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  1. Why did the northern garrison failed to hold moat Cailin against the ironborn lead by victarion greyjoy?undermaned,bad leadetship,bad condition of Moat Cailin?
  2. What was the size of Winterfell food reserves at the time of iron born capture of winterfell and it's sack by Ramsay?was it large enough it had been able to feed winterfell staff and a large garrison 200-600 for up to a year or was it only large enough to feed winterfell small staff abd garrison?what happen to the food reserves after sack?
  3. How much would it cost to rebuild Moat Cailin so it serves as a seat to a bannermen of house Stark as well as keep the north from being cut off from south as in war of five kings?
  4. Is the population of the Bolton lands larger that the Stark lands or does Roose Bolton militarized it's population since he able to leave 600 trained men at arms as a garrison of dreadfort while taking at least 3000 thousands south with Robb since there were 3500 bolton troops including some karstark troops in red wedding and thats not all his troops just the garrison of dreadfort and the troops had raised to move south?
  5. If you could create a kingsguard made of the best Fictional swordmans who would you pick?can't be someone with lightsaber or other non metal swords
  6. Who would be the best historical/fictional character or characters to tutor and protect Viserys/Daenerys while in exile or jon snow and the starks in the north? https://realbusiness.co.uk/12-fictional-characters-that-leaders-can-learn-from/ https://www.industryleadersmagazine.com/leadership-and-10-great-leaders-from-history/amp/ https://bernel.blogspot.com/2013/10/top-20-fictional-swordsmen.html?m=1
  7. What was the size of each Lord paramount levies(the number of troops a Lord paramount have in his own lands outside of his a vassals)?
  8. What powers would Robert Arryn "sweetrobin" have while under a regency assuming he not sickly/have seizures and don't have mental problems? Could he overrule his regent/mother and order the vale forces to support Robb Stark? Could he replace regent either with just s order or request to other vale lords? Coud he order someone like baelish thrown out the moon door as soon as he arrived in eyrie?
  9. What are the military strengths of each of the kingdoms of westeros as of last book?
  10. What are the most reliable mercenaries companies in asoiaf/agot and what are their numbers ? The golden company is suppose to be the largest and most reliable but we know that they will break agreement to support a targaryen/blackfyre
  11. would the Bolton/Frey and their bannermen betray Robb and house Stark if winterfell had not been captured/Sacked by ironborn/Ramsay and if so how and when would they try betray Robb with winterfell still under the rule of house Stark?
  12. With the huge size of the north (possibly the same size are all other kingdoms south of neck and even with the long harsh winters that last year's how big should the North population be? https://atlasoficeandfireblog.wordpress.com/2016/03/06/the-population-of-the-seven-kingdoms/
  13. How many men's did each of the stark loyalist houses lost in the bolton betrayal during the Battle at winterfell ?house manderly lost possibly up to 500 men since the book says there were 12 barges packed with manderly knights, warhorses and siege equipment assuming the barges carry around 40 men each
  14. If Robb or sir Rodrik have wanted winterfell to have a Realistic garrison strong enough to properly defend the castle of winterfell against attacks or sieges during the war of five kings ,how many men would they have left as garrison? I assume at least 500 men since Ned Stark said winterfell could be held with 500 men.
  15. Can someone sent to the watch for a crime crime or a volunteer be released from the Night's Watch by order of a king like any targaryens loyalists if daenerys or Aegon takes the iron throne or stannis when he attempted to legitimize and release Jon snow?or when the member of night's watch is the last of a noble family?
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