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  1. Her confinement in her fathers room wasn't the kings work and in fact Robb dismissed her crime casually on his arrival to Riverrun. Lord Karstark was away in the Westerlands with robb, prey tell how could he have killed Jaime? Do any of you consider sending your mom to a walled town for safety punishment? should robb have taken his grieving mom to battle with him where she would be near useless?
  2. The problem with Aegon is that everyone talks about how awesome he is but we haven't seen anything yet even what happened at Storms end.
  3. Sending her to the silent sisters or having her take a septas vows would have been fair punishment. Killing her would have been foolish because kin-slaying is a massive taboo and you can't have your men think your accursed. Also take her sex into account.
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