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  1. TheNorthRemembers1990

    Neck Will be the New Wall

    In my head-cannon, the Others will make it at least as far as the Twins, just for the sake of symbolism; you know, Winter literally coming to the Freys. Also, Daenerys had a dream in ASOS about melting soldiers of ice on the Trident that couldn't have been a coincidence. Unless she misunderstood the dream and it was some other river, possibly the fork on the White Knife if the Others never make it past the neck, or even the Last River if the Others really don't make it too far.
  2. TheNorthRemembers1990

    Fire and Blood

    I feel like it stopped just before the interesting parts started. I personally find politics before the dragons all died boring because the Targs are basically untouchable, which doesn't make for much excitement. It would be much better if F&B had come out before TWOIAF, but it didn't and it feels a lot like what argonak said, a cash grab.