext in the book page that Alicent sent Rhaenyra, I wonder if she was trying to tell Rhaenyra to not take the deal that Otto offered and literally get on a boat with her family and escape Westeros because Alicent knows that Otto would just kill her and her kids even if she accepted the terms.
  2. Otto is just infuriating. I don't like the greens as is, but: - I hate how he invalidates Alicent when she made her stand and he replied to her with " you look like your mother". Like "yeah sweety, whatever, you just go be pretty, that's all you're good for" - Plots behind her daughter's back and behind Viserys while smiling at him and sitting at the king's family dinner table when he was alive. - Basically re-sells Alicent to Larys for information. - Doesn't even give Viserys, "his friend", a proper funeral (who knows they'll just bury him in the style of the faith and not respect Targaryen tradition - I will hate the greens even more if they do this next ep and I already hate them for what they did in the book version). Otto is gross- just really gross. RIP Lord Beesbury and Lord Caswell .
  3. I agree - I think it would have been enough if the "beast beneath the boards" would have applied to Aegon since they got him from underneath the boards of the sept anyway. Just a final shot of him changing his demeanor drunk on his own power would have been effective, I think, and just let Rhaenys escape. Although I took the scene to be a contrast to what Alicent told Otto about "Let them see true Targaryen power" - she's has never seen dragon being used as a show of force so I think in the moment when Rhaenys came up with Maelys Alicent realized what the true power of Targaryen's is, not the sword or the crown or the name or none of that.
  4. Let's say Rhaenyra tells the truth and then what? Rhaenys flies across the sea to drag Laenor back just to find out Laenor is happy with Qarl or another man in complete rejection of Rhaenys' traditions and desires causing more strife, hurt and more rumors. Just leave it alone - some family separations are actually good. Rhaenys and Corlys should have accepted Laenor and stood by him and work out their own succession issues. Dead or alive losing Laenor was Rahenys' and Corlys' doing.
  5. Yeah - maybe they were going for unresolved tension in this episode. Cus as great as the episode was the stress made it hard to watch in a sense. Quite the experience!
  6. RIP Viserys - At least his last memory was of a happy dinner with his family he so loved. But also so sad because we could all see the "beast beneath the board" peaking it's ugly head. Tension was too much. But good on Alicent and Rhaenyra for reconciling (however short-lived). Then -please don't tell me Alicent is going to be seriously consider that her Aegon is the PTWP lol fat NO. Did ya'll hear that short choaking sound after Dyana the servant girl drank the tea - is it because she was crying already and maybe couldn't drink the tea appropriately or was she killled? The fact that she embraced Haleana when she asked for her got me thinking they got rid of the poor girl. RIP Dyana. Also - Talya is Mushroom.
  7. In episode 6 Alicent went alone to see Larys if I remember correctly.
  8. it just occurred to me that there was talk of gold when Daemon was talking to Qarl. I wonder maybe there is a little foreshadow that Laenor will be in business with the Rogare bank (maybe as a partner or investor). That could be a way.
  9. Me too - I'm curious to see how they handle Seasmoke. Not sure how the bonding works or it is a given that the rider must die to disconnect. Either way I hope they make that interesting. I also wonder if maybe they're setting up a Laenor to have hand in returning Viserys 2.
  10. Great set up for all the kids' stories later on. Still though is Daeron in Oldtown or is he cut out of the show? :-/
  11. Did ya'll get the sense that Larys is making moves playing both sides while pretending to be on Alicent's side? In ep 5 when he tells Alicent about Rhaenyra's tea, seemed like he knew that Alicent was weak and feeding her rumours would just push her over the edge and making her vulnerable to bad advise playing on her desperation to save her fam. At the same time he's telling on Rhaenyra to further damage her reputation. Then in ep 5 he kills Harwin who was just about to become a victim of more rumors, his death put a stop on that (b/c out of sight out of mind - it's easier to forget about a dead person) which can somewhat help Rhaenyra gather some strenght while at the same benefiting Alicent by getting rid of Lyonel. He can use this to implicate Alicent if it's time to switch teams too.
  12. This! Also them changing the banner to green just screams theft! I know the surface reason is that it's hard to distinguish banners in battle. But it also sends a clear message of out right robbery. Blacks supporters was probably like that's not the house my ancestors bent the knee to screw that!. That s**t is Hightower takeover. I wouldn't fall for it either and go straight to team black.
  13. I would have liked to know how Crispin got his pass too. I'm assuming that Alicent pleaded mercy and claimed him as his knight and Viserys being weak he just said yes.
  14. After 3 years she still doesn't have clue?? Then the girl is really dim and I don't think showrunners are shooting for dim when it comes to her. She didn't seem to be that ok with going to see Viserys after her father told her to - she kept biting her nails down to the skin because it. That shows at some level she was aware of what was happening. I don't buy that she's been totally unware this whole time or again she's really just unable to think for herself.
  15. It's heartbreaking to see Alicent and Rhaenyra no longer friends. Watching the last ep when she sought Rhaenyra to join the festivities, at first I was a bit disappointed that Rhaenyra dismissed her. But upon rewatch I have to question Alicent's logic here after 2-3 years. Seems like to mend the friendship Alicent would have to tell Rhaenyra the truth, which at minimum would include that she sought the king on the night after Aemma and Baelon's funeral ( hardly forgivable IMO). I doubt that she would go as far as telling that her dad sent her wearing her mom dress because that would expose Otto and would probably get her and her kids disowned since Viserys is growing increasingly mistrustful of the politicking. Is she then hoping to offer half truths to mend the friendship somewhat? I mean Im sure it would make Alicent feel better if her excuses are accepted, but that's just adding selfishness on top of betrayal of trust; which judging by how obvious Otto's ambitions are, Rhaenyra would probably figure out the truth anyway. By this point, I would have expected Alicent to just accept that she won't get that friendship back and leave Rhaenyra alone and just move on as quiet as possible even if that means she starts working with Otto to positioning Aegon as heir (I'd respect her more if she were more honest with herself). I'm liking this predicament in the show more than the book though.
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