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  1. I read the first book GoT about 4 years ago and then quit as my wife wanted to watch the series on TV instead. After the series ended I picked up A Clash of Kings and have been enthralled since. I've read the differing opinions of Feast and Dance prior to getting to them, but I absolutely loved Feast and am currently about 200 pages into Dance. Feast was the first time I was finally able to break free of hbo's visual imagery, and the story just bloomed in so many unexpected ways. I loved it. It's important to see Cersei's utter incompetence as a leader and her over confident belief that she is as good or better than her father. It's important to hear about LSH/BwB/Wolves around the riverlands from 3rd party sources. It's important to see Brienne's journey from dense log to finally figuring it out on the noose. It's important to see Jamie keeping his oaths to Cat, and burning Cersei's letter. There was lots of growth in Feast, so much wonderful content. I know what's waiting for me as I continue through Dance, and I'm OK with it. We know what's been pushed out to WINDS, so all this meandering people talk about will all come full circle.
  2. In Jaime's fever dream, the same comments to Jamie made by the shades of the Kingsguard also apply to Brienne. She swore an oath to protect her king, she was a member of the Kingsguard, Renly's throat was slit (and she is blamed for it), and she swore to find and protect Sansa and Arya. She failed the same as Jamie. Their fates are intertwined at this point and I agree something dark is going to happen between them and LSH.
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