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  1. Hmm. I really like this theory. I too think that the Others do not cause the Winter. If the Ohters can transform Craster's sons into Others, then it would make sense that the, first men could have done the same.
  2. I have long thought about the possible origin/motivation of the Others. Can we get a backstory for them that will make us understand why they are doing what the're doing. So far it seems their mission is to bring destruction to Westeros. There will most likely be a twist on their true motivations, but what could it be? Were they created by the Cotf? Were they around since the beginning of time? We see in the prologue that they are intelligent. They seem interested in Waymar Royce, and there are theories that they could be looking for Jon Snow. But why? Are the Others waiting for a leader, another night's king. I would like to see Stannis as their leader. Since they can't speak the common tongue, how will they interact with the human characters? I don't see how they could negotiate and form a pact like they supposedly did in the past. Are the Others meant to be more of a wake up call or concept than they are villains? I think the Others will be defeated 3/4 of the way through ADOS. I think their purpose could be to get our protagonists to realize that the iron throne and politics aren't important. Or they could be more of a concept, like a driving force to make men pay for their sins in the past. I would like for them to be more independent, and less a hive mind. Maybe some of them don't want to fight, or have different goals than the others. I doubt we'll get to know them individually since they speak a different language. Lastly, how can they be defeated in a satisfying way? Will Jon Snow wield a flaming sword? Will Dany's dragons overcome them? WIll Bran's weirwood abilities have something to do with it? It's implied the final battle could be around the god's eye. Does anyone have any ideas on a way they could be defeated that makes sense, and feels tonally consistent in the story? TWOW will definitely fill in a lot gaps, but for right now, we know barely anything about them.
  3. What theories/story ideas are surprising you by the amount of attention they are getting? Theories that you think will never happen in the actual story. 1. Daenerys never makes it to Westeros. 2. Jon is N+A=J 3. Bran is hooked to the weirwood net, and never leaves the cave. 4. Arya stays in Braavos. 5. The Others win/we never see the outcome.
  4. What theories did you originally think were dumb, but now are dying to see? For me: 1. Jon is King in the North. 2. Euron is the third head of the Dragon. 3. Shireen burns to resurrect Jon. 4. Drogon burns the iron throne. 5. Stannis is the night's king.
  5. Okay. Yes, I agree. I mean it's a well thought out theory, but I can't imagine reading that in the books and not thinking it was cheesy or out of place in the story.
  6. I'm not entirley sure what you mean, but I am saying that I DON'T believe that all of the Bran's are 1 person. I think Bran will just mirror the legendary Bran the Builder by rebuilding Westeros after the Other invasion.
  7. I actually really enjoyed reading this theory. I have always been confused as to how everything could pan out with the North, the Others, and Stannis. I've always been opposed to Stannis becoming a night's king figure, but I would like it if it happened this way. I agree Bran will be leaving the cave soon, the people who think he'll stay there forever are just not thinking about how the story needs to wrap up and come together in the end. I've always supported the idea of Jon going north of the wall to save Bran. The only difference I feel, is I think Jon will be king in the north, at least at some point in the story. I think he will marry Dany for an alliance. As to how I think Bran will factor into the story, I recently made a post about how Bran will help rebuild Westeros after the threat of the Others.
  8. Melisandre POV: "Show me Stannis Lord. Show me your King, your instrument..." "A face took shape within the hearth. Stannis? She thought, for just a moment... but no, these were not his features. A wooden face, corpse white. Was this the enemy? A thousand red eyes floated in the rising flames. He sees me. Beside him, a boy with a wolf's face threw back his head and howled."
  9. There are some Bran theories that he will use the weirwood net to go back in time, and become all of the Bran's in history. I don't think that's true. Old Nan does have remarks about how she confuses all of the Bran's. I think that Bran like the legendary Bran the Builder will help rebuild Westeros after the threat of Others and Dragons destroy it. Bran's direwolf is named Summer. All of the Stark direwolves names relate to the future of their owner. I think Bran's relates to him rebuilding Westeros once winter ends, and Summer begins.
  10. One of the 3 lies that Dany has to slay from the HOTU. "A great stone beast takes flight from a smoking tower, and breathes shadow fire" (paraphrasing). I have 4 different ideas of what the stone beast could be: 1. Greyscale- This could be Jon Connington spreading greyscale in kingslanding. The shadow fire being metaphorical for the spreading of greyscale. 2. Euron- The other 2 lies, Stannis and Aegon are claimants to the throne, so it would make sense that the 3rd be Euron. Maybe he steals one of Dany's Dragons. The shadow fire having something to do with his magical abilities. 3. Tyrion- The great stone beast could be referring to a gargoyle, or greyscale growing from inside of him. We have heard many times, that Tyrion casts a large shadow. 4. Jon- Him being ressurected by burning Shireen could make him a "Stone beast". But I don't think Jon could be one of the lies, since he's probabally R+L=J.
  11. I never said once the Others were a super evil army, that the characters are going to beat, and win metals. I didn't go into great detail on them, because we don't know anything about them really. I don't think there's going to be a happy ending. And who says Dany and her dragons are the good guys? Grrm was inspired by the Fire and Ice poem, where it's stated the world could be destroyed by ice or fire. The protagonists losing in the end isn't bittersweet at all. My prediction is there will be a big sacrifice to defeat the Others, leaving the reader curious as to whether or not what they did was evil or not. Come on, do you really think we won't see dragons vs Others. That would be very anticlimactic. The story has been building to this since book 1, when Dany had a dream of fighting them on the trident.
  12. It's likely the long night will begin at the end of TWOW, and throughout most of ADOS. How long in time will that take? It definitely won't be an entire generation, but if it's too short then it will feel less impactful. So how long will it last? I think it could be a 5-10 year period. The books state a long summer means an even longer winter, and the last summer war 9 years. We know Grrm wanted to have a time jump after ASOS, to age up the characters. Since that didn't happen, I think the last book will span over many years. I think TWOW will end with the long night beginning, and there will be probably a month time jump in between books. ADOS, I think will last years. There's a lot of plot to cover, and this could be a good way of covering it, and not making it feel rushed. We can see the characters get hardened by the winter, and really mature. Children can be born and die in the darkness like Old nan says. I want the long night to feel grim and hopeless. An example could be like similar to Endgame, we have a battle for Winterfell, and everybody feels it's their last hope. Then Winterfell falls, and is overcome by the Others. Maybe the next chapter skips a couple years in the future, and we see the characters hopeless looking for anyway to win. Something similar in tone, I think would be nice. The time jumps would also be good for having characters travel all over Westeros in logical ways. Say after the battle for Winterfell have Jon or Bran travel up to he heart of Winter and make a big discovery, as well as having everyone meet at the trident for the final battle against the Others. There's a lot of discussion about a possible romantic relationship between Jon and Dany. I agree it would feel rushed in one book, so having it take place over many years would feel more authentic. This would also bring home the title of A Dream of Spring. With the characters being hopeless over say a 10 year period. Do you guys think this is possible?
  13. Exactly. She is far from irredeemable. Her arc is about identity. She started out as the only character who knew exactly who she was, and wasn't afraid to be herself. Then she was forced to hide her identity, and be other people, she joined the faceless men, and hear we are. She is struggling with her identity, and is almost lost, but deep down she'll never give up being Arya. Needle is proof of that.
  14. 1. Like Jorah said, the people of Westeros don't care who sits the iron throne, as long as there is peace. Aegon will steal the "Targaryen who comes to save Westeros" role from Dany. Does he deserve it? No. But it will most likely happen. I don't think the people will be swarming to Daenerys because of her 3 dragons. She can't control them, plus she is the mad kings daughter. The unsullied might not be a problem, but the Dothraki are definitely coming to Westeros. This has been built up since book 1. The Dothraki finally crossing the sea. Come on it's a chekov's gun type of deal. 2. "All of the problems would have gone her way if they had cooperated". Well yes, but they didn't. It's not that simple. Westeros isn't going to cooperate from the start either. Dany is doing the right thing, but so did Ned ad look where he ended up. She escaped an assasination attempt, and has been captured by dothraki, I wouldn't call it a victory. 3. This is ridiculous. You really think Grrm would have Tyrion travel ALL THE WAY to Mereen to meet Dany, and in the end not have it happen. They are both headed in the same direction, why not have them team up? You expect to have 2 different storylines with Dany and Tyrion with 2 different parties heading back to Westeros at the same time. That is a waste of time, and this book needs to start combining storylines if its going to resolve in 2 books. Quaithe also told Dany to beware of the lion, so they will definitely meet. Who's going to take care of Mereen while Dany's gone. We know how Barristans been doing at it. 2 dragons set free and a dead Martell. Tyrion is set up perfectly to negotiate will the slave masters and settle everything, because he knows what needs to be done. Dany won't like it, but she'll have to accept doing things the hard way. 4. The game of thrones isn't going to come to a complete halt because of the long night. There's too much plot left unresolved. There are multiple people with plots to take the throne right now. Varys, who supports Aegon. Doran, who's going to blame Dany for the death of his son. The North, who wants to be independent and doesn't care about the iron throne at the moment, Euron, who Dany will never side with. And littlefinger, who's busy with Sansa. There's not a lot of support left for Dany, which is why she'll be forced to help the North, in hopes of them joining her. 5. I said going forward. I'm not saying she's a bad person, but there's no way the Dothraki will follow Dany unless she burns the Khals. She's probably the stallion who mounts the world, and will burn down cities all over Essos. Quaithe basically told her, "okay, you tried to be nice and that failed. It's time to be a dragon". That's her current mindset. I highly doubt the books will end with Dany returning during the long night, saving everyone with her dragons, and then having the people of Westeros hand her the throne.
  15. Okay? Can you please explain? I actually don't dislike any of the characters, POV's at least. I make my predictions based on what I think makes narrative sense, and what I think is being foreshadowed. Tyrion is my favorite character, and I gave him a really dark ending. Also, there's a lot that can be overlooked in just summing up a characters arc in a paragraph or two. Do you think Arya being forced to kill her own mother is a happy ending? That would be one of the saddest moments in the entire series. Or her going around killing people who have wronged her. Yes, I think she'll give it up in the end, but that doesn't mean everything will go great and she'll be living a perfect life. Grrm originally titled ADOS as A Time for Wolves, and I believe the Starks will come out on top, this doesn't mean they end up happy or without consequence. Martin also said he wants a bittersweet ending, similar to LOTR Scouring of the Shire. I've posted my take on that if you've read it. The books aren't going to end with the Others destroying Westeros. Please, elaborate on this because I'm genuinely curious of your opinion.
  16. To start out, I have nothing against Dany. I don't have a problem with her character, but she isn't going to end on top. She will never be accepted in Westeros. A big part of her arc is about her trying to find Home, but Westeros is not the place she should be looking. Westeros is not her home, and never will be. The beauty of her arc to me, is Grrm set up the princess on her journey to reclaim the throne that was stolen from her as a child like the lion king, except she isn't going to win in the end. A few reasons why: 1. She's a foreign invader to them. The people of Westeros aren't waiting for the day that their rightful heir returns to save them, like Viserys said. Dany is going to role up to Westeros with 3 dragons, she can't fully control, an army of dothraki, which cause a lot of damage to innocent people and like to rape and enslave people, and the unsullied. 2. She's already failed at leading Mereen. ADWD is all about Daenerys leading a city in preparation to Westeros. And what does she do? She fails miserably. Her own kingdom has turned against her. 2 of her dragons are set loose over the city, and she's captured by the dothraki. This book shows how just because Jon and Dany are "heroic" characters they aren't meant to lead. Similar to Robert Baratheon. If Dany can't lead a city, how can she manage to lead 7 kingdoms. 3. Her allies. Tyrion is the most notorious man in Westeros at the moment. A kinslayer who was sentenced to death, and escaped by killing his father. Jorah was exiled from Westeros for selling slaves. Barristan although a good man, was demoted from the kingsguard, and killed 2/3 men before escaping to Essos. And on top of that she'll have the red priests backing her up, and we know how much Westeros loves red priests. 4. She will have no friends in Westeros. Who is going to support Daenerys? Dorne is siding with Aegon, and after her dragons burning Quentin, they are definitely not going to side with her. She literally hasn't met anyone in Westeros besides 2 people Jorah and Barristan. Why would anyone trust her, I think she will accept no one wants her in the south and try to gain support from the North, but in the end, the North wants its own independence, so I doubt they'll fight to get her on the throne. 5. She will be more ruthless going forward. ADWD ended with Dany deciding to be a dragon. She's going to burn the Khals, return to Mereen burn all of her enemies, and probably pass by a few more cities along the way, and burn them down as well. This is the only thing that works for Daenerys. How did Dany get her dragons? A fire ritual. How did she get the unsullied? Burning the slave masters. What happened when she locked up her dragons? Her city tried to assassinate her. Do you think she'll stop using her dragons when she gets to Westeros? No. Why would she when it's the only thing that's working for her? She'll burn down castles and armies, and everyone will fear her or turn against her. Daenerys wasn't meant to rule. She may save the world from the Others, but she won't be queen.
  17. I know many people have many different opinions on how the Other's invasion will go in the story. want to give my opinion on a few of them, and then give my own. I want to start a discussion about everybody's theories for it. 1. The whole story is about all of Westeros teaming up to fight the Others, and when everything is settled the epilogue will be the big battle against them, and we'll never get a conclusion to it. I see this theory a lot more than I would have expected. My opinion on this theory is it won't happen. First of all, the Winds of Winter will definitely have the Others beginning their invasion in Westeros. There's no way the invasion will be held off until the end of ADOS, for one big battle. Second of all, there's no way all of the leaders in Westeros will come to peace and fight side by side. That's not the world these people live in. Most of the lords will deny the Other's even exist until it's too late. Also, for people like Doran, and the Martells, they will never fight alongside the Lannisters. For people like Euron and Littlefinger, they don't care if this happens. And finally, we have been waiting for the Others invasion for 5 books already, having just one battle in the epilogue would be extremely anti climactic. We deserve to see the smug lords of Westeros get demolished for all of the bad things they've done. This is them paying for their sins in a very ruthless way. 2. The Others will make it all the way to Dorne, and even Essos. I don't hate this theory I just think it's unnecessary. The Long Night will be happening all over the World not just wherever the Others are fighting. People in Dorne and Essos will be be taking a lot of damage just from the snows alone. Also, I think watching the Others go from Kingdom to Kingdom, killing town after town would get redundant after a while. Watching a battle at the wall, then a battle at Winterfell, then the Vale, then Riverrun, then Casterly Rock, the trident, Kingslanding, the Reach, Stormlands, Dorne, then Essos. A book full of battles would feel boring to me. 3. The Others will be defeated at Winterfell, and Dany will arrive when it's all over. I don't think this is likely. It would be too short of an invasion. I think by the end of TWOW the Others will already be on their way to Winterfell. Plus, Dany needs to be in the final battle with her dragons. It's ice vs fire. My theory- I think the Others will take down the wall by the end of TWOW. ADOS will have a battle at Winterfell early on, and it will fall. The final battle will be at the Trident 3/4 of the way through the book, where Daenerys will team up with Jon, and something will go down at the god's eye to end the long night. This gives plenty of time for destruction to go on all over the world. George has said he doesn't like the final battle against the big magical army before, so I don't think it will be the final confrontation of the book. He admires the scouring of the shire, and says he wants to emulate a similar bittersweet ending at the end of his book as well. I posted a theory about this called ASOIAF's Scouring of the Shire is you want to check out my theory for that.
  18. First of all I don't particularly think this will happen, but I really want it too. To me it seems like Sansa's storyline is heading north, but that's a different theory. I think a Sansa Aegon marriage would be perfect for the narrative. I know it looks like Arianne is about to marry him, but say something happened to her, or Aegon chooses to use her as just an ally instead of a wife. This could mean Sansa is the more beautiful queen that will cast down Cersei. This is by far the most satisfying answer to the prophecy seeing as how Cersei has put Sansa through so much shit. Plus there's a little hint at Sansa marrying a Targaryen in The Hedgeknight. Baratheon Tyrell Lannister Hardying Targaryen For people who say, "But Joffrey wasn't a Baratheon", well Aegon isn't a Targaryen, it's just the name he's known by. Anyways, the big reason this storyline would be so satisfying is it would bring Varys and Littlefinger head to head. Sansa being Littlefingers puppet, and Aegon being Varys'. Watching the two of them in a chess match against each other would be fun, or having them work together against someone like Euron. I don't want all of the Starks meeting up at Winterfell around the same time. I think it would feel a little easy. Having Jon, Bran, and Arya in the North fighting the Others, and then eventually having them come South to Kingslanding to meet Sansa would be better imo. Sansa's story is more political which is why she should be in kingslanding. I don't think her being in the North during the Other's invasion would serve her story much.
  19. I’m not talking literally, as you probably already know. Ned died and was seen as a traitor by the people was he not? Rob was the honorable king in the north, ready to get vengeance for his family when he was killed by a low life at a wedding right?Tyrion is his fathers son, but sense he’s a dwarf his father hates him does he not? I think you get the point. George loves including these points of irony in his stories. I think having a person who would be the perfect king for the realm, but since he isn’t the true heir, he is killed. That’s the world of Westeros. And by the way narratively speaking, having a character who’s long been dead suddenly pop up out of nowhere and take the throne is dumb. That’s not what Martin is about.
  20. For the same reason Ned died a traitor, The king in the north Robb was killed by Walter Frey, and Tyrion was seen as a monster by Tywin even though he’s his most competent child. Irony. Aegon is the perfect king, who will die because he’s not the rightful heir. As far as narrative sense it makes no difference whether he’s true or not. He’s still got an army behind him, and he’s still going to fight Daenerys.
  21. Okay. Aegon has been raised by mummers his entire life then. People lying to him, and telling him he's the rightful heir when he's not. Varys or Illyrio could be seen as the mummer. Illyrio is most likely his father, and Varys is the one using him as a puppet. And what is Varys if not a mummer, if he's a blackfyre as well, pretending not to be one. Another thing, Jon is already referred to in the HOTU, as the blue flower on the wall of ice. I doubt he's referred to again, as a mummers dragon in the same prophecy. And if Aegon is going to be a big deal in Dany's future, why wouldn't he be included in the HOTU.
  22. I don't see many people talking about this. I don't know if this is really much of a theory that's around. But I think there will be an ultimate showdown between Bran and Euron. Euron is obviously set up as an Anti Bloodraven. He even has the one eye thing going on. It's implied Euron is a warg and greenseer. He has the same exact dream as Bran did as a kid. That's no coincidence. He uses shade of the evening instead of weirwoods to have visions. He's basically using the dark side of his powers. Many people have wondered what the pay off to Bran's powers will be. I think Euron at some point will take the iron throne, and will have one of Dany's dragons, and Bran will somehow visit him through his warging abilities (I don't know exactly what their battle would look like, because we don't know the full extent of their powers yet, it may not even be a physical fight per se), and Bran will win. Euron wants to become a god, and I think it will end in an Indiana Jones sort of way, with Euron striving for a power he can't have, and basically defeat himself. You can visit another one of my posts called ASOIAF's Scouring of the Shire, where I go into more detail on what I think will happen, and what the circumstances will be.
  23. All of these "idiot contenders" you say, will serve a purpose. Varys will sit Aegon on the iron throne. Doran will have his daughter become queen for a time. Stannis won't become king, but he will be the one to get the north ready to fight the Others. Littlefinger will create another "littlefinger", in Sansa, and she will take power in the Vale. Euron will probably take the throne as well during the Other attack. Martin has said a few more people will take the throne before the end of the story. Most likely, Aegon, Euron, and maybe Dany.
  24. How could Jon be the mummers dragon? If he is Rhaegars son then he's the rightful heir. If he's not, then he's just a northern bastard. He wouldn't be a targaryen at all. It's heavily implied Aegon is the mummers dragon, the dark flame (blackfyre) quaithe says he is.
  25. The point of Aegon's character imo, is to show he would be the perfect king, but since he's not the rightful heir, he will be killed. I didn't say Cersei and Arianne have history. I'm saying they are similar characters. Both of them are women who want to rule, but are controlled by their fathers to just be a wife of a powerful leader. Both are jealous that they aren't treated equally to their younger brothers. Both fall in love with men, they know they can't be with. She's a good foil to Cersei but I don't think she will be the more beautiful queen. I don't think the more beautiful queen prophecy will have a definitive answer. it will be open to interpretation. You could say it's margarey, arianne, Dany, whatever. Cersei may not want to leave, but she'll have no choice. Tommen is going to die as the prophecy states, and the mountain will take her to Casterly Rock. She isn't giving up, she's regrouping and gaining more power. She'll return with an army, and share part in taking Aegon down with Euron. Cersei isn't smart enough to stay in power she's a reckless idiot, and can't outsmart people like Varys or Littlefinger. Varys wants Cersei in power for the moment, BECAUSE she's so stupid. He knows she'll only make things worse for herself. It's ironic and perfect to have Daenerys spend so long trying to reclaim her throne, just to see that another "targaryen" has already done it. Aegon will have the power in the south, and faith of the people, which is why Dany will have to go north to gain trust, where she'll get involved with the Others.
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