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  1. Remember, on the show Tyrion gets to do everything good and cool.
  2. So intrinsically wrong it deserved cheering for being stabbed in its pregnant belly? Maybe partly since my wife is pregnant right now, I find cheering that really really disturbing.
  3. Have heard from a few people that the Greatjohn had a falling out with the producers or something and that is why he is no longer on the show.
  4. Nazi book purist upset the color of someone's napkin was wrong.
  5. LS is horrible in the books. I would certainly be fine without her.
  6. Agree with Lord Elrosir's response almost completely. I thought this episode was spectacular.
  7. You don't think that has anything to do with the fact that you know it is coming this time? Maybe Rosalind doesn't know on the show? I would actually like that change.
  8. A few points for that? Seems harsh for a great episode if changing such minor items takes you from a 10 to an 8?
  9. This was phenomenal. Every scene was worthwhile. It was anticlimactic knowing what would happen, but how can that be helped? The entire episode was extremely well done. Walder Frey could not have been played better.
  10. 10 best episode of the season. Not a single scene felt contrived or unnecessary.
  11. How was he wrong in saying that Robb was killed by the Freys plotting with the Lannisters? Cause he forgot to include the Boltons? EDIT: And this thread has BOOK SPOILERS in the title. I think them reading that Robb is killed would already have spoiled them.
  12. I agree. That scene was done very well for how the show is. Show Tyrion is a much more beloved character than book Tyrion and Sansa's situation may be forgotten from when she used to be Joff's torture pet. If the scene was done like the books she would seem far too bitchy.
  13. So far, Tyrion is pretty much the hero of the show. I really dislike him in the books. Gave this episode a 7, worst of the season IMO and I usually like slower paced shows.
  14. He is still with them right now, but goes to Skagos with Asha (who I don't really like).
  15. It was not live or onscreen in the books though.
  16. Pretty sure it is at least somewhat common as is valar dohaeris.
  17. Duh! I was thinking she saw all the people she was going to kill in her eyes, but that makes way more sense.
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