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  1. Dany was an inbred descendent of the House Targaryen. She had tendencies toward madness, megalomania, paranoia, and like the Mad King, she loved to use fire on her enemies. In the latter example, she is similar to Melisandre, the Red Priestess of the Lord of the Light. Jon did the noble act.
  2. (1) The Lords of the North want to be independent of King's Landing. (2) Sansa may marry. If not, the Lords of the North may want Jon Stark. (3) Remember that Bran the Broken is family to both and full sibling to Sansa.
  3. Sansa did not bow the knee to Dany, period. Varys did commit treason, and The Imp told on him to Dany. Joh committed regicide and got away with it. Life is messy, it is final, and everyone has his or her own agenda.
  4. The northern Lords will not accept The Imp as Sansa's husband.
  5. Life is messy, so defending the ending with "it is real life" is perfectly acceptable.
  6. You all forget that nepotism is the name of the game in life along with power and money. That was exactly what drove the Lannisters as well as the Starks. Jon goes with the wildings to create a new world beyond the wall. Sansa is the Queen of the North. Bran the Broken rules the Six Kingdoms with the support of Sam (Jon's best friend), the Imp, Ser Davos, Ser Brianne, and Ser Bronn. Arya will kill anyone in Highgarden or Dorne as instructed by her siblings. Life is messy and not always consistent, and neither is the ending of the series.
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