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  1. wow, that was amazing! yea, it seems like the Others speak a language, and it sounds like whats described over and over as long as you pay attention! I'd say Craster, or an intermediary of his is brokering their deal...
  2. Pretty sure Bran will be the ultimate bad guy, I don't really get that vibe from Arya, nor Jon... but interesting nonetheless
  3. I'm not quite sure yet? I suspect that the "dragon riding" ability, and the "warging" ability are the same thing? Bloodraven would have a double dose being a Blackwood and Targaryen... I also don't think it's an accident that GRRM just so happens to never have had a Stark marry a Targaryen, to throw us off of the scent? Or I'm a complete idiot, but I don't care, the speculation, fan theory is part of the fun!
  4. not at all, that's also very interesting! I'm not sure I can guess how they communicate? Maybe "the Old Tongue" such as the Giants use, or being Bloodravens line, he's a greenseer(can't remember if he has a Weirwood Tree?). But I find Waymars death, Benjen's disappearance(and his dead cohorts), and then the Fist attack points directly to the old goat! Somehow, I think Bran is with the actual "bad guys"???
  5. It was six Others, not one Other, and five wights. They were expecting Jon Snow, and a real tough fight. Once Waymars wound smoked, indicating he had hot blood, and sword broke against theirs, they taunted him, and it was cold butchery. "Who's this one now? He has the look of a Stark." Craster most likely told the Others about Waymar when he came through before the Prologue, and about Benjen who was investigating his disappearance. Also, not long after leaving Crasters, they're attacked yet again... Clearly Craster is communicating with them somehow?
  6. I don't think that's it. The only realistic possibility if the Others can't breed is that Crasters sons have special blood, and if I had to guess, it's Targaryen in nature? Bloodraven is probably his father, seems the most likely candidate.
  7. Really? It's obvious that the Others cannot breed, and Craster needs women to breed, to keep child bearing women coming, and sons to give to the Others so he can stay alive. Through all of history, all groups no matter the region protected women at all costs, because they are the only way to keep the species going, even the Others.
  8. Well, to be fair, it's not like I was ripping on you personally...
  9. No? they were soldiers. "killers" and "murderers" are criminals, breaking The Kings Peace. King Robb deals with murderers in his army, just ask Lord Karstark. my larger point was to the posters who seemed to have some fantasy of Daenerys passing judgement on House Frey, and for some weird reason saying how fair and reasoned she is, when she's a very mercurial personality? House Frey plotted "murder", and those that participated in the Red Wedding are "killers"... I doubt Dany would sympathize with a universally despised house, that violated one of the most sacred rites, plotted with Tywin Lannister.
  10. Does everybody here licking Frey boots not remember that every Northern house lost members at the Red Wedding? The North Remembers, and at the risk of sounding callous, they did engineer the slaughter of potentially thousands of people... A few members dying doesn't remove that stain, and I certainly don't remember the "Dany is a fair and impartial judge" chapters???
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