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  1. Examples of Bolton waste and treason against stark troops in war of five king He left 600 well trained professional men to guard his lands unlike his neighbors who sent most of their trained men south with Robb Stark leaving thir lands guarded by mostly green men and a trained men and probably worse under Ramsay who he know is likely to start trouble with his neighbors and is very hard to control leading to Battle at Winterfell and Sack of Winterfell thats destroyed a large part of the remaining stark and stark loyalist forces as well as several of the main stark loyalist leaders of the north on top of the loses to Greyjoy attacks and raids The Battle on the Green Fork was only suposely be only a diversion to keep Tywin lannister busy focus on the "entire"Northern army under Bolton with probably no need to engage but Bolton turned into a real battle that cost the northern army around 5000 troops made if mostly stark loyalist and houses that were no friendly to House Bolton including lord Hornwood (while house Bolton forces had no or hardly any losses)who was killed in the battle leaving hornwood with not legal claimant exept for a bastard and after that we heard that Ramsay is raiding Hornwood lands and has kinnaped lady Hornwood which is suspicious and makes me wonder if Roose Bolton did not killed lord Hornwood during the battle or allow him to be killed by lannisters In the Battle at Duskendale Roose bolton ordered Robett Glover,Helman Tallhart,Harrion Karstark and 3000 men all from houses loyal to house stark to march on Duskendale where they were destroyed by a larger lannister/Tyrrel army without order from Robb stark in order to weaken even more house stark and houses who were still loyal to House stark and later blamed the battle and the destruction of that part of the army on the people who comanded the northern troops and their mental status not mentioning that it was his orders that caused the nortvern troops snd their leaders to be killed or captured In Fighting at the fords of the Trident the lannisters catch part of the Northern army at the fords while trying having problems crossing the Trident because of floods and a 1/3 of the army gets captured/killed including one of lord Manderly sons and what makes it suspicious is that most of the killed or captured lords and Northern troops were from houses that were not friendly to house Bolton while the part of the army that escaped was made of large part of Bolton men and after the Battle Bolton order a large part of the non Bolton part of the army made of neutral or pro stark houses including what's most of the remaining house Hornwood men under the command of two pro stark lords to remain at the ford under orders to defend it against the lannisters army if they manage to cross the flooded ford and marching his force of mostly Bolton men to the twins to support the freys in red wedding
  2. What would Machiavelli,Clausewitz,Sun Tzu and other leading political and military writers think of Robb Stark actions and conduct during the war of five kings?
  3. How large were the military strength of the major houses like Dustin, Ryswell, Karstark, Umber, and Manderly after the red wedding?
  4. Why no one suspected and questioned Roose Bolton leaving a extra large garrison in the dreadfort of 600 professionally trained men,while most of the professionally trained men from garrisons or lands of other northern lords have been sent south to fight in Robb stark war leaving most of the northern lords garrisons half empty or replaced with mostly green boys/untrained levies ?making it highly suspicious that Bolton would keep 600 well trained troops that are need for the war South as a garrison
  5. What instead of just one of manderly sons being killed in red wedding ,both have been killed leaving the freys and boltons with no manderly hostage?would manderly still support boltons and if not could manderlys hold white harbor and it's lands against bolton,freys and other pro boltons lords?
  6. How did Roose Bolton keep Ramsay activities and crimes from being noticed and reported to Ned stark or the Boltons neighbors like the Hornwoods or Manderly who reported to lord stark still the war of five kings or did Ned stark turn a blind eye to Ramsay activities and crimes?
  7. No so much cow as disrupt and weaken the starks and their bannerman by raiding and pillaging ,causing the stark and bannermen to split their already divided forces between fighting the iron born and pro Lannister and could possibly buterfly the sack of winterfell since it could force Ramsay and his troop to be busy chasing the free companies and sellswords specially if they split in small groups forcing the noethern lords to do the same as edmure tully and spread their forces all over to try to defend as much of their land as possible
  8. What if Tywin hired and sent free companies and sell sails to land in the North to raid and pillage the coast facing essos around the same time as the Iron born start raiding in the the stony shore the sunset sea?
  9. Why the Brave companions out of all the fee companies/sellswords?
  10. How did Tywin manage to ship to westeros the brave companions,Tyrosh free riders and other free comanies/sellswords without alerting anyone to his actions since it seem suspicious that Tywin managed to get his free companies and sellswords just in time for war of five kings
  11. If house stark used all of their available wealth at the start of AGOT(no loans) to hire as many free companies/sellswords as they could,how many men could they hire and maintain for 6 months to a year a least considering they are looking for trustworthy and good reputation free companies and sellswords
  12. Did the pro Bolton houses in the north withheld troops from Robb secretly when he marched south to free his father Ned stark since we know Ramsay could raise several hundred troops and was able to defeat the stark bannermen,Laying siege to winterfell to recapture it not to mention that lady Dustin send very few men with Robb while a lot of the houses more loyal to starks left barely any troops to defend the north as show when the ironborn invaded and capture house glover castle and house hornwood where Ramsay manage to raid its lands forcing house hornwoods to have to request help from winterfell
  13. If each Kingdom was allowed to call up its full strength ,how many troops could each Kingdom raise not including garrisons ? North 20k-50k Riverlands 30k-60k Westernlands 40k-70k Reach 50k-100k Vale 25k-50k Iron islands 20k-35k Dorne 20k-40k
  14. Realistically how much support does a Targaryen restoration have in westeros after Robert rebellion?
  15. What would Ned and Robb Stark ancestors think of their actions on non-actions and choices/decision in life and the destruction of house stark on the main male line (Bran and Rickon are MIA/KIA) and Robb died in red wedding leaving only Ned daughters or distant Stark relative as claimant to the north
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