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  1. How strong was house manderly militarily after they sent forces south with Robb Stark in comparison to house Bolton since Ramsay was no afraid of attacking hornwood lands since he should have realized that would cause house manderly to intervene since the dowager lady hornwood was a manderly?
  2. What if Robb Stark had had named lord Rodrik Ryswell as regent of the North while he matched south to have his father released?would the Ryswell/Dustin still betray starks and support the Bolton's?
  3. Why did Blackfish after the Red wedding not rally the Riverlands houses not affected by Red wedding in terms of hostages and make himself lord protector and regent of Riverlands against Freys/Lannisters
  4. Realistically what would had happened if Walder Frey had died just before or just after red wedding since there a lot of Freys who are interested in becoming the new lord of the twins due to the Walder Frey having a lot of kids and then his kids having kids and marrying into different noble families around westeros who would push for their Frey relatives to be the new lord Frey
  5. How much support would the starks and Tully's have in the Riverlands from it's lords and snallfolks if tywin had not ordered the Riverlands pillaged/burnt and instead invaded under strict orders to his troops not to pillage/rape and only attack actual soldiers/levies who oppose them making it clear that his invasion was to punish house Tully for Tyrion kidnapping and to secure it for the King This means that the Riverlands are caught more unaware since there no mountain raids to alert them and cause them to raise their banners and may cause many of the Tully banners stay neutral or even support Lannister if they see that it benefits them
  6. How many men/garrison would Sir Rodrik have needed to stop the Bolton-Manderly war over claims to the former hornwood lands /castle and keep the peace since OTL he claimed that he did not had enough men to keep the peace between the Bolton and manderly over who the rightful claimant
  7. How dangerous would wildling be if they were armed with castle steel weapons instead of their OTL weapon against northern men at arms or even southern knights and men at arms?
  8. Who would Ned stark give house Bolton lands/holdfast/dreafort and vassals if house have gone extinct before war of five kings?
  9. How split was the Riverlands military strength during Robert rebellion since several house supported Aerys/Rhaegar over house Tully order of neutrality?
  10. How powerful/rich was house Darry before Robert rebellion since. It seems that it could possibly rival house Frey?
  11. How hard in terms of manpower and resources and how long would it take to siege the twins if fully garrisoned successfully?
  12. How rich are the Leffords since they control golden tooth and have their own gold mines?
  13. Could the Riverlands be invaded by Westernlands if they controlled Golden Tooth?
  14. Would the freys had supported the Tully's against lannister in war of five kings if Hoster not sick and is in charge of Riverland defenses instead of Edmure meaning the Riverlands armies don't get defeated as easily or would they still delay their support still Robb army arrive or still there a clear winner between tullies and lannisters?
  15. Why was winterfell never rebuilt and garrisoned after sack of Winterfell since it does not make sense that Robb allowed Winterfell to remain a ruin and not had it rebuilt and have a strong garrison specially since it's his family castle and key to his legitimacy as lord and king of the North?
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