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    Wiki Errors

    The old one is considered to be Grazdan mo Ullhor, mentioned by Missandei in Daenerys VI (though I am not sure how that conjecture was made). So we have: Grazdan mo Ullhor (or Grazdan (old)) Grazdan (fat one) Grazdan (tall one) (or Grazdan (spiked beard)) Grazdan, who was not described. As I proposed earlier, the article about him can be named Grazdan (Good Master).
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    Wiki Errors

    Another thing that I noticed is that two of the the four articles about Good Masters of Astapor named Grazdan (tall_one and the one with spiked_beard) describe the same person. "The tall Grazdan with the spiked beard spoke in the Common Tongue, though not so well as the slave girl". This is the only time any of those masters was described as tall. Since one of Grazdans was never described in the book, a page "Grazdan (tall one)" can be renamed to "Grazdan (Good Master)", or something like that.
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    Wiki Errors

    At Lord_Butterwell it is said that Lord Harroway's Town was held by House Harte during the Dance, though it was held by House Roote.
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    Wiki Errors

    Hello! At https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Medrick_Manderly it is stated that "Eustace had escaped imprisonment", though it was Orwyle