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  1. When I read ADWD the first time I found his existence very frustrating. On top of the fact he does nothing interesting in the slightest, he isn't even an interesting character himself. Literally the most remarkable aspect about him is that he's so boring that's how he's described in the narrative on multiple occasions. The second time I read ADWD, I found myself totally puzzled by his existence as a character with a POV. He has nothing to add to the plot, nothing to add to the cast of characters - all of which are infinitely more interesting than him -, nothing to even really offer Daenerys as is made plain when they finally meet. I suppose one could argue he is useful as a way to add to the worldbuilding, but what little his chapters added could have been dripped in through other characters' chapters, and anyway what we learn from him is hardly consequential at all. I suppose we can also argue that he is indirectly responsible for connecting the Tattered Prince with Daenerys' cause, but this could also have been done better and less painfully through other means. That said, even if it couldn't it certainly doesn't warrant him a POV. In fact, if Quentyn had only been introduced when Daenerys met him - only through her POV, without a POV of his own -, the book would have been shorter and perhaps even improved by it. Was I alone in feeling, from the second I began reading his chapters, that he would have very little impact on the narrative, and was therefore not even remotely interested when he finally died? It just felt like a massive waste of my time to read through his chapters, like he was the literal embodiment of unnecessary filler. What do you think is the point of him existing in the story at all?
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