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  1. Ygritte did not rape Jon Snow. Ygritte saved Jon's life by lying to Mance that she and Jon have been fucking for a time as in that was supposed to be proof that Jon broke his oath and is one of them now. Later, she did all she could to seduce him, giving Jon endless boners etc until Jon gave in. No rape.
  2. Honestly, at this point, I'm just so tired of hating and ranting about Game of Thrones... but I'm still not over it, so I come to forums and watch videos about other people ranting... I think only Winds of Winter can cure this wound that D&D gave me.
  3. We don't need to see Bran ruling to see how hard it is to rule, we've seen Cersei, Jon and Dany do that.
  4. Has anybody considered the idea that Bran might become king 40+ years later after the main events in the epilogue? Everybody seems to think that a 10 or 11 year old Bran will be elected new king...
  5. I wonder what made them drop the "Tyrion is in love with Dany" storyline. A Jon-Dany-Tyrion love triangle in season 8 - this something so horribly bad I'd watch it just so I could hate it.
  6. Okay, the first sentence of the article is already wrong - the opening sequence of GoT is by far the best opening of anything ever and fans to not "dread"it.
  7. You can actually take any moment from season 2 and say that this is when they started going off rails. I just recently re-read the books and re-watched the series and season 2 is so butchered I find it surprising it never bothered me before. Season 3 is much better adapted, because they split ASOS into two seasons. They should have done the same with ACOC. About 1/3 of ACOC is not adapted at all. I'm not saying one third of the book is changed during adaption, I'm saying 21 out of 70 chapters in ACOC are just left out completely. And the rest is heavily modified for the show. But I do admit that I enjoyed rewatching season 2 as a good television series even now after everything. Personally, what bothered me in the show the most was Robb not becoming the king in the North AND Riverlands. Riverrun, Edmure and Blackfish should have all been introduced in season 1. Instead, Robb spent the first two seasons as a romantic freedom-fighting king (don't even get me started on the war strategies or the war at all) who suddenly in season 3 had to go to his mom's place because grandpa was dead. And now he was suddenly the king to the Riverlands as well. I'm quite sure D&D would have left the Tullys and Riverlands completely out if they didn't like the red wedding so much. But basically yea, I didn't like how they adapted Robb's and Catelyn's storys at all, so for me it started going off the rails in S01E10, I seriously started doubting in it after Jaime raped Cercei and by the middle of season 5 there was no hope left. So when season 8 failed after another fail I was already used to it and it didn't bother me as much as it seemed to bother everyone else who considered season 7 a masterpiece.
  8. I'm reading some comments from season 2 threads and it's so horribly funny how much people defended stupid decisions back in the day. For example, Jaime killing Cleos Frey while he is still Robb's prison. Oh dear how wrong were those guys. I think finding excuses and more excuses was the mistake, if people had shown a little outrage or discontent towards the changes, then maybe D&D wouldn't have been so fucking careless. But no, all D&D heard for 8 years was how big a geniuses they are and then suddenly everyone hated them. edit: the guy's name wasn't Cleos in the show, but was still Jaime's relative
  9. There is some truth in it though. The show was full or flaws and illogical behaviors since season 5, but the mainstream audience only started to notice them in season 8, when the show was nearing the end and it was clear that some shocking plot twist isn't going to fix everything, time's up for that.
  10. The ending of Arya IV in AGOT, after Ned's imprisonment & Arya escaping from Meryn Trant I like the wordplay here - what it literally means, is that Arya is escaping towards the tunnel, which is dark, but if you've read the next novels and you know what kind of turn her story takes, then "Arya plunging deeper into darkness" takes a whole other meaning as well.
  11. Hmmm... Lets see where some of the POV characters ended up in the series. Sansa became the queen in the North. This seems believable, but I am still very much interested in reading her POV-s since everything she did to get there (seasons 5-8) has basically 0% of chance happening in the novels. The Ramsay arc belongs to somebody else and whatever she did in season 6,7 and 8 were so badly written that in no universe will GRRM write stuff like that. In the books, she is still in the Vale and I am very interested in how she takes the North and actually learns how to play the game of thrones. In the show she just got raped and after that she was basically Cercei on brain steroids. So the show hasn't changed my view on Sansa, she still even looks different when I imagine her while reading her chapters. Book Sansa was always different - in the show she was introduced as a rude teen who hated her boring life in the North. Sansa is not rude, she is a lady. Her scenes in season 1 with septa Mordane where she insults her were so off the character. Arya sailed west of Westeros. Okay, believable. But the only thing this tells us, is that she makes the series out alive. We don't know what her endgame in the books will be, but we do know that everything she does after leaving Braavos in season 6 has basically 0% chance of happening. Revenge for Red Wedding is related to the the plot in Riverlands and Lady Stoneheart, not her, so she's not gonna kill the Freys. Manderlys did the Frey Pies so more proof that Arya's further plot in the books wont involve what she did in the show. There is no Night King so Arya can't kill it. So everything between Arya leaving Braavos and sailing west in her final scene is not happening in the books, her plot in season 6-8 s basically fanfiction. We don't know what her endgame will be so I am very interested for the books. Bran became king. Okay this I can not see happening at this point, but if it's gonna happen then it's gonna happen, okay. But again, his road there is going to be different, because his story in season 6-8 can not happen in the books. It is established in ADWD that Bran needs weirwood trees to look in the past - there aren't any in Dornish mountains. The whole "learning about R+L=J" cannot be Bran's thing, it has to come from somewhere else - perhaps from Aero's chapter since he's going to deal with a Dayne. Since there is no Night King, the whole "I'm the memory of this world and he wants to erase it" bullshit won't happen either. We are likely gonna learn a lot about the Others through him, but everything the White walkers are in the show they won't be in the books. They can't be a bioweapon made by the children since the Others came after the war between humans and the children. Bran's story is going to be sooooo different in the books and since it's going to be so different I guess when he eventually does become king, it would make some goddamn sense, unlike in the show. Tyrion ended as the hand of the king. Ok, so he also lives - good to know! In the books he still hasn't met Dany. We know his awful "I drink and know things" ruling in Mereen is not going to happen in the books, so mark season 6 of Tyrion's story as fanfiction. He could however become Dany's hand and he could organize Dany's conquest of Westeros like he does in season 7. But thankfully, in the noverls, he is Tyrion the Imp, not Saint Tyrion the Whore Romancer so I assume it will be very fun to read him advising Dany. IF that ever happens of course, since he hasn't even met her. ..
  12. I wouldn't be surprised, since they planned the epic Arya killing Night King in like 2015 or 2016. Can't wait for the Emmy awards. The D men are very likely gonna win the best writing and their speech is going to be hilarious.
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