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  1. What should Ned Stark have done as hand to secure his safety as well as do his job as best as he could?
  2. Why did edmure tully never married still the red wedding considering he was the only male heir with tully name to the tully lands and tittle if you don't consider the blackfish someone who never seem to want to get married.if I understand correctly noble families in westeros prefer if the lands and tittle stay in main branch and edmure and the blackfish are the last male tully both. but edmure specially should have been married as soon as he became of age to continue the tully line because if edmure dies the tittle and lands goes to blackfish and if he does not have any kids the tittle goes to stark family or the arryn family since they are the nearest claimants from female line
  3. How could Tywin and Jaime manage yo conquer riverlands so fast considering they had to siege castles as well as defeat riverlands lord.the riverlands lords are a bit easier to defeat since they are not united and split all over the riverlands but the castles should had delayed tywin or force him to leave troops behind besieging castles while he focus on defeating tully and it's vassal forces that are out in the field
  4. What would you do as Aerys II the mad King if you end up in his body the day you receive the news that Rhaeghar is dead and his army destroyed and not knowing if you can't trust Varys and aware that pycelle is a traitor and that both Rebels and Tywin are after his head and anyone named Targaryen. remember that the Reach army still in the field and that you still can raise a few more troops from the crownlands and fight it out or just flee to Essos with family and some loyal retainers also what to do about lyanna and Kingsguard
  5. What if during the fight against Kingswood Brotherhood Jaime is killed or badly wounded,let's say he lose a hand or a leg how would this change westeros?
  6. What if Rhaella targaryen survived birth and was captured by Stannis but Viserys and Daenerys escape and Robert decides to marry her to Benjen stark to make up for the death of Richard and Brandon as well as the kidnapping and death of Lyanna and end up having at least 1 male kid with Benjen stark and at least one female kid how does that change westeros
  7. Looking for names of Targaryen loyalist who survive Robert rebellion and avoided the wall.
  8. Tywin is considered one of the most ruthless men in the world of ASOIF destroying two of his rebellious vassals and organising the red wedding that killed/captured most of the north/riverlands leadership that was at war with him by breaking guest rights.i was wondering could he had been ruthless enough to commit patricide and kills his father tytos to end what he believes a unfit rule that destroying house Lannister power and position as Lord Paramount of the west and Lord of Casterly rock blaming the death on depression/sickness
  9. What if Tywin men specifically the Mountain and Lorch was unable to breach the red keep during the sack of Kings Landing (pod: Aerys in his madness reinforce the red keep with loyal men and manage to seal off the red keep before twyn men manage to reach red keep) ,what happens to Tywin and rebels since they can't capture red keep assuming Jaime prevent wildfire plot and kill Aerys making Elia regent
  10. What if Aerys had instead of burning Brandon ,his companions and Rickard stark had instead sentence them to the wall to serve as black brothers would the rebellion still happen and who would win the rebellion if it happened?
  11. What kind of King would viserys (Aerys II kid) be if Aerys had disinherited Rhaeghar over kinaping/eloping with lyanna stark and maybe even sent him to wall Assuming that Aerys also disinherited Rhaeghar kids because they are too dornish and assuming he does not burn Rickard or the other nobles that were arrested over Lyanna
  12. Let's say Robert baratheon dies from his wounds from battle of Trident and Stannis becomes King and marries Cersei to keep tywin happy would she still cheat on Stannis with jaime Assuming that Jaime stays on Kingsguard and is not either sent to the wall for killing. Aerys or return to Casterly Rock as Tywin heir.
  13. What if all of Robert baratheon bastards were Born with Targaryen traits from his grandmother with silver hair, purple eyes and other Targaryen traits how would this change Robert and Westeros considering his hatred of targayens.also would this made Cersei bastards imposible to hide?
  14. Just how loyal were aerys II Kingsguard since we know that it's Lord commander and whent and dayne that we are aware of supported the elopement/kinaping of lyanna even though they were aware it was without orders/permission of the King and could be considered treason
  15. If it came between chosing between King Robert and Lannisters over Cersei affair with Jaime and the bastard children (POD: Robert does not died in hunting trip and Ned manage to tell him of Cersei and bastard children) who would the Kingsguard support since I'm doubtful of the loyalty of some like Blount,Trant specially and the other Kingsguard are 50/50 to be loyal to King or Lannisters except for Sir Barristan
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