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  1. How could Hoster Tully had improved the Riverlands when he was was lord paramount of Riverlands making them more powerful economically and militarily?
  2. Could the Riverlands had rivaled the Reach in terms of men or wealth if it was united like The North or Western lands under a strong leader and more centralize doubling the size of men able to be called up to 60-80k at least?
  3. Why does Ned Stark tolerates out of shape guards like fat tom or Alebelly in his personal guard since they are responsible for his family protection as well as the defense of winterfell not to mention make house stark look bad since the Stark guard needs to be the best of the warriors of the North?
  4. Was pycelle poisoning the Targaryen royal family since Aerys wife had trouble having child once Aerys become king and Elia had trouble having children and both were under the care of Pycelle as grand maester?
  5. How much is a million gold dragon worth in terms of how much food(bushels of wheat,sheep,cows.......) could be bought,how many men could be armed,paid,supplied with a million gold dragons,how many large castles/fortress could build,how large of a navy could you build?
  6. How much of the gold cloaks leadership would have need to be replaced to remove baelish/Lannister influence ?
  7. Why are they not major defensive castles near Southern borders in Riverlands since the Riverlands should have several border castle since has always been a combat zone in any wars to slow down armies by forcing them to siege the catles
  8. Is Illyrio Mopatis as rich as the Lannister or Tyrrell?
  9. How many men did Edmure inexperience/incompetence lost before Robb arrived? I'm guessing up to 5000 in the battle of the golden tooth and possibly 10-20000 in the battle of riverrun as well as the difference skirmish/battles before the battle of riverrun, unknown number of garrison troops of riverlands castles the Lannister captured/sacked and unknown number of potential troops lost due to mountain raids and refugees fleeing the raids
  10. What would the gold cloak performance in battle of of blackwater be like with slynt and officers still in charge?let's say Tyrion never replaced slynt and his handpicked successors or his arrest of slynt is countermanded by Cersei with baelish support
  11. Could Lord hornwood have been secretly murdered by Roose Bolton's during the battle of the forks and blamed on the Lannister leaving hornwood with not legal heir except for Beren Tallhart a son from the previous lord hornwood sister or a bastard son from the previous lord hornwood?
  12. What if Tywin killed or at least gravely injured so he out for at least 6, months to a year in early part of war of five kings (before or during Battle on the Green Fork ) by a random arrow/crossbow bolt?how would it affect war of five kings?
  13. Did house Ryswell and Dustin no sent any troops to help sir Rodrik retake winterfell from greyjoys due to treason or dislike of Stark's?
  14. How strong was house manderly militarily after they sent forces south with Robb Stark in comparison to house Bolton since Ramsay was no afraid of attacking hornwood lands since he should have realized that would cause house manderly to intervene since the dowager lady hornwood was a manderly?
  15. What if Robb Stark had had named lord Rodrik Ryswell as regent of the North while he matched south to have his father released?would the Ryswell/Dustin still betray starks and support the Bolton's?
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