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  1. I really really enjoyed that whole series. One of my favorite new authors.
  2. I never said it wasn't important , I wouldn't think it is the only deciding factor in who leads. The most powerful may also be the most incompetent leader. The Amyrlin is chosen by the hall. So their leadership is not based just on who is most powerful. You seem quite cynical about any leadership. I have experienced good and bad leaders on jobs and other places.
  3. Got it. Maybe I just preferred thinking ability in the one power wasn't the most important factor in their fickle hierarchy.
  4. That's about right for quite a way into the series from my recall. His emotional advice seems to be: be tough and get over it.
  5. I thought even before stilling she wasn't particularly powerful, but I could be misremembering. Yes, ter'angreal makes sense. Can't take away Rand's re-discoveries!
  6. I haven't been around...busy busy busy. I thought the actor portraying Matt was doing well. Reminds me of all the different Gregor Clegane's already.
  7. Maybe this was discussed, but wasn't Siuan relatively weak in the power? Also, did Moiraine make a gateway to visit Siuan?
  8. Not really. The taint affects all male channelers. Plus, the Dragon Reborn could have other issues from being "reborn."
  9. Very excited for wrestling. Freestyle heavyweight looks amazing. Have seen the U.S. representative since he was an eight grader and he is an athletic freak. Back flipping heavyweight: Some studs from Georgia and Russia. Should make for an awesome tourney. A lot of very stacked weights especially since the Olympics cut back to only 6 freestyle men's weights (a travesty). No knock on other sports but Phelps can compete in half a dozen or more races himself and only 6 individuals get to compete total for a country in men's freestyle wrestling (or Greco Roman).
  10. So when I have leftover chili I make a form of Huevos rancheros. I don't think that is really what I am making but it is fucking delicious, I make a cheese quesadilla and top it with the chili, cheese, salsa verde, onions, sour cream and a couple fried eggs. If I really go all in crispy fried tater tots make this even more awesome.
  11. I grill salmon quite a bit. Soy ginger is a great flavor with salmon in my opinion. I go directly on the grill surface all the time. I don't know if your salmon is somehow too lean or something? Very rarely too dry unless I do accidentaly overcook it. You can always add a bit of sauce shortly before removing it from the grill too. If baking tilapia I think butter is your friend IMO (almost like a scampi). I have not noticed an issue with being partially submerged. I often grill tilapia as well directly on the grill. Just have to be very careful as I am sure you know it isn't a very firm fish. Tilapia is sort of like chicken breast, can flavor however you want as it has minimal flavor itself. I am certainly no expert on any of this...maybe one will weigh in.
  12. This sounds good. I love making soups and don't think I have had asparagus soup before. One of our favorites here is cabbage and sausage soup (then maybe ham and bean). They are different every time depending on what I have laying around. One of the great things about soup. Venison fajitas last night. Grilled pork tenderloin tonight and Brussels sprouts.
  13. Second shot kicked my ass a bit (Moderna). Good day: fishing, family, food, lake, beer
  14. I like the slow cooker for convenience on things like that, especially for chicken parts. Good if you can fry in a pan first to get some browning or back/broil/grill before eating if it isn't cooked till it falls apart I think.
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