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  1. I personally like the last book but I definitely feel that the Meereen plot could have been shorter and less sluggish and still set the stage for Daenarys. He has set it up to make the next book start off with a bang across all fronts but having such a long time between books makes all the cliffhangers more frustrating than exciting.
  2. Hello! I am new to the website so forgive me if this has been brought up elsewhere and I missed it. I'm curious why Viserys and Daenarys of ASOIAF would be under the impression that Targaryens are immune to illnesses. Reading through both companion pieces, it seems that a decent number of Targaryens died of some illness or another, not to mention the girl that died of the shivers and Aegon the Unworthy catching the pox. Their own grandfather died at 37 years old of a short illness that included shortness of breath. I know that Daenarys believes this based only on what Viserys told her but why would he believe that to be true?
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