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  1. namasikanam

    Who is "the old fraud"?

    In Chapter 31, Melisandre I, Mance said that I'm confused here. Who's "the old fraud"? Qhorin? Mormont?
  2. In Cat of the Canals (p. 721, US Paperback), some sailor's tales are mentioned: "Sometimes she brought back sailor's tales, of strange and wondrous happenings from the wide wet world beyond the isles of Braavos, wars and rains of toads and dragons hatching." Wars and dragons hatching are known to be true, so rains of toads probably do exist either. But I can't search information about rains of toads in the books or Google. What does it mean? When and where did it happen?
  3. In AFFC18 The Iron Captain, Asha Greyjoy said: "I had taken Black Wind around the Arbor to the Stepstones, to steal a few trinkets from the Lyseni pirates." "Steal a few trinkets" indicates that the strength of the Lyseni pirates around the Stepstones is stronger than Black Wind. The most powerful and known Lyseni pirate is of course Salladhor Saan, who styles himself the Prince of the Narrow Sea. As one of Band of Nine, Salladhor Saan has conquered the Stepstones. So, it's also possible he reigns the pirates, especially Lyseni pirates, active around the Stepstones after the War of the Ninepenny Kings. Is there any other clues that indicate it's Salladhor Saan that was stolen by Asha Greyjoy in 297 AC?