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  1. I pretty much agree with this from what I remember of the book (read it half a dozen years ago). To date, it is the only GGK I have read, but really look forward to Under Heaven, which is waiting on my pile. EDIT: Punctuation (that is still poor)
  2. I hated Catelyn in the book and though she was a selfish idiot. In the show I think she comes off as way more intelligent and capable. But whatever. With the killing of most of the 13 in Qarth it makes me wonder if they are going to try and speed up Dany's storyline. Why else would they need Xaro to have more power than he does in the books? Maybe they are just doing it for fun but it makes me wonder about their plans for the future. IMO there are certainly other threads that could be streamlined from the books, particularly from AFFC.
  3. Totally agree. They came back the right size but basically unidentifiable. Why would Theon make them unidentifiable if he wanted to be able to prove he captured them? Oh yea, because he didn't actually capture them he just found a couple other right-sized boys whom he could maim until no one could identify them and he could claim he found and killed Bran and Rickon. ETA: Also, as the Maester says, the boys are worth a hell of a lot more to Theon alive than dead. Why would he kill his only valuable hostages? They pissed him off? He's not that stupid.
  4. The show continues to make Catelyn a much more intelligent, rational, likeable character. They have now stripped her of most of her blunders from the book (other than capturing Tyrion on LF word).
  5. I was totally thinking the same thing for both of these. Was just waiting for some Ghost on Wildling action.
  6. In what world is a woman birthing a magic shadow monster assassin not weird?
  7. Your that worried about Ned's bones? I am pretty sure they can still get lost when Catelyn gets killed and unkilled or whatever. I think they spent time because, as LF said it was Tyrion's way of showing good faith. He gave her this without anything from her. She can still decide to do something or do nothing. It was another way to show how vastly superior Tyrion is at working with, understanding, and manipulating people than his relatives in Kings Landing right now.
  8. I liked last weeks episode better. But so far I have liked this season better than the first one.
  9. What no talk about Xaro? I thought he looked a lot different than his character from the books, but this would be a change that I would not mind seeing. The confrontation in front of Qarth seemed forced and kind of awkward. Wish Catelyn would have just stabbed LF though. That would have been sweet. It seems like I have heard a lot of revisionist complaining about how hated Catelyn is by readers, as in, some people apparently like her in the books. I continue to say the HBO series makes her way more likeable than the books. And now they just gave her more of an out for her biggest, boner from the books releasing Jaimie.
  10. I would say that most people would probably describe me as a manly man and I am definitely an American. If I am around my wife I will comment whether or not I think a guy is attractive, but you are right around other guys I would probably not make the same comments that I would when alone with my wife or around other women.
  11. I am disappointed that Renly in the series is so stereo-typically gay. I was more impressed with him in the book than in the HBO series. I think he should have been more masculine in the show. He should have been bigger and badder, but still gay. In the show who would want to follow him? Remember he has an older brother, even if no one likes him, they would follow him over someone whom they have no confidence in militarily.
  12. Was Margeary Tyrell this politically savvy in the books? I though she was a little more innocent but in the series she is pretty damn straight forward and intelligent. I know she has a wicked good conniving grandma but I never got the impression she was in on the Tyrell plotting. Is she going to become Joff's poisoner? This episode probably deviated the most from the books so far and I wonder if that won't be a continuing trend.
  13. The spear has been around for hundreds of thousands of years. It is one of the oldest weapons humans have used. You guys kind of make it sound like they just decided a spear would be a good cheap weapon for untrained warriors. It is probably the oldest hunting weapon other than rocks or knives. But maybe you guys are talking more about its use in warfare rather than its "invention."
  14. No,we need more of them in this world, particularly my wife.
  15. I thought he had a great reason for doing this. Unless I missed something he had just told his mother he had 18000 men, the scout thought he had at least 20000. Misinforming your enemy is a good enough reason to let a scout live. If their other scouts can't find an army that large they are terrible. Also, the message he sends reinforces Tywin's thoughts that Robb is a green boy who will not strategize but will just come charging into a fight he will lose and then go home. Edit: Sorry as a I read more of the thread people already answered this statement with similar responses.
  16. One of the best episodes so far. Dance is awesome as Tywin. How you imagine a character should not have a siginificant bearing on how much you like them.
  17. wolverine

    Guy Gavriel Kay

    I only read Lions and thought it was decent but it was not engaging enough for me to pursue any of his other books. Under Heaven sounds very interesting to me though. He does seem to have a lot of Mary Sue's though, and after getting used to Martin, Abercrombie, and others it makes them harder to swallow.
  18. I found this book to be better than average, but not ground shaking for me. It was a solid read, but it did not compell me to read anything else written by GGK. I can't really explain why I did not like it more, but I just thought it was a good book, nothing great.
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