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  1. What would you do if you were inserted into Robb Stark on the Eve on the Red Wedding since you are already at the twins?
  2. Was Rodrik Cassel a senile/unfit master at arms since Theon mentions that he old and his wits are partly gone and Rodrik Cassel himself says that he cant provide security for lady Hornwood when she hints about remarriage? An example of his senility is leaving Winterfell and specially Brandon and Rickon barely defended and taking most of the available men to fight ironborn https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Rodrik_Cassel
  3. How many of the Vale lords do Baelish really control with Blackmail,threats,bribes,debts, manipulation, promises.....?
  4. The Starks could offer the castles to second and thirds sons of noble houses (specially riverlands,vale,reach)from the south as long as they agree to be loyalty to Starks first become their southern family with condition that they garrison and pay for its upkeep
  5. The end game is to populate those lands and protect those lands from ironborn and as a side effect help the north if it becomes independence
  6. All the medieval castles of Wales are transported fully repaired to peak condition and spread out along Stony shore and all the medieval castles of Scotland fully repaired to peak condition are transported and spread out along Flint fingers and as extra the Stony shore and Flint finger become farmland four times as fertile as the most fertile land in the Reach Peak condition mean made of stone and upgraded to around 1300-1400 castle fortifications https://www.historic-uk.com/HistoryMagazine/DestinationsUK/CastlesinWales/ https://www.historic-uk.com/HistoryMagazine/DestinationsUK/CastlesinScotland/
  7. Assuming the blackfish or someone else with strong charisma try to rally the smallfolk and noble houses of Riverland specially those who don't have family member held hostages by freys/lannisters,how many men could that person or persons rally from the Riverlands ? It seems the Blackfish was able to rally hundreds of men to retake and hold Riverrun as seen in the parley between Blackfish and jaime in gane of thrones episode
  8. Realistically how many men could the Riverlands by itself raise raise post red wedding under the freys or under house baelish depending on book or tv or under house tully if it regained its position as lord paramount somehow?I hear it mentioned in fics from a few thousand to 10-15 thousands ?
  9. How many horseman do Lannisters/Freys enemies need to have successfully charge a enemy camp during the first or second siege of Riverrun since in both ocassions the sentries seem to be asleep as shown by Robb overrunning the Lannister forces sieging Riverrun and Jaime Lannister was annoyed in the game of thrones episode when he arrived with Lannister reinforcement and found they Freys did not have any sentries watching their backs and he had been a enemy he could have easily defeated the forces sieging Riverrun?
  10. Would it be Have been considered a diplomatic incident between Robert government and the sealord if the targaryens haven attacked and/or killed and their killers caught and identify as sent by Robert or one of Robert main supporters like Tywin while Targaryens were under sealord or bravosi protection or at least residing in bravoss?
  11. Which fictional character good guy or villain would makes the best chief of intelligence for ned stark if he wanted to chose a loyal Northern version of master of whispers specially to match wits with people like baelish or varys and monitors vassal like Bolton or prospective enemies like Tywin lannisters or cersei lannisters ? https://www.ranker.com/list/most-manipulative-movie-characters/anncasano https://crimereads.com/fictions-most-manipulative-masterminds/ https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_fictional_secret_agents
  12. What could the Night's Watch do with a million gold dragons gift in 284 since it's helps to refurbish their castles,update their weapons and proper supplies for the black brothers but no sure how it helps with manpower problems ?how will it affect the fate of the Night's Watch with the free folks attack the wall and against the threat that leading the Night's Watch to flee South?
  13. Realistically how many gold dragons would the Stark income be in taxes and other earning from their lands/trade and vassal's each year and how much of that do they spend in maintaining winterfell as well as cost of staff,Garrison's and other cost of a medieval ruler like paying kings taxes?
  14. Who was historically the best lord Paramount of each kingdom? Example North:Cregan Stark Reach:Leo Tyrell
  15. Which of the best real life historical politicians of Realpolitik if inserted into Ned stark just after Robert rebellion would strengthen the North as well as secure house Stark position and survival in the game of thrones? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Realpolitik
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