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  1. Imagine all the teeth-grinding Stannis would have to do if he was actually married to Cersei.
  2. This forum sure as hell is obsessed with rape. Can't wait for a thread with 300+ replies about a deep analysis on how Bran raped Hodor by warging into him without his consent. Or how Ghost constantly rapes Jon by forcing Jon to warg into him and how Jon struggles to resist.
  3. Ygritte did not rape Jon Snow. Ygritte saved Jon's life by lying to Mance that she and Jon have been fucking for a time as in that was supposed to be proof that Jon broke his oath and is one of them now. Later, she did all she could to seduce him, giving Jon endless boners etc until Jon gave in. No rape.
  4. Honestly, at this point, I'm just so tired of hating and ranting about Game of Thrones... but I'm still not over it, so I come to forums and watch videos about other people ranting... I think only Winds of Winter can cure this wound that D&D gave me.
  5. Personality-wise I'm a mix of Reek after escaping Winterfell and successfully remembering his name again and post-trial Tyrion hating his sister. Appearance-wise I look like some random peasant from the North.
  6. I'm honestly not joking. When they were sending Myrcella to Dorne, Varys wasn't there but Lollys was. In fact, every time we see Lollys, Varys isn't around and vice versa. Moreso, we know that Varys is a mummer and in ASOS Tyrion sees Varys disguised as a fat woman. Only thing that bugs me is that Lollys (actually Varys) got raped like 50 times so Varys' acting skills must be next level or he just enjoyed it.
  7. Lollys is varys in disguise. Didn't believe it at first but can't un-believe this anymore now.
  8. I had no idea people dislike the sex scenes in ASOIAF, then I came here and found out. Honestly, they're not bad.
  9. We don't need to see Bran ruling to see how hard it is to rule, we've seen Cersei, Jon and Dany do that.
  10. Has anybody considered the idea that Bran might become king 40+ years later after the main events in the epilogue? Everybody seems to think that a 10 or 11 year old Bran will be elected new king...
  11. Masha Heddle and her cakes and her smile.
  12. I read the entire grand Tyrell conspiracy multiple times and I just don't believe it. Can someone convince me it's believable? Written text doesn't much support it.
  13. Is that based on Tyrion seeing Varys disguised as a woman in Storm?
  14. This is an interesting theory. I need to re-read Dance as well, I didn't really get the whole Blackfyre thing on my first read, but after reading Dunk & Egg, it really got me in the mood to re-read the series with a new look at things.
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