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  1. The “First Printing” would be actually the 11th printing. As they changed covers the actual ISBN numbers didn’t change so the printing number continued to go up. I’ve been trying to compile a list of the other covers lowest printing numbers. Here what I’ve seen so far: Game of thrones first state 1st print Second state 1/2nd -3rd printing Third state 4th -10th print (found 9th) Fourth state 11th - 36th printing (16th) Clash of kings first state 1st - 16th (found 11th) Second state 17th - x printing (own 20th) third state 27th - 43rd printing Storm of swords First state 1st - 7th print (found 4th) Second state 6th- x printing own 7th Third state 12th - 27th printing Feast for crows first state 1st - 3rd printing Second state 18th - 25th printing (maybe 4) Dance with dragons First state 1st - 33rd printing
  2. I am looking for any Letter or Numbered matching set for SP or MM. How can I get in touch with sellers listed?
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