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  1. I'm genuinely curious as to the importance that *seemed* to be emphasized on Valyrian steel. Only as far as the show goes though, seeing as how the books aren't finished. It was (to my knowledge of the show) used in an important way twice. The first being that Jon Snow was astonished he could parry a blow from a white walker (lieutenant)? and kill him while the dragonglass seems ineffective on the *big dogs* so to speak. The second obviously being Arya killing the Night King. Now I understand that Tywin was dismantling and re-working the Valyrian steel of "Ice" to symbolize the end of house Stark while simultaneously strengthening house Lannister. I suppose that would be a third use? Nothing really came of that though except of course the swords themselves, which served no purpose other than just being swords with names and knighting Ser Brienne. I guess (again, as far as the show goes) I'm disappointed that nothing really came of all the blades of Valyrian steel once they were all brought together for a last hoorah. Even Jorah who was given a Valyrian steel blade from Sam Tarly only used it to kill the lessers of the walkers, he may as well have had a dragonglass blade for all the good it did him. Same goes for Jon, Jaime and Brienne. Is anyone else feeling like the significance of Valyrian steel was robbed from the show? I only ask this because the battle that built up for 7 seasons was only an episode long and a knife that was designed to kill Bran saved him. It was the only interesting thing about Valyrian steel throughout the entire series that was worth seeing for how significant it seemed... Any thoughts?
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