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    No Order: Books in series often mush together for me so hard to pick one. Shogun, James Clavell All Quiet on the Western Front, Remarque Midnight Tides, Erikson (which is weird since I quit the series about book 9) Use of Weapons, Banks Of Mice and Men, Steinbeck Song of Ice and Fire (no idea which) Saxon Tales, Cornwell (like the show very much too) The Thousandfold Thought or The Darkness that Comes Before, Bakker The Name of the Rose, Umberto Eco Heroes Die or Caine Black Knife, Stover The Walking Drum, Louis L'Amour The Count of Monte Cristo, Dumas
  2. Why do you watch if you rate 8 of the 10 episodes a rating of 1? If I hate something that bad I stop watching.
  3. Hmm...I found the episode kinda boring. The king in the north scene seemed ridiculous.
  4. Bolton's army was not by the trees. The other points may work, but have nothing to do with surprise, as you said. I don't know that they think very creatively with their battle tactics. But Wun Wun was horribly utilized. As they pretty much were by the wildlings as well, whom had known/used them for a long time.
  5. How do you surprise someone with a giant? Being a giant doesn't really scream surprise. Also, Jon Snow was never trained in use of giants on the battle field. I too wanted to see Ghost tear Ramsey from his horse. The biggest disappointment on the show for me is the lack of and worthlessness of the direwolves. Shaggy Dog went down off screen?! They could have at least said something like he killed a dozen men capturing Rickon. I believe it was an intentional confusing mess when Jon was almost crushed in the pile. C'mon, rules of travel and logistics don't exist on this show. What do you mean by too predictable? If the shield wall is facing away from you it is a pretty good idea to charge their unprotected rear. My biggest problem was Jon being an idiot yet again. His sister begged him not to do what Ramsey wants him to do, and he is enticed to do just that. Are they trying to make the case that Sansa will be a much better ruler? At the very least it would be nice if Jon could at least be a good commander. I kept hoping he had something up his sleeve, but no, he just charged in a mad rage.
  6. That is one of the best battles I have scene on screen...
  7. After this episode I was just thinking how they must be sick of dealing with wolves. But who needs wolves for defense when you have exploding rocks?
  8. I read the Hawkwood series a long time ago and I really liked it, although there were some parts that could have used some editing. It sounds like the omnibus reworked some of the areas that needed reworking. I haven't gotten around to the third Macht book. They were a bit dreary and didn't spark my interest as much.
  9. Been really hard to get much reading done with two little boys under 20 months.  I have always wanted to read Parker, but my TBR pile is huge.  Is there a good starting point or just grab whatever strikes my fancy?
  10. Yup, just when I start to have a bit more respect for show Stannis...
  11. Totally. That was sooooo fucking depressing, disgusting, traumatizing. I knew the Red Wedding was coming, all along here I was hoping for something ridiculous to happen. The old gods could have a weirwood fall on that sick motherfucker. Bran could use his "magic" to somehow make him drop dead. Theon would valiantly strike down that fucking piece of shit. I don't care how unrealistic any other resolution would be, but I don't really want to watch a show where this shit happens anymore. Hasn't she suffered enough? That was so gross... I am a little late to the party, just having watched it this morning, but I could give a shit less about how the rape was depicted. The fact that it happened is horrifying enough.
  12. They have a large stockpile of weapons to use on beasts that have not been seen for hundreds of years? It is not like your average archer can just knock an arrow and fell one of those humongous bastards.
  13. Lions is the only GGK I have read and I liked it but was not that impressed. I do have Under Heaven on by TBR pile though.
  14. So he wasn't any good? He thoroughly whipped one of the best warriors in the Seven Kingdoms. Oberyn died because he got too close to the strongest known man in the Seven Kingdoms as he lay dying due to wounds inflicted by Oberyn. So I really don't understand how Oberyn was not as good as he thought? Did you watch/read the same fight? The Mountain was pinned to the ground with Oberyn's spear through his chest. He lost because he tried to elicit a confession implicating Tywin instead of just finishing off the Mountain or staying another foot away during his interrogation.
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