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  1. I guess it activates the fandom's PTSD that GoT season 5-8 inflicted upon us. A member of the kingsguard just killing the princess's groom's friend in front of literally everyone and then facing no consequences over it does feel like something that D&D would come up with.
  2. I fear it's more of a "I wished I saw a bearded Mushroom on some drums". The show won't have Mushroom, because he is too similar to Tyrion. Shame, because his presence would make the entire show very very different. And the show's Saint Tyrion was nothing like Mushroom/Book Tyrion anyway, so even more shame.
  3. Every episode seems to be about something rather than just checking up different locations and ending the episode with a twist that makes you want to see the next episode, which was the Game of Thrones formula. I've read online that some people mislike the time jumps or the fact that we're in the same place all the time but I feel it gives the show better cohesion, even if it often has scenes that overdo themselves to make a point a la the juxtaposition with the birthing scene and the overly violent tourney. But I really appreciate the show for at least trying to always make some point abut the stories it tells, because even though if doesn't always succeed 100%, it creates discussion about spicy topics such as women's agency, sex, reproductive rights and so on. Like a good fantasy story should be, it uses fictional world to tell us things about our real world, just like ASOIAF does. In it's 8 seasons, Game of Thrones never managed to do that despite GRRM's books giving them everything on a silver platter.
  4. Does anyone else wonder.... that they have cut too much in the post production? I recently saw images of Alicent in his wedding dress and apparently they filmed the Viserys-Alicent wedding but cut it out later. This episode was under 60 minutes long so maybe they cut something from here as well?
  5. Really enjoyed the rats nibbling on the dragon skull and Alicent's ceiling.
  6. I agree that action scenes aren't the show's strongest aspect. First episode had that badly edited sequence of the gold cloaks maiming criminals(?) and now this episode ended with a messy battle. The court scenes own the show at the moment.
  7. I disagree, I think people should be harsh to criticize the show. One of the things that lead to the abysmal last seasons of Game of Thrones was people forgiving the show writers again and again because they believed that eventually things will make sense in some way. No more sunk cost fallacy.
  8. House of the Dragon seems like a show that really loves it's source material but at the same time it doesn't fully understand it either. This is how I feel about it after the first three episodes. They got the hunt right this time - unlike in S01E07 in the original series, the entire court accompanies the king in the hunt, this was one of the things GRRM himself has complained about back in the day when he still did that. But I do not think the white hart symbolism in this episode works very well. In A Game of Thrones, Robert goes to hunt the white hart but the wolves get it before him. This mirrors the image from when Robb and Jon find the direwolf that is killed by a stag. In folklores the white hart represents many different things, including being a messenger from the otherworld. So Robert hunting and not capturing the white hart fits the story thematically very well in many ways. In this episode, the white hart worked thematically well until we actually saw it and then Rhaenyra told ser Crispin to not hurt it.
  9. Also very surprised but also pleased to see that people still care despite the failings of the later seasons of GoT.
  10. The Laena-Viserys scene was surreal, David Lynch could only dream of something like this. A little black girl asking an old white man to fuck her to preserve ancient dragon nazi bloodlines. 10/10 scene, I couldn't stop laughing.
  11. 3/10. The episode wasn't bad at all but it was very boring. It was not a slow burn or a immersive drama, it was just plain boring without a single strong moment for me to hold onto or to praise. I prefer character drama over action but this episode just repeated everything about the characters we already got from the pilot. I'm going to watch it for a second time and hope it will be better then.
  12. GRRM said this in his blog before Fire and Blood was released. Obviously with such heavy bias by maester Gyldayn and the multiple accounts he uses, the show has a lot of creative freedom when it decides how to portray an event or a character. There is no correct way to adapt a character for this show since the descriptions in the book are made by a biased source many years after the characters lived and the events happened. So when the show does something that is different from how Gyldayn portrays it then it isn't necessarily an unfaithful adaptation.
  13. Why shouldn't it be? Rhaegar mentioned a song of ice and fire and he was prophesy obsessed. I do like how this revelation annoys a lot of people who in the past 11+ years have sunk deep into their own personal headcanons.
  14. You know, most people who are against the blackwashing of house Velaryon are committed book fans who are also upset over every other change (no matter how insignificant) from the source material too, like Syrio not being bald or Arya being Tywin's cupbearer. Claiming only racists and trolls have an issue with that is dishonest.
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