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  1. Little Finger was the most wasted for me. I think he would have played a great role in the politics. But House Targaryen got the worst conclusion to me.
  2. Wondered whose fan favorite character or house sigil was mutilated the worst by the Game of Thrones series as a whole in your opinion?
  3. I was recommended the books first last year and read them non stop and fell in love with this story. I just watched this show last month so I binged watched it and I would say that reading comments and joining the dialogue I realize I am late to the party. Watching it in a binge however made me realize why people took teams or sides when watching this fresh. I didn't get that invested to join squads of proclaimed a house sigil, but it seems everyone suffered in the end, but no more than the last two seasons of this show and indeed everyone character was a mirror of their former selves and became tropes. Thanks for your response.
  4. Sansa character has been convincing everyone she's more intelligent than everyone because Arya said she's the most clever person a teenagers ever met without evidence. She has no respect for anyone's opinions and speaks to everyone in a condescending tone, ungrateful for any help because I wished Dany took her army and leave the xenophobic, rascist, contradictory North to go back to Essos. I believe Jon was correct in season seven and eight to not trust Sansa who never trust his leadership or supported him ever. She has treated him as a bastard like Catelyn did and hated him. Bigger question is she didn't even fight for the North like Dany did risking it all by even picking up a sword, in which she hid even when Jon said every woman and child should train against the Night King and his forces? That scene to claim Northern independence made me cringe so hard because the claim they suffered the most is ludicrous? Everybody has suffered and who judges one over the other? Yara lost her whole family, Dorne lost their whole family, Robin of the Vale lost his whole family, Gendry never had a chance of family and goes on and on but the North suffered the most so they get independence. Let's not mention that some of the suffering the North endured is by the betrayal of other Northern houses. How do we know this is the sentiments through all the Northern houses that th st want a queen to rule them when most of their leaders are dead by following the Starks? Whatever!
  5. And in the end did the Northmen needed to rest when it was a one sided one person attack defeated Kingslanding? The North for all their claims of being wronged by everyone sure need everyone to aid them. Plus, how will they build and trust one another remember they betrayed one another?
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