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  1. I still think that Tyrion's whitewashing is much more severe and I will be extremely surprised if he kills Shae.
  2. You may be right about them taking some of the mystery out of those three. But maybe not everything is as it appears on the show? So far it looks like Margaery is making all nice with her king. I don't think watchers could expect the Purple Wedding at all.
  3. Yea. It would help if they didn't make Tyrion SOOOOOOOOOOO much more lovable in the show.
  4. Was a little slow for a while, but the last three scenes were fantastic. Almost had a nerdgasm during Unsullied scene. I gave it a 9.
  5. I know what kind of shallow bitch doesn't love a twisted perverted member of a family who murdered her father and many of her friends, wars with her brother, and holds her captive?
  6. She had a scene where she was informing Varys, her tits weren't hanging out so maybe you didn't recognize her.
  7. I think this works even better. They just got her hopes up for the best possible thing and they will come crushing down on her when she has to marry Tyrion. Plus they don't have to introduce another character for the show. I was just talking to my sister-in-law who started watching since they are taping it for me and she had no idea that Stannis, Robert, and Renly were all brothers.
  8. I assume that is the inn where the Hound brought Micah back dead on his horse and Ned was forced to kill Lady. I actually thought this scene was fine and I have found most of the sex scenes pointless so far. I have said for quite awhile that show Tyrion is far more likable than book Tyrion. ???? Um ok. I found the little torture shown so far to make me turn my head away and reading it in the book I felt horrible for Theon, even if he was a snake. I sincerely hoped for some redemption for him.
  9. To possibly have a decent explanation for how he ends up on the other side of the Wall after Jon goes over the top.
  10. Wait, what? He should not even be shaking when he is chained with a knife to his eye?
  11. I guess I am an idiot then, because I don't like Stannis' portrayal in the show. He is probably the character whose show characterization I dislike the most. Also, he seemed rather lustful for just wanting to make a shadwobaby. Mel completely gave him the cold shoulder when he tried to cuddle her. Otherwise I thought this episode was pretty great. Maybe Ghost separated from Jon so they had a better explanation of how he makes it to the other side of the wall when Jon goes over the top.
  12. I actually thought I was starting to misremember this. I didn't have enough confidence in my memory to say it.
  13. Technically a raven is a crow (pushes nerd glasses back up on bridge of nose) HOY-MAN.
  14. People keep confusing "not loving" and "praying for him to die" as being the same thing.
  15. They can still point this out in the future if they want. Something where someone, maybe even Brienne, is mocking him with the fact that she appeared to be rolfstomping him and he can respond with the fact that he had been starved and imprisoned for how long.
  16. I know and in the next breath I will hear someone complain about the show not being subtle enough or treating the audience like idiots.
  17. I am not saying the fight was good, but it should be pretty damn obvious he is in manacles and they are a big handicap.
  18. I am not sure her attack of jealousy was supposed to be convincing. I think she was just playing with him. She is giving him a BJ 12 seconds later so... I would agree with the lack of drama, but having read the books I don't know how much drama there ever really is for me on the show.
  19. This is kind of what I thought. Do they also need to tell the show watchers that it is more difficult to fight in manacles against a superiorly armored foe as well? I actually quite liked this episode, better than the first one. I don't really get the outcry about Catelyn, but I have never liked her anyway. The show has been much kinder to her than the books so far.
  20. My thoughts on the change were to create more drama for the surviving Nights Watchmen to make it back to the wall, otherwise no one knows what is really going on. I do think they make Littlefinger much more clearly an all around dirtball in the show. Just as they have made Tyrion WAY more sympathetic. I gave it an 8. I thought it was a decent intro to the season. The giant looked awesome (could have been a bit harrier though). I thought it was a great move to not make Selmy disguise himself as Arstan.
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